New season is here and it’s time to get Haedrig’s gift! In our Fresh 70 Barb Guide, you’ll learn exactly what to do for each step: From hitting fresh level 70, to gathering your free set pieces, and transitioning to the end-game!

Season 20 Fresh 70 free set is: Immortal King’s Call.

You can freely cube any three items (IE:3 weapons, 2 armors and a ring).
Instead of being forced to use one weapon, armor, and jewelry.

How does Season of the Forbidden Archives affect me? 

In General...

In your journey to powering up, it mildly helps you since you can cube your “three best things” to help you fill out your build. This is quite a potent effect to help your growth snowball out of control. It is heavily affected by your luck, though.

As for the endgame? This is not the scope of this guide but I may put some notes on unusual cube combinations for each seasonal free set.

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Fresh 70 Barbarian: Free set available! | No free set!
Getting the Free Set | Free Set 70 | Gaining Power | Bridging to the End-game
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Fresh 70 Barbarian: Getting the Free Set!

You can CRAFT AND USE REAPER’S WRAPS for a huge boost!

Other nonRNG crafteds?

For a generic damage and toughness boost Aughild’s set is a shoe-in for IK. The bracer + shoulder combo don’t interfere with our set.

Captain Crimson’s set is another one but it’s a little tighter to fit in. You’re gonna need RoRG, but it’s something you can consider down the line.

Click below to reveal the instructions you need for each step:

IMPORTANT: Setting up!

Fresh 70 Barbarian Items needed (yellows are ok).

Make sure that you’ve equipped your Fresh 70 Barb with all L70 items. The power gap of SUB70 items compared to L70 ones are significant! Pick ’em up or craft ’em – doesn’t matter.

Barb Fresh 70 – Items to look out for: As a baseline, try to get as many of Strength > Vit > AllRes in all your gear! As for the other stats, just go through our list so you know which stat/s are best in a specific slot.

2H MIGHTY WEAPON: This item is the very first thing you have to own. CRAFT ONE! STR and any REGENERATIVE STAT are needed here. So try to roll either Life per Hit or Life per Fury Spent.

Mighty Belt: Life per Fury Spent is a must have for many Barb builds. Belts are great to stack defenses so the dream is STR > LPFS > VIT > ALLRES.

Life per Fury Spent is SUPER GOOD early on (and pretty much anytime).
MIGHTY WEAPONS AND MIGHTY BELTS are where you can find it!

Barbarians need ALLRES!

Barbs are Strength characters – they receive Armor for each point of STR. Since you get SO MUCH STRENGTH and ARMOR for free – Armor becomes super diluted later on. To remedy this, remove excess Armor rolls in favor of ALL RESISTS!

Shoulder: Since IK’s Call set doesn’t have a shoulder piece, you better find a good once ‘coz you’re gonna be stuck using a yellow one for quite some time. Sample stats are STR VIT RES CDR/Life%.

Bracer and Amulet roll with Elemental%While you will do a lot of shifting of elements but later on Physical % is a safe bet. These two rerolls up your damage by a large margin.

Amulet and Rings: STR and sockets are the 2 stats you should be on the look out for. Sockets are in preparation for the legendary gems you’ll equip once you get them. Feel free to roll filler defensive stats on accessories in the early game.

Chest & Legs: Aside from STR and VITsockets are required here. For the early game, adding Diamonds for ALLRES is your best bet.

Just fixin’ up your gear with the recommended stats above will make your (torment) life easier.

Generally speaking: Reroll off unnecessary stats such as:

  • Armor (Barb is a Strength character – we’re overflowing with Armor)
  • Resource reduction (Not too hot for most Barb builds)
  • Life Regen (Essentially worthless)
  • Attack Speed (more of a lategame tune-up stat)
  • Flat Damage

For good stats like: STR > VIT > ALLRES > Life% > Crit related stats > CDR.

Customize Skill Bindings

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction. You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mousewheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.

Season Journey Chapters Table

Here’s an overview of what you should accomplish per chapter for this season. Or press Shift+J in game to check.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Complete a Neph Rift Neph Rift on Expert Neph Rift on Master Neph on T1
Do 5 Bounties Craft L70 Weapon or Armor Craft Imperial Gem Reforge weapon with Mystic
Socket 5 gems in gear Fully equip a follower Spend Blood Shards at Kadala Keywarden Act I at T4
Blacksmith to L10 Blacksmith, Jeweler & Mystic to L12 Kill Urzael at L70 on Master Keywarden Act II at T4
Jeweler to L10 Find Kanai’s Cube Kill Skeleton King at L70 on Master Keywarden Act III at T4
Mystic to L10 Get to L70 Act I bounty cache Keywarden Act IV at T4
Kill Siegebreaker Kill Azmodan at L60 Hard Act II bounty cache Kill Adria on T2
Kill Maghda Kill Zoltun Kulle at L60 Hard Act III bounty cache Kill Butcher on T4
Get to L50 Craft L70 Ring or Amulet Act IV bounty cache GR 20 solo
Enchant an item with Mystic Act V bounty cache Upgrade rare to legendary item
Transmogrify an item with Mystic Extract Legendary Power 5 Blacksmith recipes
5 Jewelcrafting recipes
NO REWARD 1st set of
Haedrig’s Gift
2nd set of
Haedrig’s Gift
3rd set of
Haedrig’s Gift

1st set: Helm + Gloves
2nd set: Boots + Belt
3rd set: Chest + Pants

Here’s the Conqueror Season Journey entries you need to accomplish to unlock a stash tab (if you haven’t unlocked all).

Complete a TXIII Neph Rift in under 5 mins
GR 60 Solo
Kill Izual at L70 under 15 sec on TXIII
Kill Greed on TXIII
Reforge a Legendary or Set item
Augment an Ancient item with a L50 Legendary Gems
Level 3 Legendary Gems to 55
Complete 2 Conquests


Seasonal Journey Chapter 2: Getting the 2 piece

Ah… good ‘ol Rend WW Frenzy. This “catch all” Barb build will suit your needs and more. Merciless Assault and Wind Shear and the Weapons Master passive essentially gives you FREE FURY while killing packs. Rend passively kills while you move along, and Frenzy is your secret weapon versus tough elites.

It’s pretty much a speedfarming build! I put a lot of brainless self-healing in the build, but feel free to adjust it to your liking.

Barbarian Fresh 70 No Set Build 
Skill Rune
Rend Bloodbath
Whirlwind Wind Shear
Frenzy Sidearm
Battle Rage Ferocity
War Cry Invigorate
Furious Charge Merciless Assault
Rampage Weapons Master
Unforgiving Inspiring Presence

Remember the good ‘ol rule – REND AND MOVE, THE MORE YOU FIGHT THE BETTER!

***Pressing Shift+J (Default) opens up your Seasonal Journey tracker!***

Hard Mode on: We want to go through all the season’s journey entries as fast as we can. One way to do this is to keep difficulty on Hard. Another is, of course, following our recommended gear stats. You only need to increase difficulty to Expert for Chapter 2’s Neph Rift.

I personally start ticking off the entries when i get to level 65~, do a complete round of bounties so all needed bosses are tagged. Get your pet out to pick up those gold coins for leveling up the crafters in town. And Templar, too, for healing and fury regen.

Seasonal Journey Chapter 3: Getting the 4 piece
S20 IK’s Call 2-piece Free Set Build
Skills Runes
Rend Bloodbath
Whirlwind Wind Shear
Furious Charge Merciless Assault
Battle Rage (!) Ferocity
War Cry (!) Invigorate
Call of the Ancients Ancients Fury / Together as One
Weapons Master Relentless (!)
Ruthless Rampage

Skills marked (!) are ‘loose’ but honestly shouldn’t really matter at this point.

IT’S TIME TO EVOLVE into “no generator”! This is made possible by the synergy of Wind Shear + Weapons Master. 3 Fury a hit is no joke with Whirlwind.


Frenzy (your anti-elite tool) is gone! BUT IT’S OKAY! Call of the Ancients now has 100% uptime and they wreck any lone elite by themselves (at this stage of the game).

There are a couple of entries that needs to be completed on Master difficulty, however, the rest can be done in Hard mode – I do not recommend “overshooting” the required difficulty as you’re simply trying to save time.

Beat the following on Master difficulty:

  • Urzael – Act 5, Westmarch Heights
  • Skeleton KingAct 1, The Royal Crypt
  • Beat a Nephalem Rift

Complete the other needed entries and let’s proceed to the next tab.

Seasonal Journey Chapter 4: Getting the 6 piece
S20 IK’s Call 4-piece Free Set Build
Skills Runes
Rend Bloodbath
Whirlwind Wind Shear
Furious Charge Merciless Assault
Battle Rage (!) Ferocity
Wrath of the Berserker Insanity / Striding
Call of the Ancients Together as One
Weapons Master Relentless (!)
Ruthless Rampage

***Pressing Shift+J (Default) opens up your Seasonal Journey tracker!***

The key thing to remember here is switching your Wrath of the Berserker rune to and from Insanity and Striding Giant to give you more damage or defense (adjust to your needs).

Upgrade a Rare to Legendary w/ Kanai’s Cube: Honestly, I would start by doing 1H Mighty Weapons in hopes to get one half of the Bul-Kathos’s set. I know many people may disagree, but we need to quickly transition into a speedfarmy Whilrwind build.

Complete a Torment I Rift: You can do far more than a TI rift, just so you know, but you don’t really need to. Use this rift as a “test” to see how high you can go. TIII+ is even possible.

Set Difficulty to Torment II: Kill Adria in Act V, Ruins of Corvus

Set Difficulty to Torment IV: Race towards the bosses! Just Whirl past those random enemies!

You will notice a huge jump in difficulty once you set foot in Torment IV.

  • Kill Butcher – Act I, Halls of Agony Level 3
  • Kill Odeg the Keywarden – Act I, Fields of Misery
  • Kill Sokahr the Keywarden – Act II, Dahlgur Oasis
  • Kill Xah’Rith the Keywarden – Act III, Stonefort
  • Kill Nekarat the Keywarden – Act IV, Garden of Hope 2nd Tier
  • Keywardens maps have a key icon next to the waypoint. Purple arrows point you to their location after a short while once you’re in their respective map.

Are you ready for GR20 nephalem? Check the obelisk once you’ve completed the other requirements and see the highest GR you can do. If you aren’t quite at 20, do a higher difficulty neph, or 1 or 2 GR’s to reach 20. Up to you.

Check the next clicky for obliterating GR20 using 4pc IK.

Barb IK4 GR20
S20 IK’s Call GR20 4-piece Free Set Build
Skills Runes
Rend Bloodbath
Whirlwind Wind Shear
Furious Charge Merciless Assault
Battle Rage Ploughshares
Wrath of the Berserker Insanity / Striding
Call of the Ancients Together as One
Weapons Master Relentless
Ruthless Rampage

Just the same old build with a little more defense thrown in the mix! While you won’t ROLL GR20, it also seems very impossible to FAIL. Just be careful and you’ll be okay! The above build is packed with self-healing and defense. If you think you have good toughness, feel free to add more damage in.

>>> IK4 GR20 VIDEO HERE <<<

FIX PARAGONSStr | Crit | All Res | LpH (I used only 5 each -20 total)

Remember the setup tab above? Those “good yellows” will go a long way here. Seriously! For a “reference”, here were my stats and what I tested with:

  • Offense (sheet): 268K
  • Toughness (sheet): 7.2M
  • Recovery (sheet): 620K
  • NO ‘special’ legendaries aside from the 4PC Immortal King’s Call.
  • NO Pylons taken.
  • NO Legendary Gems.
  • NO Cubed powers used.
  • Remaining Time: 2 minutes~

SELF HEALING IS SUPER IMPORTANTLife per fury spent is GODLIKE and you should have it on belt/weapon or BOTH! Random Life per hit rolls or Amethyst in weapon will help you out – you don’t need that much damage to clear, trust me.

REND AND MOVE ON!!! If you haven’t learned by now, PLEASE take this into consideration! Always be fighting as many whites as you can and don’t ever “stay and fight” elites – DRAG THEM ALONG!

Again, I had nothing… I took no PYLONS ffs. 20 Paragons….

Offense numbers DO NOT take into consideration most Legendary Powers and Gems. But since I did it RAW – these will serve as a great estimation. Again, I didn’t feel like I utterly rolled it but there was no fear of failure.

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Fresh 70 Barbarian: 6 piece Free Set Build

IK is a very open build. For the purposes of this guide, we focus on progressing to a Whirlwind-centric speedfarming build – but I will also advise you on drops for HotA based GRifting builds. Thankfully IK can use pretty much ANYTHING you want.

S20 Immortal King’s Call Free Set Build
Skills Runes
Battle Rage Ferocity (Swords to Plowshares)
Whirlwind Dust Devils (Wind Shear)
Furious Charge (OPEN) Merciless Assault
War Cry Veteran’s Warning
Wrath of the Berserker Insanity / Striding
Call of the Ancients Ancient’s Fury / Together as One
Weapons Master Relentless
Ruthless (Unforgiving) Rampage

Call of the Ancients Rune – Ancient’s Fury is GODLIKE for early game fury generation. You can drop it anytime for more defenses with the Together as One rune change. Wrath of the Berserker is an easy swift to DPS/Defense with Insanity and Striding Giant runes. (And again with Battle Rage, Ferocity or Swords to Ploughshares) These three rune changes are your main “changes” to shore up damage or defense.

Furious Charge – Merciless Assault is purely for the fury gain. You can replace this with ANY skill you want (usually Threatening Shout).

Whirlwind Rune? Wind Shear if you struggle with Fury, Dust Devils for better damage.

Important Reminder on CRAFTED GEAR:

non RNG Crafted Gear

You can CRAFT AND USE REAPER’S WRAPS for a huge boost!

Fore a generic damage and toughness boost Aughild’s set is a shoe-in for IK. The bracer + shoulder combo don’t interfere with our set.

Captain Crimson’s set is another one but it’s a little tighter to fit in. You’re gonna need RoRG, but it’s something you can consider down the line.

Torment VI: Is your new MINIMUM farming level. Try goin’ higher. Immortal King’s Call is STRICT with the required skills and most passives, but the FEW OPEN SLOTS give surprising flexibility, and even simple rune changes have large swings in your stats.

A quick review before proceeding…

We’re going to need all the power we can get! Here are some of the things you need to look out for (gears and stats) and the legendary gems to help us maximize the IK set.

Keep these important things in mind as you progress!

Non-set pieces: Review

SOCKETS on amulet and ringsWe’re getting legendary gems next so sockets on decent amulets and rings are a MUST HAVE, and should be high on your priority list.

Life per Fury Spent is CRITICAL! The build falls apart without self-healing of some kind and this is one of the easiest ways to get it! This appears on mighty weapons and mighty belts. Thankfully, the Immortal King set weapon is mighty.

Belt: your free IK belt should have LpFS on it! Again belt defenses are huge so try to get STR VIT RES LpFS on it.

Elemental%? Appears on amulets and bracers. However, the element we use isn’t set in stone.  Lightning% (for Whirlwind – Wind Shear) is only good if you struggle with Fury. On tryhard items, Physical% or another element may be better. For late game builds, Barbs usually use Phys or Fire, but this guide isn’t really focused on that.

Skill%? I guess I would be shooting for boots with Whirlwind%.

Shoulder: Like I said, IK has no shoulder piece, so investing in a decent yellow will pay off many times over. STR VIT ALLRES CDR LIFE, those stats are good. Aughild’s set reminder!

Generally speaking:

  • Reroll off unnecessary stats such as:
    • Armor (Barb is a strength character – we’re overflowing with armor)
    • CDR / Resource reduction (Not too hot for IK – only consider if using Crimsons)
    • Life Regen (Essentially worthless)
    • Attack Speed (more of a lategame tune-up stat)
    • Flat damage
  • For good stats like: STR > VIT > ALLRES > Life% > Crit related stats > CDR.

Getting the “correct” stats has a much higher impact vs.
getting the “perfect” stats, for now.

Gaining Power!

Now we have to gain as much power, as quickly as possible.

Legendary Gems

This is the easiest way to gain power simply because acquiring them has little to no RNG. Getting 3 of your best gems will increase your power dramatically in a short time span.

Click on the tabs to see Immortal King’s “Big 3” gems and “others”.

IK 6 Fresh 70: Big 3 GemsOther gems?

Get these three to L25 ASAP: (Read it before you call me crazy)

Pain Enhancer: LEVEL IT UP to 25 TOPS. This gem synergizes well with Immortal King’s +DMG modifiers. I’ll be hard pressed to find a better gem to keep at 25 and CARRY you for a long time. This does SO MUCH for 25 levels, it’s CRAZY! It falls off once you get into ‘Stricken’ range, or when your item synergies improve. A single Pain Enhancer proc is worth MULTIPLE RENDS (unmodified).

Wreath of Lightning: Okay, before you give me the crazy looks… calculate it for yourself. Again, this gets owed to the fact that A) You only need 25 levels and B) The vast power spike you get from these 2 will make farming a breeze.

Pain Enhancer and Wreath of Lightning at 25 will outperform
ANY COMBINATION of “usual” gems given Immortal King’s non-skill modifying kit! TRUST ME! A few gem levels for such a RIDICULOUS amount of power (while being unreliant on drops) facilitates a much needed “Speedfarming” early game – you can even use them for Augments when you’re done!

Taeguk – is GODLIKE for any channeling build (Whirlwind). If you plan to use non-WW, the third best gem would be Bane of the Powerful early on (and Bane of the Trapped shortly, thereafter).

“Help, I need a defensive gem!” I feel that there are many build changes you can make to gain an extreme amount of toughness (WotB rune to Striding Giant is the main one), but if you really want one look no further than Esoteric Alteration. You are NEVER SAD to own a highly leveled Esoteric!

Any other gems worth it?

Bane of the Stricken: A useful gem for anyone who wants to go high up in the Grifts. You’ll know when you need it – when Guardians take years to kill. Invest as much as you can!

Esoteric Alteration: The defensive gem of choice. Having this in your back pocket is a must for any serious player out there for many reasons.

Bane of the Trapped: Makes the cut in many end-game Barb builds. Never sad to own one.

Boon of the Hoarder: You need this for speedfarming – get it up to 50 ASAP!
(See: Speedfarming GeneralBarb Speedfarming GeneralBest Barb Speedfarming)

I have to repeat myself – trust me on the PE and WoL!

Try to get the Top 3 gems to level 25 as soon as possible. Just do some efficient point farming. GR34 is enough to level a gem to 25! Once they’re at the appropriate level, get your Barb to higher torments!

Playing the Build & Adjustments

Here’s some really basic tips for playing Immortal King’s Call to help you as you progress into higher difficulties. It’s by no means comprehensive, but still helpful.

Here we discuss Playstyle Notes and build Build Adjustments.

Playing IK 6 - BasicsOffense & ResourceDefense & HealingSpeed & Mobility

Keep Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients up at all times, especially when you respawn – or else your set bonus DROPS. Spend Fury to reduce the CD on WoTB. Simple enough!

Since we are going for a Whirlwind build, there’s really not much nuance to the IKWW setup. Simply spin to win. More experienced players can tweak their build on the fly to maximize farming speed in relation to their goals. These WW builds are mostly stat simulators most of the time – its YOUR evolutions that help you along (of which I note in the next segment).

I won’t be discussing HoTA based builds here because as a Fresh 70 Barb you should be racing towards facilitating SPEEDFARMING, not TRYHARDING. 

As you slowly go up the torment ladder, you might notice some weaknesses in your build. There’s nothing like a simple skill/rune/passive changes to counter this.

More offense or Fury needed?

Offense is usually categorized in Damage or, indirectly, Resource Gain.

Modifying Fury gains on top of what the base build provides is no good. You’re “practically capped” on Fury for multi-target fights – only suffering against Rift Guardians.

More DAMAGE isn’t easy to come by either…

Whirlwind-Dust Devils is actually a HUGE DPS increase once you can better manage your Fury. I put it as the second possible rune for WW in the default build up there.

Battle Rage – Into the Fray (or Marauder’s Rage) can be a decent boost to damage, changing from the recommended rune of Ferocity. Although I doubt losing 15% movespeed is worth it for content you want to speedfarm. Great for GR’s, though.

Passives? Ruthless is the best after the “always recommended” Rampage. The other 20% damage passives are very similar, get whichever you like most.

Most of IK’s power comes from the total build synergy and it’s very difficult to augment it further without “evolving” from a non-skill centric approach.

More defense needed?

Defense is primarily thought of as self-healing and damage reduction.

LIFE PER FURY SPENT ON WEAPON AND BELT will make the MOST noticeable difference without having to touch the build at all!

Wrath of the Berserker-Striding Giant adds a metric ton of survivability at a STEEP cost of damage. If your gear rolls suck defense-wise, don’t be too proud to make the switch.

Battle Rage-Swords to Ploughshares is a great mix of offense and defense. The self heal on Crit is pretty huge and I would look here first if I need more self-healing.

War Cry-Veteran’s Warning is a massive toughness boost – be wary when replacing this.

Passives? Relentless is the king of toughness passives, which is why I recommend it by default. Past this it becomes quite slim – Bloodthirst and Pound of Flesh.

More mobility needed?

Battle Rage-Ferocity is recommended in the base build since 15% MS is nothing to scoff at. It’s the first place you should look when wanting to go a little faster (IE changing to Ferocity in Nephs, and choosing another rune for GR’s).

Pound of Flesh is notable in the sense that it augments your self-healing by a lot while also increasing your movespeed.

Sprint-Marathon is the ultimate mobility skill, but it’s a bit of a hassle to use. Thankfully, Barbs aren’t really lacking in the speed department – most of the noticeable ones are locked behind items.

(For more on Speedfarming see: Speedfarming General, Barbarian Speedfarming, Best Barbarian Speedfarming)

Items to look for

Okay now that the easy part of powering up is done, it’s time for the farmy bit. Here I will be listing all the high-impact items you can pick up and how to get them (aside from drops).

Non-RNG crafted items

Crafting Reaper’s Wraps (plans drop from Torment Malthael) is a great early game boost for a build like ours which uses tons of fury.

HotA Build?

While not the scope of this guide, you might wanna try HotA as it’s the IK “marquee” build.

Blood ShardsDeath's BreathClassics

Using Blood Shards:

Shoulder: You start here because you have no shoulder piece! There are some high impact shoulders here: Mantle of Channeling; Fury of the Ancients is a surprisingly decent filler early on, too.

Belt: Loads of great belts Lamentation is your jackpot here, but only if you have Ambo’s Pride! If you don’t have it yet, go down the list first: Goldwrap and Pride of Cassius are great fillers. Even things like Chilanik’s Chain are welcome.

Bracer: Well, Nemesis is always good! You can also get stuff like Bracers of the First Men for a Hammer of the Ancients build.

Rings: Usually, rings aren’t worth it at 50 shards. But I myself spam this until I get SKULL GRASP as it increases farm speed a ton. Band of Might and a whole trove of great rings also exist so there’s no sadness spending shards here.

Legs: There aren’t really any fillers you get here aside from Hexing Pants.

Using Death’s Breath – Rare to legendary:

1H Mighty Weapons for three amazing items: Ambo’s Pride is will skyrocket your power. Bul’Kathos’s Oath set! These are BEEF. You’re also happy for the HotA one-hander Remorseless.

2h Mace for Furnace – is never bad to have.

RINGS for Skull Grasp. It’s a very, very important part of your build, while it’s difficult to bait out a specific ring with Death’s Breath upgrades – it’s another avenue to obtaining it.

2H Mighty Weapons contain a whole load of useful stuff, but make no mistake Gavel of Judgment is a great find if you wanna try IK’s tryhard setup, HotA.

The Classics: Good for any type of newer character, and even the most battle-hardened of builds.

Ring of Royal Grandeur – form Act I bounties. Use it to break your set for a temporary filler item!

Convention of Elements – Maximize this power by familiarizing yourself with its elemental cycle. 

Unity – Put it on your undying Follower and yourself for 50% DR. Value.

Accessory Sets: Bastions of Will and Endless Walk will always be a consideration for a grand majority of characters – you’re no exception.

Reaper’s Wraps: Not relevant for this build, but a classic nonetheless.

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: for the huge CDR. WW will trigger this a lot!

Goldwrap + Avarice Band + Boon of the Hoarder: Don’t be sick of me reminding you.
(See: D3 Speedfarming, Barbarian Speedfarming General | Barb Best Speedfarming

Bounty Ring reminders:
Ring of Royal Grandeur: from ACT I bounties and is SUPER IMPORTANT for almost any Barb build, Immortal king-centric ones more so!
Avarice from Act III bounties, for speedfarming – might as well list it down here.

Bridging to the End-game

So you skipped a whole chunk of the powering up phase with the free set. Now what? Like I always say, “Speedfarming first before pushing GR’s”. So, convert what you have NOW to be as speedfarmy as possible, first.

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  1. the season 13 barbarian build is overpowered.I suggest pairing MOTE with a good rolled Fury of the Vanquished Peak + seismic slam % on items you can get it.Fun times and makes Seismic slam fun to play with plus all the earthquakes.

  2. I found a different 4-piece skill setup, personal preference of course:
    LMB – Cleave – Reaping Swing
    RMB – Whirlwind – Wind Shear
    A – Furious Charge – Stamina
    S – Rend – Bloodbath
    D – Battle Rage – Ferocity
    F – War Cry – Invigorate
    P1 – Weapons Master
    P2 – Unforgiving
    P3 – Inspiring Presence
    P4 – Rampage


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