Hey guys! Welcome to our D3 Speedfarming primer – this nifty little guide basically teaches you what exactly makes speedfarming builds work, and how you can apply these ideas to any items and build you might have.

A lot of speedfarming guides out there are showcased with a full ancient set and ultra high level gems – not something all of us have! But given the information in this guide, you can adjust whatever you have to “convert” any set or build to be as speedfarmy as can be!

D3 Speedfarming: Basics & “The holy trinity”
Speedfarming ItemsSpeedfarming: Class specific

Speedfarming in a nutshell

Enough TOUGHNESS to brainlessly survive and loot, Enough OFFENSE to basically kill anything in 1 or 2 seconds, after that STACK AS MUCH MOBILITY AS YOU CAN.

The above statement is the core of a good speedfarming setup. While the finer points differ from class to class, there are things that are universally always good to consider.

The Speedfarming Holy Trinity

Goldwrap + Avarice Band + Boon of the Hoarder

Those three items above are what makes a lot of speedfarming builds possible. With the low investment of Belt, Ring and Legendary Gem, you get “Practically Infinite” Toughness, and decent Mobility.

When using this combo, REMOVE ALL TOUGHNESS aspects of your build in favor of DAMAGE or MOBILITY. The specifics, of course, varies from class to class.

If you never tried it, I suggest you do. It might be hard to imagine just how good it is – but once you try it, you’ll damn well understand.

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Speedfarming Items: The usual suspects

Gloves of Worship: Greatly UNDERRATED. As long as your build can fit it in, you should! It’s the best speedfarming item apart from the “holy trinity”. With the various buffs you get, this single slot is worth MUCH MORE than any single legendary.

Nemesis Bracers: Depending on your goals, Nemesis Bracers will do a lot for “speed”. Spawning more elites for faster completion of Rifts and naturally, more Death’s Breaths. NOT recommended for bounties. Awesome with Sage’s Journey.

In-Geom: Sadly, this isn’t for every build – but if you find a way to abuse it, you’ll definitely profit! Usually in conjunction with teleport and resource-less burst skills (more on In-geom in each class specific speedfarming primer).

Bane of the Powerful: deserves a mention for it’s “no pre-requisite” damage increase. It’s a great choice for a newbie speedfarmer. Its brainless bonuses, compatibility with ANY BUILD, and the fact it only gets out scaled by extremely leveled gems, is a huge plus.

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: Used to “cheat” and enable some cheesy speedfarming builds. Not universal, but extremely powerful when synergistic.

Ring of Royal Grandeur: While not speedfarmy in itself, it enables us to squeeze in more “perk” items, or use Sage’s Journey with more leeway.

Sage’s Journey (3pc set): this set increases Death’s Breath drops by one. Born’s 3-set is best used alongside another 4 or 6 sets bonus. Of course, not each set is “viable”. One of the more general rules here is that if your set has “off-pieces” (IE Ring, Belt, Weapon, Neck) then it could be a decent combo with Born’s (along with Ring of Royal Grandeur, of course).

Wreath of Lightning: Basically used for movespeed. A cute little addition for those with builds so powerful they can drop a legendary gem.

Removing Goldwrap!? Why yes! Because speedfarming, by nature, is greedy and thrives by reducing toughness in place of mobility and damage – you can definitely free up the Goldwrap slot when you’re sufficiently powerful.

The old but not forgottens...

Harrington Waistguard: Yeah, it does share a slot with Goldwrap, but it’s worth considering in Kanai’s Cube (or worn) for a massive DPS boost. Any clickable item triggers this, and it’s perfect for farming type content.

Warzechian Armguards: While useful before, I would not recommend these anymore. The built-in object wrecking speed boost is more than enough. However, it still does deserve a place here since it IS an option, albeit a rather poor one.

What difficulty should I farm? Did Torment 13 change anything!?

Ahhh now this is a tough one to answer. With the advent of S7 – Torment XIII is now a thing. The short answer is “Go as high as you can without lagging”. If it takes you more than 5 minutes to clear a neph, go down.

It also depends on your goals!

Death’s breaths only? Try TVIII and use a Sage, it’s probably better than TX+ without Sage. But you lose other things… you see? There’s a balance that’s unique per class and character.

Rift Keys? TXIII in 6 minutes might be better than 2x TVIII’s! Again, it all depends on your goals and capabilities. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Farming GR’s? Haha! The amount of variables here make it impossible to recommend ONE thing! Generally speaking, if you can clear CONSISTENTLY in under 10, its okay. But pushing HARD and HIGH also has awesome rewards.

It would be a crime for me to recommend a single difficulty for all types of players, materials and goals – it’s just something you have to TRY. Just because some smug ass neckbeard says you should always be in TXIII doesn’t mean you actually should.

Speed Farming: Class specific notes?

While this guide is a great resource for speedfarming on any character, the nitty-gritty of it is obviously different from class to class. The below guides will help you learn more about speedfarming on ANY class:

The two guides for each class – the primer is a far more practical guide which details speedfarming tricks and adjustments per class (notes for each set) and the other guide is an extreme “Fastest possible” speedfarming setup for each class.

Well, that’s about it! While the stuff here is great for newer players to learn, it’s something all of us needed to know at one point or the other, ‘ey?

D3 Speedfarming: Basics & “The holy trinity”
Speedfarming ItemsSpeedfarming: Class specific

Good luck with the speedfarming and may the heavens bless your re-rolls and ancient drops. Check out TeamBRG D3 Directory Guide for other related resources.

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