Hey guys! In this guide, we will be updating with the fastest / best speed farming builds for Necromancer! Currently – it’s Inarius or LoD Grim Scythe variants! Now before you meme me, Inarius Scythe definitely has a place in the conversation. For two main reasons: Accessibility, and Sage usage.

WD Best Speed Builds Template:
Inarius / LoD Grim Scythe

Build – Items, Skills, Cube & Gems

Here’s the build for each variant, one tab each.

Inarius Grim ScytheLoD Grim Scythe
Necro Grim Scythe Speedfarming build (Inarius variant)
Item Build Skills and Rune
Helm Inarius Simulacrum Blood and Bone
Shoulder Inarius Grim Scythe Cursed Scythe
Chest Inarius Blood Rush Potency
Hands Inarius Bone Armor Dislocation
Legs Inarius Frailty Aura of Frailty
Feet Steuarts Greaves (OPEN) Skeletal Mage Singularity
Bracer Nemesis Bracer Passives
Belt Dayntee’s Binding Overwhelming Essence Stand Alone
Amulet Haunted Visions Final Service (Spreading Malediciton) Swift Harvesting
Ring Unity (Open) Kanai’s Cube
Ring Krysbin’s Sentence Reilena’s Shadowhook (Nayr’s Black Death)
Weapon Trag’Oul’s Corroded Fang Depth Diggers
Off-hand Leger’s Disdain Ring of Royal Grandeur
Legendary Gems
Simplicity’s Strength
Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Powerful (OPEN)


Necro Grim Scythe Speedfarming build (Legacy of Dreams variant)
Item Build Skills and Rune
Helm Andarials Visage (Open) Simulacrum Blood and Bone
Shoulder Razeth’s Volition (Open) Grim Scythe Cursed Scythe
Chest Aquila Cuirass Blood Rush Potency
Hands Stone Gauntlets Bone Armor Dislocation
Legs Depth Diggers Frailty Aura of Frailty
Feet Ice Climbers (Open) Skeletal Mage (Open) Contamination
Bracer Nemesis Bracer Passives
Belt Dayntee’s Binding Overwhelming Essence (Open) Stand Alone
Amulet Haunted Visions Final Service (Spreading Malediciton) Swift Harvesting
Ring Unity (Open) Kanai’s Cube
Ring Krysbin’s Sentence Reilena’s Shadowhook (Nayr’s Black Death)
Weapon Trag’Oul’s Corroded Fang Steuart’s Greaves
Off-hand Leger’s Disdain Lornelle’s Sunstone (Any)
Legendary Gems
Simplicity’s Strength
Legacy of Dreams
Bane of the Trapped (OPEN)


Again, most notes apply to both builds for the most part from here on out. The Inarius variant, while ultimately will be weaker than a fully decked out LoD variant, Inarius will never be invalidated since you can use Sage 3pc with it. Not to mention, it’s a legit evolution and build to get WHILE you’re trying to farm for an (admittedly difficult to get Legacy of Dreams build).

I can’t personally feel good placing an LoD speedfarming build as the “only viable” option. It sounds kind of silly given the amount of farming you need to do to “GET THERE”.

Once you DO get an LoD scythe build, please reroll it for tryharding, and “adjust it downwards” for speedfarming. Do not ruin your LoD Ancients for speeds. 

Build – Rerolls and Stat Priority

Basic reroll priority for each piece of gear. More on this in the reroll notes section

Necro Grim Scythe Speedfarming rerolls (BOTH LoD and Inarius variants)
Weapon High DMG INT DMG% VIT AD% Any
Offhand High DMG INT CHC VIT Scythe% Any
Head INT VIT CHC Life% Armor LpH
Shoulders INT VIT Armor Life% AD% Any
Chest INT VIT Armor Life% Elite% Any
Legs INT VIT Scythe% Life% Armor Any
Boots INT VIT Armor MS% Any
Bracer Poison% INT CHC VIT Armor LpH
Belt INT VIT Scythe% Life% Armor Any
Amulet Poison% CHC CHD INT Any

Nothing really special here, except that if it’s your first “primary skill” build, basic attack skills% appears on Belt and Legs.

Build General Notes & Options

I’ll be adding more of these notes and evolutions soon
I just want to finish the first pass for all classes first. – BRGMahiko

The Grim Scythe farming build is amazing given how brainless it is to play. It’s only a few buttons and much less tedious than the previous Skeletal Mage builds. Ultimately it DOES have downsides, though, such as not being able to “clear everything”.

On that note, you really have to focus on either massive clumps or elites. Unlike some builds which obliterate everything on the map, this one isn’t like that. Don’t kill every straggler.

The upside? This build has extreme firepower, so you can “downgrade” your build to add in more utility, speed, or greed such as Sage or Hoarder.

Equipment Notes

Honestly, the only pieces you NEED for the build to work are Haunted Visions + Leger’s Disdain. That’s actually the core of the build. Everything else is technically optional.

But given that, there aren’t many other flex picks here – given the nature of the build. There’s not many other items you can even add to increase your “utility”. If you have Steuart’s Greaves, you’ve essentially maxed out on “practical” speed items.

For the LoD setup, the Stone Gauntlets + Ice Climbers combo is optional, but what will you take in its place?

Most of the other items are purely for power or defense (Corroded Fang, Depth Diggers, Unity, Dayntees). So the first options come to mind are if you need to increase/decrease your offense and defense. You can sacrifice Offense for more defense or utility, or vice versa.

Cube Notes

Depth Diggers is the only one that’s SET IN STONE, and even then you can afford to drop this (for Steuarts Greaves) in some build combinations as you might not even need the 100% increase if you’re powerful enough.

Reilena’s Shadowhook is only used purely for the speed since it requires no mental input or buttons. Nayr’s Black Death is used for more tryhard setups.

Ring of Royal Grandeur is simply to add another utility armor piece to our build, in this case it’s Steuart’s Greaves. This can be anything, if you’re willing to drop the speed from the greaves.

Skill Notes

Skeletal Mage – Singularity is only used for Leger’s Disdain – but this works on your Simulacrums even with full essence! DO NOT USE IT IF YOU’RE ON THE SHADOWHOOK SETUP. 

All of the skills are “needed” for the build to function well in terms of speedfarming.  Another option is using a non-aura version of a curse… but why? In terms of speed the skills seem to be set in stone.

You can use the speed rune on Bone Armor, but I prefer the stun for Krysbins and stopping elites cold for me to kill ’em.

Passive Notes

None of the passives are “NEEDED” for the build to function. Swift Harvesting is purely for massive DPS and a faster “first attack” since most things die in one hit anyway. Stand Alone for a good defense increase. Final Service to prevent random deaths and save time / gem upgrades.

Overwhelming Essence is ONLY USED WITH THE SHADOWHOOK SETUP. This becomes anything else if you drop Shadowhook.

The only other passive I’d consider is Spreading Malediction – but it only shines in massive AoE scenarios which… aren’t really your problem…

Legendary Gem Notes

Simplicity’s Strength > Bane of the Trapped are your two best gems. SS is godlike and you’d never remove it. Trapped “triggers itself”, since you’re in Scythe range anyway.

The third gem is super open. Bane of the Powerful is typically used for DPS, and Esoteric or Moratorium for defense. Feel free to even ditch Trapped as you might need the damage from it. But yeah, what do you replace? What gems could actually give you a significant speed or utility increase?

In the case of LoD setups, of course Legacy of Dreams is mandatory, followed by Simplicity’s. Trapped becomes the “open” gem as it’s the worst of the pile here.

Stats and Reroll Notes

Nothing special here, just get a good balance of the correct offensive and defensive rolls.

Do not use the table above as a tryhard reroll guide. Every person has a different definition of tryhard, and what rolls you need / can support. Do not attempt to remove mainstat (VIT INT) rolls without high para and augments.  I won’t be covering this in this guide…

Sage? Deaths Breath Farming Build?

It fits easily! You’d have to ditch the Steuarts Greaves (equipped) so your RoRG can be used up for one Sage piece, and use the Sage belt in place of Dayntees. All in all you lose a speed from Steuarts, and defense from Dayntees Binding. Not bad eh?

Overall, not bad. Usually when builds do not need to sacrifice DPS for Sage, it’s a good fit!

Avarice / Hoarder? Gold Farming Build?

Avarice + Boon of the Hoarder is what consitutes a “gold farming build”, and it’s quite easy to fit in here. You have to give up either Unity (defense), Krysbins (offense), or RoRG for Steuarts Greaves (speed). Take your pick to remove, depending on how powerful you are.

Goldwrap? It replaces Dayntee’s Binding (which is also defensive), so it can logically be added without stress. But do you need it?

Summary & Outro

For better or worse, Skeletal Mages are finally out of the Necro Speedfarming picture. I’m considering adding the Masquerades Bone Spear build but it’s only good specifically in nephs… But yeah, for the most part, if you’re speedfarming with Necro, Grim Scythe is where you wanna be.

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  1. Inarius Build:
    I use Decrepify->Borrowed Time, Bone Armor up each elite even on trash.
    I try In geom, but loose too much dommage.
    BRIGGS’ WRATH is so fun! thx for it 😉 and that’s why i need more bone armor damage!


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