D4 Dark Shroud | Rogue Active Skill

Dark Shroud is an Active skill for the Rogue class, in the Subterfuge category. it has the following effects: (simplified) Surround yourself with up to 5 protective shadows. Gain 8% Damage Reduction per active shadow. Taking direct damage reduces the damage, then a shadow is consumed.

For skill tree node info see: Dark Shroud | Rogue Skill Tree Node

Dark Shroud has one primary "enhancement", and a choice of one of two "upgrades".

Primary Enhancement

Enhanced Dark Shroud: Dark Shroud's shadows have a 10% chance to not be consumed..


Subverting Dark Shroud: Each active shadow from Dark Shroud grants you 3% increased Movement Speed..
Countering Dark Shroud: While you have at least 2 active shadows from Dark Shroud, gain 10% Critical Strike Chance..

Recent Changes: Related Uniques and Related Aspects implemented.
TODO: Legendary Node relations, and "tag" based synergy finder.

Modifiers & Synergies

Here, we will be tracking all sources of effects that modify Dark Shroud.

Legendary Aspects

Legenadry aspects that modify Dark Shroud.

  • Enshrouding Aspect: Gain a free Dark Shroud shadow every 3 seconds when standing still. Each Dark Shroud shadow grants [2.0 - 4.0%] increased Damage Reduction.
  • Umbrous Aspect: Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes with Marksman Skills have up to a [40 - 60%] chance to grant a free Dark Shroud shadow.
  • Aspect of Volatile Shadows: When a Dark Shroud shadow would be removed you trigger an explosion around yourself that deals [X] Shadow damage.

Unique Items

Unique Items that modify Dark Shroud.

    Paragon Related

    Paragon system related modifiers for Dark Shroud.

    Rare / Normal Nodes


    Legendary Nodes

    Other Sources

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