Hey guys! Welcome to our Necromancer’s Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Guide. Here we will talk about what build to use, skills, items, notes, map and more!

Last updated: S28 Mar 03 ’23: Just fixing up all the set dungeon guides. As this set has been buffed, and all set dungeon timers nerfed since initial writing – this is even more impossible to fail than ever. Fixed formatting, added some more info and simplified the recommended build.

Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Build

Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Build
Items   Skill & Rune
Head Inarius’s Understanding Death Nova Blood or Bone Nova
Shoulder Inarius’s Martyrdom Bone Armor Dislocation
Chest Inarius’s Conviction Blood Rush Molting
Wrist Open Corpse Lance Blood Lance
Hands Inarius’s Will Devour Devouring Aura
Belt Open Frailty Aura of Frailty
Legs Inarius’s Reticence Passives
Boots Inarius’s Perseverance Fueled by Death Overwhelming Essence
Neck Open Dark Reaping Stand Alone
Ring Open Kanai’s Cube
Ring Open (Open) Messerschmidts, In-Geom…
Main (any scythe) Reilena’s Shadowhook Leoric’s Crown / Steuart’s Greaves (Open)
Off  – Zodiac (Open)
Legendary Gems
use gem slots to gain power or toughness
as needed. You can do this without LGems at all
Powerful, Wildebeest, Gogok… meh

Options & Notes:

  • The “any” slots are irrelevant and can even be yellows. There’s no “must” in that slot. Mastered the dungeon with only the set, yellow items, no legendary gems or paragons. No cube, no nothing.
  • Reducing the cooldown of your Bone Armor will give you a better chance at the rip bones objective. It’s by no means necessary but try to go for whatever CDR you can. Highest Diamond on helm to help with Bone Armor’s for example.
  • Steuarts Greaves is your best movement item, likely in the cube. But it’s not needed…
  • You just need enough power to kill these guys in 1 or 2 hits. You can do this with a plethora of means. Trag’Ouls Corroded Fang, Reilena’s Shadowhook, Bloodtide Blade?

Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Location & Map

Where’s the Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon? It’s located in Act I Drowned Temple.

  • Teleport and to ACT 1 – Drowned temple (upper left waypoint) – enter the temple.
  • When inside, walk over the bridge and portal should open nearby.

The Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Map / Layout?

Map & Pathing

Familiarize yourself with the map first. A sample path is shown above.

  • Like all necro set dungeons, this is rather simple.
  • It’s a huge loop, but each segment has a “messy area”.
  • Choose a direction and go forth, clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • It’s best to make sure you full-clear the “messy areas” before moving on.
  • Once you’re back at the entrance, hopefully you’re done! If not, then check again for stragglers. You’ll have enough time.

How to Beat & Master Inarius Set Dungeon

This is one of the easiest set dungeons ever. Don’t even sweat it.

Objectives, Tips, Notes

Objective: Rip bones from 100 enemies with Bone Armor. 

Gather up those enemies then press your Bone Armor. It’s that simple. While you wouldn’t do this often “naturally” try to spam this everytime it’s up.

Cooldown Reduction helps here greatly, as your enemies might die too quickly…

  • Diamond on helm, with Leorics Crown optionally in cube.
  • In-Geom, Messerschmidt’s Reaver – both good CDR weapons.
  • Gogok of Swiftness LGem if you have it!
  • Captain Crimson set + RoRG.
  • Basic CDR rolls on your gear?

While you can do this without any CDR at all, it’s definitely better with a little of it.

Objective: Kill 200 enemies that are afflicted by a Bone Armor tornado. 

All you have to do is walk up to enemies. You don’t really need to “tryhard” to get this done. Just kill guys that are near you, that’s it. This is partly why I recommend Bone Nova, since its range somewhat matches the tornado.

You would have to really go out of your way to beat

Again, there is a problem with this dungeon that you might be “too strong”

Inarius Set Dungeon – Summary and Closing

Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Mastery: Just spam bone armor, get some CDR to help. Use the appropriately sized Death Nova Blood Nova to finish enemies off. It’s very difficult to fail this dungeon with even the smallest amount of preparation. I did it raw.

I see no way for you NOT to master this unless you’re extremely weak or extremely soft. Again, the open slots should more than make up for your weak spots.

Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

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