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World Tier 1 or World Tier 2? For Leveling, Early, Alts?

So pretty early on, or even BEFORE you begin your adventure in Diablo 4 you're made to choose World Tier I or World Tier II legit WHILE in Character Customization. Well, what do you choose? Hopefully you find your answere here!

Long story short, for a vast majority of case I heavily recommend World Tier I, and save the higher World Tiers (I skipped II entirely, and went to III...) for farming and endgame. Why?

Why World Tier I?

It's actually a pretty balanced around natural play patterns: If you go through the game without "COMPLETING EVERYTHING", and getting some side objectives here and there (which is the most natural path) - you still actually have to level up a little on some of the "breakpoints" in the campaign

Minimum grinding to progress: Lets say bad RNG screwed you over, or you went a little too quickly and get stuck at a boss. That's fine! Do some renown objectives here and there leisurely grind a little to get better drops and levels. Doing that same dungeon, or stronghold or whatever in WT2 will be a SLOG.

Friendly for learning: You can more easily experiment with your build, class, and skills to try and find a playstyle for you and maybe refine that slowly into a good build that can maybe even do WT2. Doing this straight up in World Tier II is a recipe for broken keyboards.

What's Wrong with World Tier II?

RNG is a huge factor: If you get a good weapon? Great! It can feel like World Tier I. No good main weapon drops? Well, welcome to actual Hell. By no fault of your own, WT2 can absolutely punish you simply because you didn't get your drops at the right time or order!

Not every class and build are equal: Some of the class / build combinations will be able to handle WTII "no matter the RNG", and some will suffer. For example, Sorcs lack of self-healing will be painfully obvious if you don't get good armor and defensive drops - forcing you to invest more skillpoints into defensive skills.

All Pain, No Gain: A bad combination of RNG and Class, (or heck, even if all went well for you) you go through a rather large increase in suffering for almost no reward. A little bit of bonus exp.

Stat Check, Damage Sponges: This is the main difference between WT I and II. Straight up "enemies have more HP, and they hit harder". It's obvious to see that you can circumvent this "challenge" by grinding, or simulating this "challenge" in WTI by "going through the game quickly"

Outro & Summary

TLDR: Most people should go level up and do early game on WTI
Save higher World Tiers for after the leveling process.

All things said and done World Tier I is the most general recommendation I can make. A vast majority of people can and will enjoy the game in WTI, and it's the IDEAL World Tier if you don't wanna needlessly grind.

World Tier II is a "stat check", if you like that kind of challenge..., and that's "fun" for some people. If you like doing alot of completion, then you can consider WTII if you vastly "overlevel" or "overpower" the content with your loot.

Thankfully though, you can make the decision yourself as you can switch World Tiers in Kyovashad very easily. Find out what best suits you, and you can always switch between both!

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