Lo’ there! welcome to our best speedfarming builds guide for Monks in Diablo 3. While I’m a big fan of WoL, the flexibility and sheer mobility of Justice 6 Tempest Rush makes it the top contender for now!

This is the first pass for all classes speedfarming guide updates:
Expect more detailed info soon! Alternate builds!

Monk Speed Build Template: Justice 6 Tempest Rush

Here’s the basic setup and rerolls for some the Tempest Rush / Justice speed build.

Build – Items, Skills, Cube & Gems

Monk Justice 6 Tempest Rush Speed Farming Build Details
Slot Item Skill Rune
Weapon Woh Khim Lau Cyclone Strike Wall of Wind (Soothing Breeze)
Offhand Vengeful Wind (Azurewrath) Tempest Rush Flurry (Open)
Head Patterns of Justice Epiphany Desert Shroud
Shoulders Patterns of Justice Sweeping Wind Any (All Active)
Chest Patterns of Justice Dashing Strike (Open) Way of the Falling Star
Hands Patterns of Justice Mantra of Conviction (Salvation) Annihilation (Agility)
Legs Captaim Crimson Passives
Boots Patterns of Justice Beacon of Ytar Harmony (Fleet Footed)
Bracer Cesar’s Memento Seize the Initiative Momentum
Belt Captaim Crimson Kanais Cube
Amulet The Flavor of Time (Open) Balance
Ring Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Nemesis Bracer (Mantle of Channeling)
Ring Unity (CoE) Ring of Royal Grandeur
Legendary Gem
Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Powerful (Open)


Build – Rerolls and Stat Priority

This build is notorious for weird rolls, so don’t take the below table as
100% do or die thing – it’s flexible depending on your goals.

Monk Justice 6 Tempest Rush Speed Farming Build Rerolls
Weapon High Damage DEX LpH VIT See Notes!
Offhand High Damage DEX DMG% CDR See Notes!
Head DEX CHC Tempest Rush% VIT Res LpH
Shoulders DEX VIT Res RCR CDR Life%
Chest DEX Life% VIT RES Any
Boots DEX VIT Tempest Rush% RES MS% Any
Belt DEX VIT RES Life% Armor Any
Ring (ORotZ) CHC RCR CDR Any

Keep in mind the above build and rerolls (best used as a template) are for a “standard balanced” speedfarming setup without taking it to the “extreme”.

Build General Notes & Options

I’ll be adding more of these notes and evolutions soon – I just want to finish the first pass for all classes first. – BRGMahiko

While some people love WoL, I personally think Justice Tempest Rush is powerful, while still being extremely flexible, and EXTREMELY RELAXED speed farming build to play (barring Flurry tryharding). Comparable to the speedfarm build pantheon entries like Wastes Whirlwind.

Equipment Notes

While most of the build is locked, you have a few flex slots here and there. Most notable is  Vengeful Wind. It’s not integral to your build BUT it gives you quite a massive chunk of movespeed due to the Justice set bonus – 50% more movespeed is no joke when speedfarming! Azurewrath is typically used in its place for ‘tryhard content’.

CoE is usually part of the build but I only rank it as an “option” in place of Unity for speedy content. Guys, remember, you do need toughness to farm relaxed and consistently.

Some people dislike Zodiac here, and prefer to shore up defenses with things like Unity, or Lefebvres in the cube. It’s an option if you don’t like pressing Epiphany. I don’t know about this evolution since you want CDR for Crimson anyway.

Amulet is a loose slot and you can choose any well rolled amulet here without missing much. Things like Hellfire are fine.

Cube Notes

The body slot for cube is the only flex slot. Nemesis is probably the speediest addition. Past this, you have options like Lefebvre’s Soliloquy for defense, and Mantle of Channeling for a a little of both.

Sage Set (Deaths Breath Farming)? Cain?

Since you’re using the Crimson set by default, Cain or Sage set for Deaths Breath farming is a 1:1 swap. Keep in mind you do lose quite a bit of toughness and damage so be careful. Don’t be afraid to go down 1 or 2 Torment levels if you use one of these sets.

Skill Notes

Cyclone Strike – Wall of Wind is a MUST for content you want to one-shot. It’s the easiest way to proc your Cesar’s Memento without thinking. Soothing Breeze is the rune choice for intense ordeals – the healing you get from it is crazy.

Dashing Strike is the main point of contention for most people here. Honestly, I prefer having it for speed builds since you do cover quite a bit of distance with it, and to “cheat” some jumps that only “teleports” can do. This is where you would usually slot in Blinding Flash for tryhard content.

Flurry is the best tryhard rune for Tempest Rush, but it isn’t the best speedfarmy one. I don’t think the SPEEDY runes are worth the switch for most content types – It’s an interesting discussion for sure.

Mantra is always flexible, but nothing beats Mantra of Conviction – Annihilation in terms of speed. Mantra of Salvation – Agility is the ultimate defensive choice for you to keep in mind.

Passive Notes

Beacon of Ytar is great since it helps with Epiphany and gives DPS via Crimsons set. Next you have your two next best DPS passives IMO in Seize plus Momentum I would say only Beacon is mandatory (if using Epiphany).

You have 3 pseudo flex slots. Feel free to slot toughness passives like Harmony, orGuardians Path. Add Fleet Footed if you can afford to spend a passive on it.

Stats and Reroll Notes

This build can abuse the bejeesus out of Harmony. You can reroll many great stats (Due to Crimsons set bonus, RCR and CDR) in place of resists AS LONG AS YOU HAVE RESISTS IN THE SECONDARY!

Rerolling weapons on this build is a huge discussion point among monks. You NEED a life per hit on weapon IMO. Aside from that, there’s really isn’t any bad stats. VIT and RCR give toughness. DEX and DMG% are of course great to have. That goes for shoulder as well. RCR is always welcome for toughness. CDR is oddly the only stat I feel you can have “too much of”.

The rerolls for this build can be a nightmare. The only really important thing I need to note is “TOO MUCH CDR SUCKS”, just enough for comfy Epiphany use. Past that, since almost all stats are great, you can’t really feel bad (it’s just sometimes you feel you’re missing out on some stats, haha).

Legendary Gem Notes

Taeguk and Trapped are always good no matter what content you’re doing. Powerful for speedfarming, but it can be anything like Hoarder (and this is where Stricken goes for hard content). Don’t be afraid to drop Powerful for a defensive gem if you think it helps your farming consistency.

This is just the first pass on our speedfarming guide updates!
Look forward to more in-depth information soon!

Justice Tempest Rush is, without doubt, a great speedfarming build option. Princess cleared boss rush in less than 15 minutes with it, using a few modifications. This build rewards customization and clarify of what you want out of your build. In the second pass of updates, I will be posting alternatives to this such as Sunwuko WoL. Hopefully we helped yo uwith our take on the best monk speedfarming build!

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  1. I’m confused with the bounties integration of in-geom.

    “When you’re doing bounties you might wanna cube In-geom as a brainless way to implement this in the build.
    The best way to have In-geom is to equip it along with Kyoshiro’s Blade. And just cube your Incense Torch.”

    So do you cube or equip it ?
    Also if equipped, isn’t it better with Vengeful Wind as opposed to Kyoshiro’s Blade ?

    • It isn’t as clear cut as you would think.

      Setup A: Kyoshiro + Veng equipped, Ingeom cube: The first 3 targest get absolutely destroyed, doing 25% MORE or so compared to setup B. The rest of the targets take about 10% less compared to setup B.

      Setup B: Veng + Ingeom Equipped, Kyo cubed: Does roughly 10% more against “everyone”, but does 25% less against first 3 compared to setup A.

      I can’t really say what’s better…? Due to when the damage “stacks up” in the pile, its what causes the vengeful wind to appear MUCH BETTER at first glance – but ultimately it ain’t so big.

  2. Whats the reason to use torch in hands instead of cube?

    in-geom and Kyosh (Hands) + Torch (Cube) sounds way better to me?
    also i played in-geom and Vengful Wind (Hands) + Torch (Cube) does anyone have comparison (Kyosh/Wind) here?

    another option is focus and restraint (Some pickup radius on gear is required then though) – even if you don’t activate the second ring the dmg boost is higher than from SoJ+Unity for example (the standard dmg obviously but the elite elemental dmg as well. At least that’s what d3planner calculation said).

    • You’re triggering Trapped via Pinto’s pride. I’m almost sure its triggered upon the first hit. Powerful, Zei’s, Trapped and Stricken are the only gems that can improve WoL damage. If you’re confident, Zei’s and Powerful will one shot all enemies, you can use another gem in place of Trapped

    • this was addressed in a previous comment : zei’s still works on enemies far off the screen. but powerful is a more stable option – i’ve been thinking this exact thing for some time now

  3. A little confused, sage and sunwuko speed farm still using zei’s stone gem? You don’t have the helm in use or cube you would be in melee range at all times making zei’s stone next to useless.

    • you’re correct. actually thinking of the same thing. But i still think that somehow Zei’s is still viable since Explosive Light has a longer range than the other WoL. But honestly, I’ve been using Trapped, Stricken and Hoarder or Powerful for this season. Just keep in mind that it depends on playstyle, Zei’s level and paragon.

  4. This build simply does not work with Epiphany and Wave of Light…. Epiphany is simply not teleporting you to the npc’s. This is a known bug which exists for roughly over a year and a half…. So what should we do about this? any other solution? I imagine Epiphany being one of the abilities providing most of the mobility…

    • Epiphany isn’t there for mobility… it’s there for spirit regen and or toughness. Dashing Strike is your main source of mobility plus movespeed from Annihilation and/or Hoarder.


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