About Us

TeamBRG is a group of real life friends, both men and women, who have gamed together for over 25 years. During this time we have played a multitude of games from console to PC including some popular titles like Ragnarok Online, Guild Wars 1 & 2, DOTA, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and literally all of the Final Fantasy games. Amongst us, we have played every single genre of video game available. One of the main genres we all loved to play was RPG’s. It was because of this passion that we decided to play together as a team, more specifically when MMORPGS started to come in to the gaming scene. The first game we really started to play together was Ragnarok Online. It was in RO where we made a name for ourselves as the only Tier 1 guild who kept our ethos of “quality over quantity” in a game where quantity really mattered. We eventually branched into other games like DoTA, Guildwars, and FFXIV… Finally our love for the RPG grind merged with friendship, teamwork and progression.

We are hardcore raiders, filthy casuals, PC master race and console peasants all at the same time and in whatever game we play, we have fun, and strive to become the best.

Now, with majority of our group pushing 30+ years of age, having their own jobs and families, we still make it a point to play with one each another on a regular basis.

Why make a website?

With limited time to play, we only choose to play a handful of games that we find both fun and challenging. Over the years we have found ourselves frustrated at the lack of quality of the gaming guides found online. So we decided to start sharing our gaming experiences with the wider internet community in hopes to improve the overall gaming experience for everyone. We plan to write guides for how to clear content, meta improvement articles, and post about any information we feel will be useful both newbies and pro’s alike.

What does BRG mean?

There are ’81 tales’ that describe how this name came to be. The short version is, it’s an abbreviation for a slang word that means, ‘to own…’ Then again, we do get our a$$es handed to us sometimes…

Is this a Clan site? What does TeamBRG.com aim to achieve?

This is not a traditional clan site, but our clan contributes to the content of this site. We aim to build a community of gamers who enjoy playing with each other and who also enjoy contributing to the wider gaming community. 

What are your future plans?

For now, we intend to post guides for the current games we are playing, and in the future we intend to build a forum where we can interact with more people (and hopefully meet a few more like minded souls to join our clan).

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