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D4 Druid Class Basics Guide | Should I Play Druid?

This guide has two main purposes! One: Learn all about the basics of the Diablo 4's Druid Class. Two: Help you answer, "Should I choose, or try out Druid" in D4. Hopefully by the end of this, you'll be more informed about the Druid class, as well as make a more informed decision if you wish to play one!

While this started out to be two separate guides, I ultimately combined them since they seemed served the same purpose...

Diablo 4 Druid Overview

Here, I TRY to describe Druid at a very high level. A summary of Druid in D4, in a nutshell...

Druids are the whole "nature-based" "shapeshifting" "shamanistic" hybrid class. Blizzard likes to use Druid as it's resident hybrid class and Diablo 4 is no exception.

So what does hybrid exactly mean? Their skills are split between four major types. Shapeshifting skills are either Werebear or Werewolf (Tanky and DPS-centric), and Nature Magic skills are either Earth or Wind (Utility-ish, and DPS-centric).

Being a hybrid class, you can choose to have a long range or melee playstyle (or a mix of both), but they CAN be more bulky than, let's say, the Sorc or Rogue. While you can vary in ranges, they are nearer to the Barbarian when it comes to the "brawling scale" if you will.

Druid Key Passives

Each class has a variety of Key Passives that somehow push you towards a certain build archetype. They are incredibly powerful passives for a single point, and can be build defining. Knowing about the Druid Key Passives might give you further info about the class, and if you should try the class out.

Ursine Strength
Gain more life while you are, and for a short time after you transform into a Werebear. While healthy, do bonus damage.

Beastial Rampage
After being a Werewolf for 2.5s, gain Attack Speed for 15s. After being a Werebear for 2.5s, get increased damage for 15s.

Lupine Ferocity
Every 6th Werewolf skill will surely Critical Strike, and deal bonus damage on top.

Perfect Storm
Storm skills grant a little more spirit, and deal more damage to Vulnerable, Immobilized, or Slowed enemies.

Nature's Fury
Earth skills have a chance to cast a Storm skill of the same category, and vice versa.

Earthen Might
Earth skill damage has a SMALL chance to restore ALL of your Spirit (and? or?) cause all your attacks to be Critical Hits for a short time.

As you can see, the Druid Key Passives kind of embody the SPIRIT of the Druid, right? You get a Wolf, Bear, and Wolf/Bear passive. For the magic half, you get a Earth, Wind, and Earth/Wind key passive.

Druid Unique Class Systems

Each class has their own "thing". These Class Systems are unique to the Druid, and may help you gain more insights on wether you should play one.

Spirit Boons

This wasn't available in the beta, so there's SOME guesswork here. But you do get to see the tree and the get the drops.

Spirit Boons are a separate, linear "passive skill tree" (Does it have actives?). You can select one and reap the benefits of that specific Spirit Boon. I'm guessing you can only use a single node...

Progressing a Spirit Boon tree requires gathering a certain drop from monsters (Druidic Spirit Offering).

Once you've unlocked all Spirit Boon nodes, you can then use two of them at once.


It's not an explicitly stated system but druid spells will transform you to either a bear, wolf, or human. Many passive nodes and aspects do have effects that rely on being in or transforming to and from forms. Keep in mind for some interactions even "HUMAN" is part of the Shapeshifting cycle.

On a surface level, you might just enjoy the idea of being a werebear, werewolf, or being a shapeshifter in general - which is a factor for many.

Outro & Summary

Well, that's all I can muster for an overview / summary of Diablo 4's Druid, for now at least!

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Obviously, there's still a lot more to Druid, but I hope you gained some more knowledge here. I'll definitely add more as time goes by! And if you're here to answer if you should choose a Druid, with luck you've made your decision!

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