Hello and welcome to our Crusader Speed farming guide! This guide tells you the very basics of speedfarming with a Crusader, build changes and item setups to make it possible!

Why not discuss the best build? Well, it doesn’t just appear out of nowhere doesn’t it? And is every build suited for all speed farming types? No! This guide covers tips to convert any build of yours to be as speedfarm capable as possible, to raise your efficiency at any point in the game. The “best” speed farm build for Crusader is in a separate guide.

Please see: D3 General Speedfarming | Crusader Fastest Speedfarm Build.

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D3 Speedfarming for any class

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Crusader Speedfarming Skills

Steed Charge and its various runes are undoubtedly the core of any Crusader speed farming build, usually you’ll be choosing between:

Falling Sword is a far second in Mobility. It does have the advantage of traversing unpassable terrain and height differences. While this may be a hassle to put in some builds – this should be kept in mind. Rapid Descent rune is best for moving around.

Bombardment (varied rune) + Belt of the Trove: a “passive DPS aura” that can wipe out an entire screen every 6 seconds. (Optionally with Mortal Drama).

Phalanx-Bowmen (with Eternal Union or Warhelm of Kassar) Speaking of “DPS auras”, while the investment is a skill slot and item slot, it’s worth considering if you can replace something in your build for this – it has 100% uptime with either item combo. Unrelenting Phalanx doubles the effect.

Iron Skin-Flash – While 60% MS is pretty huge I’d be pretty hard pressed to find a build that can utilize this outside of possibly Roland’s Legacy.

Crusader Speedfarming Passives

Lord Commander: Reduces the cooldown of Steed Charge, and other skills your build may or may not include.

Fervor: For the same reason of reducing Steed Charge (and any other DPS skills you might have) a side from being a generic DPS skill, if your build allows it.

No other passives are directly related to speedfarming – you should, of course, choose the best DPS passives for your build after these. This is a little challenging for Crusader, but there are some generic choices:

Holy CauseIs a straight 10% damage up, even if you never make use of the healing half. Any build can utilize this passive for a DPS boost EVEN THORNS.

Finery: Which is already in most Crusader builds, is another brainless DPS increase.

Insurmountable: for a large boost in resource generation, if your build requires it.

Other passives would likely fall under “Build Specific”, “Defense” or “Utility”.


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Crusader Speedfarming Items

Norvald’s Set (Flail of the Charge, Shield of the Steed): Is the cheesiest speedfarmy item swap you can muster up with Crusaders. Near 100% uptime,

Swiftmount: doubles pony time. Usually, this is pretty greedy if paired up with Norvald’s (it isn’t really needed…) You’re better off only using one of the two.

In-geom for Crusaders? Is actually pretty good. Fervor + Lord Commander + In-geom gives near 100% uptime on Steed Charge! Other special applications would probably only be:

(***Given the information above, there are many ways to practically get Steed Charge to near infinite usage. The best setup is determined by whatever your build can best fit, your greed levels, and the type of content you want to speedfarm***)

Items which support “speedfarmy skills”


Crusader Speedfarming Builds for each Set

So here I’ll list down a quick build for each set. These are by no means comprehensive – again, given how difficult it is to recommend speedfarmy setups with Crusader.

TBA – Still adding this! Waiting for S6 to settle a little

Armor of Akkhan


Learn more about: Armor of Akkhan.

Roland's Legacy


Steed Charge-Endurance since you won’t do any meaningful damage with it.

Learn more about: Roland’s Legacy.

Seeker of the Light


Steed Charge-Endurance since you won’t do any meaningful damage with it.

Learn more about: Seeker of the Light.

Thorns of the Invoker


Steed Charge-Spiked Barding can kill most chumpy creatures you walk by. You might as well, right? It’s hard to justify Endurance in this case…

Learn more about: Thorns of the Invoker.

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

In a nutshell, it’s very hard to say “Hey, this is the build you should go for” with Crusaders. Molding your best set to your current needs should be

Crusader Speed farming: Navigation
Skills | Passives | Items | Set Builds

Crusader Fastest Speedfarm Build: Will be our seasonally updated speed farming setup for Crusaders (“best” general purpose speed build, with tweaks for content type). So if you have a lot of the key Crusader Items or are gunning to make a speed specific build –

GL farmin’ it up with your Crusader!

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