Ayo! Here we talk about all things Support Crusader. Supp sader builds aren’t set in stone, with many options giving almost the same effect – but hopefully you get some insights!

Support Crusader:
Builds | Rerolls | Effects List | Key Notes | Role

ZDPS Support Crusader Builds

R2A4 Basic Consecration SpamR6 Solanium Template

Not a set in stone build, just to showcase possibilities. R6 is pretty good for ASPD and Damage Reduction! You can arguably have higher Consecration uptime with R6…

ZDPS Support Crusader Roland 6 Solanium Template
Equipment Skill Rune
Head Roland’s Visage Smite Shatter (Surge)
Shoulder Roland’s Mantle Sweep Attack Gathering Sweep
Chest Roland’s Bearing Consecration Bathed in Light
Hands Roland’s Grasp Judgment (Open) Resolved
Legs Roland’s Determination Laws of Justice (Open) Immovable Object
Feet Illusory Boots Akarat’s Champion Prophet
Belt Vigilante Belt (String of Ears)
Bracer Nemesis Bracers Passives
Amulet Hellfire (Rondal’s) Fervor
Ring Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Hold Your Ground
Ring Oculus Ring Insurmountable
Weapon Inviolable Faith Indestructible
Off-hand Akarat’s Awakening (Long arm of the Law)
Legendary Gems Kanai’s Cube
Gogok of Swiftness Solanium
Esoteric Alteration Leoric’s Crown
Efficacious Toxin Ring of Royal Grandeur

ZDPS Support Crusader Rerolls & Stat Priority

Find the right balance of CDR and RCR for your needs!

ZDPS Support Crusader Build: Rerolls & Stat Priority (Basic)
Head VIT Life% RES LpH RCR Any
Shoulder VIT RES RCR CDR Life% Any
Chest VIT RES Life% Elite% Armor Hatred
Legs STR VIT RES LpS Armor Any
Boots VIT RES MS% STR Armor Any
Belt VIT RES Life% STR Armor Any
Neck VIT CDR LpH Life% Any CHC
Main VIT CDR LpH RCR Any Any
Shield VIT CDR Block Life% RCR CHC

Support rerolls aren’t as strict as DPS classes, but here’s a good idea of what you need. This also varies wildly on the needs of your specific group setup and skills.

Solanium on Crusader is usable. If you plan on using it, get Crit (CHC) wherever you can.

You’ll have STR here and there on your gear, which is okay. STR = ARMOR for us, and you need at least SOME of it… It’s not the best stat, but it’s gonna be hard to get rid of ALL of it.

ZDPS Support Crusader Buffs, Debuffs & Notable Effects

Here’s a list of desirable effects for support Crusaders

NameNoteEffectEff 2Notes
ConsecreationBathed in the LightHealLpSStacking ground based healing
Laws of ValorBaseASPD-More ASPD on activate
Laws of JusticeBaseALLRES-more ALLRES on activate
Laws of JusticeImmovable ObjectALLRESArmormassive NUMERIC armor bonus.
Laws of JusticeDecaying StrengthALLRESWeakenStacking weaken on getting hit
Laws of JusticeBraveryALLRESNoCC
Laws of JusticeProtect the InnocentALLRESDReduc
Laws of HopeBaseLpS-Shields on activate
Laws of HopeWings of AngelsLpSMSIllusory buff
Laws of HopeEternal HopeLpSMHP
Laws of HopeHopeful CryLpSRESPhysical Resist only
Laws of HopePromise of FaithLpSRESNon-Physical Resist only
ProvokeToo Scared to RunASDownSlowTaunt for all runes
Shield GlareDivine VerdictVULN-
Shield GlareUncertaintyCharm-
Sweep AttackGathering SweepSuction-
JudgmentMass VerdictSuction-Kinda sucks...
Inviolable Faith1H FlailHeal-The ground effect stacks... great in 4 player.
SalvationShieldHealBlockLife on block?? I guess it's "LpS"
Akarat's AwakeningShieldCDRBlockZodiac for block
Skywarden2H Mace????????Unpredictable.
The Final WitnessShield--Large AoE on Shield Glare
Akkhans 4pcSet BonusCDR-CDR for Akarat's Champion and huge RCR
Roland 2pcSet BonusCDR-Zodiac like effect
Lights 2pcSet BonusCDR-Zodiac like effect
Justice LanternRingToughBlockDamage reduction scaling with block
Hold Your GroundPassiveToughBlockLarge block chance increase
Coven's CriterionShieldToughBlockBlocks a huge portion of incoming damage.
PunishAll RunesBlockBlock chance increase
ProvokeHit Me!BlockBlock chance increase

ZDPS Support Crusader Key Notes

I’ll be adding a little more to this in the future… this section talks about some key build aspects you should be aware about.

Cooldown Reduction!!!! There are many many many ways to get an abusive level of CDR with Crusaders. Roland 2? Roland 6? Akkhan’s 4? Seeker 2? Add Zodiac in the mix? You get the picture. The point is we wanna spam as many Consecrations as humanly possible.

Very flexible: The laws are actually pretty good! They have a bad reputation for being terrible, but take a look at them! “There’s always the perfect law for your group”. Aside from that, many of the skills are open, and you can have many sub-themes in your build. The only true core combo is Inviolable Faith + Consecration.

Better for 4’s: due to how Inviolable Faith works… You can’t have it all, ey?

ZDPS Support Crusader : Your role in the rift

Healing: One of the most powerful healing effects in the game is the stacking Consecration mechanic via Inviolable Faith. It’s obviously better in 4-man groups. With enough CDR and Zodiac like effects, you can have quite a few of these up…

Packing enemies: While gathering NEW enemies is difficult for the crusader, packing existing enemies tightly comes easy for us. Gathering Sweep is better than it seems – a cone taunt is great for snagging ranged creeps without disrupting the main pile. Condemn-Vacuum is also decent…

Taunts: This is related to the above. Provoke is a stupidly good taunt! You can also use Boyarsky’s Chip 25 and pinpoint taunt guys with a ranged basic attack like Smite or Justice.

Scouting: You can easily make build adjustments that would create a very very high uptime on Steed Charge. It’s one of the best mobility skills in the game.

Law choice and uptime: Keep your chosen law up 100% of the time. It should be easy. Knowing what the best law for your team is part of your responsibility too. Usually the choice is between Attack Speed (does it help DPS reach a new breakpoint?), or Laws of Justice-Immovable Object for some OBSCENE toughness increase.

There are many things to consider… the Laws are pretty varied! If let’s say, CC Immunity is imperative for your Shenlong Monk – go with that!

Support Crusader:
Builds | Rerolls | Effects List | Key Notes | Role

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    • Inviolable Faith can stack at least 4 of the effects, however, after doing research, anything above the initial 4 may not stack. If this is the case, even then, a 4 stack on the healing rune is still very powerful.


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