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D4 S1 List of all Malignant Hearts

No "beating" around the bush - all Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts.
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The Picana General | Vicious | Offensive

Critical Strikes electrically charge the enemy for 0.75-2.50 seconds, causing lightning to arc between them and any other charged enemies dealing 68-136 Lightning damage.

The Dark Dance General | Vicious | Offensive (WT 3)

Every 5 seconds while above 60% Life, Core Skills cost 68-51 Life instead of your Primary Resource. Skills that consume Life deal 10-20% increased damage.

Tempting Fate General | Vicious | Offensive (WT 3)

You gain 40-60% Critical Strike Damage but your Non-Critical Strikes deal 20-15% less damage.

The Lionheart General | Brutal | Defensive (WT 3)

You gain 10% Barrier Generation. You Heal 3-7 Life per second while you have an active Barrier.

Revenge General | Brutal | Defensive

10-20% of incoming damage is instead suppressed. When you use a Defensive, Subterfuge or a Macabre skill, all suppressed damage is amplified by 250% and explodes, dealing up to 1360-2040 Fire damage to Nearby enemies.

Prudent Heart General | Brutal | Defensive (WT 3)

You become Immune for 2.0-4.0 seconds after you lose more than 20% Life in a single hit. This effect can only occur once every 110 seconds.

Determination General | Devious | Utility

Resource draining effects are 40-50% less effective. In addition, gain 3.0-8.0% increased Resource Generation.

Retaliation General | Devious | Utility (WT 3)

Deal 510-680 Fire damage to surrounding enemies whenever a Crowd Control effect is removed from you.

The Calculated General | Devious | Utility (WT 3)

After spending 150-200 of your Primary Resource, your next attack Stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds.

The Malignant Pact General | Wrathful | Super

Cycle through a Malignant bonus every 20 kills: Vicious: Gain 20% Attack Speed. Devious: Core and Basic Skills have a 15% chance to fully restore your Primary Resource. Brutal: Every 21 seconds, gain a Barrier absorbing 85-102 damage.

Creeping Death General | Wrathful | Super

Your damage over time effects are increased by 30-40% for each different Crowd Control effect on the target. Unstoppable monsters and Staggered bosses instead take 110-130% increased damage from your damage over time effects.

The Barber General | Wrathful | Super (WT 3)

Critical Strikes and all subsequent damage within 2.0-4.0 seconds is absorbed by your target. Then, the absorbed damage erupts onto surrounding enemies. Stored damage is increased by 10% per second.

Focused Rage Barbarian | Vicious | Offensive

After spending 100-60 Fury within 2 seconds, your next Non-Basic Skill's Critical Strike Chance is increased by 20-30%.

Resurgent Life Barbarian | Brutal | Defensive

While below 40-60% Life, you receive 50-60% more Healing from all sources.

Punishing Speed Barbarian | Devious | Utility

Your Skills have a 20-30% chance to Knock Down all enemies for 1.25 seconds when that Skill's Attack Speed is higher than 35-20%.

Ignoring Pain Barbarian | Wrathful | Super (WT 4)

Incoming damage has a 5-15% chance of being ignored and instead Healing you for 17-68.

The Moonrage Druid | Vicious | Offensive

Kills have a 5% chance to summon a Wolf Companion to your side for 20-30 seconds. In addition, gain +3 to Wolves.

The Agitated Winds Druid | Brutal | Defensive

When 8-13 Close enemies, automatically cast Cyclone Armor. This cannot occur more than once every 10-20 seconds.

Inexorable Force Druid | Devious | Utility

Up to 30-50 Distant enemies are pulled toward you while you have an Ultimate Skill active.

The Unconstrained Beast Druid | Wrathful | Super (WT 4)

When you are hit with a Stun, Freeze or Knock Down effect, there is a 40-60% chance to automatically activate Grizzly Rage for 3 seconds.

The Sacrilegious Necromancer | Vicious | Offensive

Walking near a Corpse automatically activates an equipped Corpse Skill every second, dealing 40-30% reduced damage.

The Decrepit Aura Necromancer | Brutal | Defensive

When at least 5 enemies are near you, gain an aura that automatically curses surrounding enemies with Decrepify for 5-15

Frozen Terror Necromancer | Devious | Utility

Lucky Hit: Up to a 10-20% chance of inflicting Fear for 2.5 seconds. Feared enemies are Chilled for 20% every second.

The Great Feast Necromancer | Wrathful | Super (WT 4)

Each Minion drains 1.0-2.0 Essence per second but deals 50-75% increased damage. With no Minions, this bonus applies to you and drains 5 Essence per second.

Cluster Munitions Rogue | Vicious | Offensive

Lucky Hit: You have up to a 20% chance to launch 3 Stun Grenades that deal 26-32 Physical damage and Stun enemies for 0.50 seconds.

Trickery Rogue | Brutal | Defensive

When you use a Subterfuge Skill, leave behind an unstable Shadow Decoy Trap that Taunts enemies. The Shadow Decoy Trap will explode after 6.0 seconds dealing 680-1020 Shadow damage. Cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds.

The Clipshot Rogue | Devious | Utility

Lucky Hit: Up to a 20-40% chance for your Cutthroat Skills to Slow by 40% for 3 seconds and your Marksman Skills to Knock Back enemies.

The Vile Apothecary Rogue | Wrathful | Super (WT 4)

Your attacks have a 5-15% chance to apply all Imbuement effects at 40-50% of normal potency.

Tal'Rasha Sorcerer | Vicious | Offensive

For each unique element you deal damage with, you deal 7-12% increased damage for 3-10 seconds.

Spellbreaking Sorcerer | Brutal | Defensive

After taking Elemental damage, gain 20-40% Resistance to that element for 5 seconds.

Spite Sorcerer | Devious | Utility

When you are afflicted with a Crowd Control effect, there is a 20-40% chance that the same enemy and enemies around you are also afflicted with the same effect for 3 seconds.

Omnipower Sorcerer | Wrathful | Super (WT 4)

Core Skills that launch a projectile consume all of your Mana. For every 45-35 extra Mana consumed, you launch an additional projectile, and the damage is increased by 3.0-5.0%.