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D4 Invigorating Strike | Rogue Active Skill

Invigorating Strike is an Active skill for the Rogue class, in the Basic category. it has the following effects: (simplified) Melee attack that increases your energy regeneration by a %.

For skill tree node info see: Invigorating Strike | Rogue Skill Tree Node

Invigorating Strike has one primary "enhancement", and a choice of one of two "upgrades".

Primary Enhancement

Enhanced Invigorating Strike: Damaging Crowd Controlled or Injured enemies increases energy regeneration further..


Fundamental Invigorating Strike: While low on energy, hitting an enemy with Invigorating Strike makes them Vulnerable..
Primary Invigorating Strike: Grants you Lucky Hit Chance. Hitting a Crowd Controlled or Injured enemy doubles this bonus..

Recent Changes: Related Uniques and Related Aspects implemented.
TODO: Legendary Node relations, and "tag" based synergy finder.

Modifiers & Synergies

Here, we will be tracking all sources of effects that modify Invigorating Strike.

Legendary Aspects

Legenadry aspects that modify Invigorating Strike.

    Unique Items

    Unique Items that modify Invigorating Strike.

      Paragon Related

      Paragon system related modifiers for Invigorating Strike.

      Rare / Normal Nodes


      Legendary Nodes

      Other Sources

      Related Links & Other Information

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