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D4 Call Of The Ancients (Skill Tree Node)

Call Of The Ancients (on the Skill Tree), is a Barbarian skill tree node from the Ultimate skill tree cluster.

This page specifically talks about Call Of The Ancients as a node on the skill tree. More detailed skill discussion here: D4 Call Of The Ancients | Barbarian Skill.


Call Of The Ancients (simplified description): Summon 3 Ancients to aid you in battle for 6s. Korlic Leaps and Frenzies, Talic Whirlwinds, and Madawc Upheavals.

This is an "active" skill tree node, which unlocks the above skill.

Unlocking and Prerequisites

Like all Ultimate skill tree nodes, it requires 23 points in previous clusters to activate. It has no prerequisite node, and is unlocked by simply having access to the ultimate cluster.

Investing into this node is exclusive with Iron Maelstrom Wrath Of The Berserker . You can only activate one or the other.

Node Location and Relations

Next Node(s): Prime Call Of The Ancients,

Previous Node(s): None, it's directly connected to the Ultimate cluster.

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