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Diablo 4 Season 4 NEW ASPECTS / Legendaries

As the title suggests - check out ALL NEW LEGENDARY ASPECTS IN Diablo 4 S4. Has only two segments, a complete list of aspects this season.

D4 S4 adds 14 new legendary aspects! Of which, 176 are brand new, and 132 are reworked (so might as well be new).

Lots of reworks this time around. Also, if you haven't been back in a while they added some aspects that "copy" some of the S2 Vampiric Powers at the tail end of S3. Check the full aspects list.

D4 Season 4 NEW Aspects

Aphotic Aspect | Utility | Necromancer

Skeletal Priests empower your Skeletal Warriors' attacks to deal Shadow Damage and have a [5 - 20%] chance to Stun enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Aspect of Concussive Strikes | Utility | General

Lucky Hit: Damaging an enemy has up to a 20% chance to Daze them for 2 seconds. You deal x [5 - 20%] increased damage to Dazed enemies.

Aspect of Fevered Mauling | Defensive | Druid

When you hit at least 1 enemy with Maul, increase its Attack Speed by [1 - 2.5%] and you gain [1 - 3%] Damage reduction for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

Aspect of Fierce Winds | Offensive | Barbarian

Your Shout Skills create 3 Dust Devils that deal damage to enemies along their path.Your Dust Devils are [5% - 20%] bigger and deal 1% increased damage for each 1% their size is increased.

Aspect of Frosty Strides | Utility | General

While below [45 - 60%] Life, Evade Freezes Close enemies for [X] Cold Damage and applies Vulnerable to them for 3 seconds.

Aspect of High Velocity | Offensive | Rogue

Barrage arrows now pierce through 1 enemy. Barrage has [10 - 20%] increased Attack Speed.

Aspect Of Tenuous Destruction | Offensive | Sorcerer

Deal [25 - 40%] increased damage while you have no Defensive Skills on your Action Bar.

Aspect of Vocalized Empowerment | Resource | Barbarian

Your Shout Skills generate [5 - 10] Primary Resource per second while active.
(Codex AVAILABLE from Dungeon)

D4 Season 4 REWORKED Aspects

Aspect of Arrow Storms | Offensive | Rogue

Lucky Hit: Your Marksman Skills have up to a 10% chance to create an arrow storm at the enemy's location, dealing [X] Physical damage over 3 seconds. You can have up to 5 active arrow storms.
(Codex AVAILABLE from Dungeon)

Blood-bathed Aspect | Offensive | Necromancer

Blood Surge's nova echoes again after a short delay, dealing [60 - 50%] less damage.
(Codex AVAILABLE from Dungeon)

Aspect of Control | Offensive | Sorcerer

You deal x [25 - 35%] more damage to Immobilized, Stunned, or Frozen enemies.
(Codex AVAILABLE from Dungeon)

Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier | Defensive | General

While you have a Barrier active, there is a [7 - 13%] chance to ignore incoming direct damage from Distant enemies.
(Codex AVAILABLE from Dungeon)

Gravitational Aspect | Offensive | Sorcerer

Ball Lightning orbits around you and deals x [15 - 25%] increased damage.

Aspect of Rathma's Chosen | Offensive | Necromancer

Whenever your Blood Skills Overpower you gain [20 - 50%] Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

Summary, Related Info

Pretty straightforward, a list of new or reworked legendary Aspects for Diablo 4 Season 4. Hopefully, I gave you what's advertised on the tin. Happy hunting out there!