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Avalanche | D4 Sorcerer Key Passive

Avalanche is a Sorcerer Key Passive with the following effect (simplified):
Lucky Hit: Your Frost Skills have up to a 10% chance to make your next case of Ice Shards, Frozen Orb, or Blizzard consume no Mana and deal 40% increased damage. Chance is doubled against

Once you select Avalanche as your Key Passive, you can't select any other Sorcerer Key Passive. They're considered to be very important parts of your build, so it merits quite a bit of possible discussion.

How best to use Avalanche

Basically this segment will be giving you a rundown on the basics on the "WHEN, HOW, and WHY" of the Avalanche Key Passive.

Questions we would answer here would be like:
How to use Avalanche, as a baseline.
Why you would choose Avalanche over other Key Passives.
When would you consider Avalanche? As a build-around? An "augmentation"?

Avalanche Core Synergies

TBA: When choosing Avalanche, are there "absolute godtier" level synergies you essentially NEED to take?

Related Links & Other Information

Still got a lot to do, a lot of data to track, and how best to present it! Post-launch will clarify alot of this for us!

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