Hello and welcome to our Support Wizard guide! While every Wiz dreams of becoming DPS – you can always go for the support route while gaining power – they’re not so bad!

D3 Support Wizard:
Builds | Rerolls | Effects List | Key Notes | Role

ZDPS Support Wizard Builds

Basic of the basic support WizAlternate Build?

I don’t think there’s a build which has enough variance from the first to warrant this – “reserved for future use”…

I can probably put a Solanium setup here…

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ZDPS Support Wizard Rerolls & Stat Priority

RCR is worth it on 1 or 2 rolls.

ZDPS Support Wizard Build: Rerolls & Stat Priority (Basic)
Shoulder INT VIT CDR Life% Armor RES
Chest INT VIT Life% Armor Elite%
Hands INT VIT CDR Armor Any
Legs INT VIT Armor RES Any
Boots INT VIT Armor RES Any
Belt INT VIT Armor Life% Res
Neck CDR VIT Life% Armor LpH Any
Rings CDR Any VIT Armor RES CHC

Support rerolls aren’t as strict as DPS classes, but here’s a good idea of what you need. This also varies wildly on the needs of your specific group setup and skills.

Solanium on Wizard is “possible” but isn’t great unless specifically setup for. If you plan on using it, get Crit (CHC) wherever you can.

Excess INT on gear ain’t so bad as it gives you RES. Don’t roll it out of everything.

ZDPS Support Wizard Buffs, Debuffs & Notable Effects

Here’s a list of desirable effects for support Wizards

NameNoteEffectEffect 2Notes
Slow TimeNORUNESlowA notable mega CC, also, ASDown
Slow TimeExhaustionWeakenSlowAlso, ASDown
Slow TimeTIme WarpVULNSlowAlso, ASDown
Slow TimeStretch TimeASPDSlowAlso, ASDown
Frost NovaBone ChillVULNSlowAlso, ASDown
Wave of ForceImpactful WaveReflectTurns projectiles "friendly" reflects
Wave of ForceDebilitating ForceWeaken
Energy TwisterGale ForceFire+Enemy recieves increased Fire damage.
BlizzardLightning StormLightning+Enemy recieves increased Lightning damage.
Ray of FrostSnowblastCold+Enemy recieves increased Cold damage.
DisintegrateIntensifyArcane+Enemy recieves increased Arcane damage.
Black HoleEvent HorizonSPECIALSuctionRemoves elite affixes and projectiles!
Black HoleSpellstealWeakenSuction
Cold BloodedPassiveVULN
Temporal FluxPassiveSlow
Crown of the PrimusHelmSlow Time gets ALL RUNES.
Delseres 2Set Bonus-Slow Time gets a zodiac effect.
Delseres 4Set BonusDReduc-Slow Time grants friends toughness.
Aether WalkerWand--Massive mobility.
AhavarionStaffSPECIALRNG, but powerful...
Ranslor's FollySuction


ZDPS Support Wizard Key Notes

Don’t leave home without Black Hole-Event Horizon and all-runed Slow Time. These two are leagues above anything else you can bring to the table. Aside from this, there aren’t many (super meaningful) choices when customizing your ZDPS Wizard.

Since you have all-runed Slow Time, Delsere’s 4 becomes mandatory.

You NEED to have at least 1 cold and 1 fire skill – to trigger Cold Blooded and Conflagration.

Try to pack as many of the “+Elemental Damage” debuffs as your group can use. Sadly there is none for Physical, Holy or Poison.

If you’ve ticked the above boxes – you’re good to go!

ZDPS Support Wizard: Your role in the rift

A unique addition to your team’s defense: this is by far the most powerful aspect of Wizard. Black Hole-Event Horizon (removing elite effects) and Slow Time simply add to group toughness in a way no other class can. It isn’t simply an “increase in stats”, but a large increase to group safety and survivability. It’s a whole new VECTOR of defense that cannot be emulated any other way.

Aside from the above, there is no “Wiz specific” role, as any other class can do
other support actions much better than Wizard can. 

Offensive group buffs: Wiz ZDPS has some of the best offensive effects.

Scouting: Is possible with Teleport and Aether Walker, but make sure your team will live without your awesome defensive capability.

D3 Support Wizard:
Builds | Rerolls | Effects List | Key Notes | Role

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