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D4 Prime Blood Wave (Skill Tree Node)

Prime Blood Wave (on the Skill Tree), is a Necromancer skill tree node from the Ultimate skill tree cluster.

This page specifically talks about Prime Blood Wave as a node on the skill tree. More detailed discussion on the skill it modifies here: D4 Blood Wave | Necromancer Skill.


Prime Blood Wave is an "enhancement" node that modifies Blood Wave with the following effects:

(simplified description) Blood Wave Slows enemies by 50% for 4s.

Unlocking and Prerequisites

Like all Ultimate skill tree nodes, it requires 23 points in previous clusters to activate. It has a prerequisite node, Blood Wave.

Investing into this node is exclusive with . You can only activate one or the other.

Node Location and Relations

Next Node(s): Supreme Blood Wave,

Previous Node(s): Blood Wave,

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These skill tree node pages are mainly for internal use. Think of it like a database of sorts! So I just thought why not just make it open to the public. It also serves as a way to funnel people who are looking for certain info (like not needing to discuss enhancement nodes in isolation - but linking them to the parent skill instead)

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