Hello! Here we talk about Crusader set: Seeker of the Light builds. Let’s start it off by posting the “standard” build of the set.

I’ll put up both the basic build along with reroll table first for easy reference

Seeker of the Light Build (STANDARD)
Slot Item Skill Rune
Head Crown of the Light Blessed Hammer Limitless
Shoulder Mountain of the Light Laws of Valor Frozen in Terror
Chest Heart of the Light Provoke Too Scared (Cleanse)
Hand Will of the Light Iron Skin Steel Skin
Legs Towers of the Light Falling Sword Rapid Descent
Boot Foundation of the Light Akarat’s Champion Prophet
Belt Sacred Harness Passives
Wrist Gabriel’s Vambraces Fervor Holy Cause
Neck Traveler’s Pledge Finery Indestructible
Ring Compass Rose Kanai’s Cube
Ring Convention of Elements Faithful Memory
Weapon Johanna’s Argument Hammer Jammers
Off Guard of Johanna Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
Legendary Gems
Gogok of Swiftness
Bane of the Stricken
Bane of the Trapped
Help! I can't use those skills because they're from the same category! (On Elective Mode)

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction. You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mousewheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.

Seeker of the Light Rerolls & Stat Priority
Head STR VIT CHC Hammer% Any
Shoulder STR VIT CDR RES Any
Chest STR VIT RES Life% Elite% Any
Boots STR VIT Hammer% RES MS% Any
Belt STR VIT RES Life% Any
Wrist STR VIT Holy% CHC LpH Any
Off STR CHC Hammer% CDR Socket VIT Any

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Seeker of the Light build notes, questions, options

This isn’t a very flexible build – there are only a few choices for adapting to your needs…


The only true core skills are Blessed Hammer, Provoke and Falling Sword. Akarat’s Champion is too strong to pass up, so we add that, too, leaving us with 2 “open” slots.

Laws of Valor-Frozen in Terror – is my choice for one. The active stun makes it a great way to trigger Hammer Jammers without having to Falling Sword again.

Iron Skin-Steel Skin is a basic defensive boost. There aren’t many effects as powerful as this one for the last skill slot.

Anything else?

By all means experiment with other laws, especially for group play. Judgment-Resolved is also great for the group CHC buff. It’s hard to recommend any other skill aside from the 6 base ones listed in the table.


Fervor and Finery are absolutely set in stone, there’s no negotiating those two. After this pair, there are a couple viable ones…

  • Holy Cause is an offensive buff with a slight nod to self-healing. Great!
  • Indestructible becomes nearly mandatory for more reliable clears.
  • Blunt is a purely offensive choice.
  • Vigilant isn’t bad for reliable clears in a non-pushing scenario…
  • Long Arm of the Law can be great, especially in group play (but becomes un-needed if you hit certain levels of CDR and/or ASPD).

I’d strain to think of practical uses with any other passive.


Tryharding Gems:
Bane of the Trapped | Gogok Of Swiftness | Bane of the Stricken

Speed / Reliable Clears:
Bane of the Trapped | Gogok Of Swiftness | (OPEN)

Trapped & Gogok are the only common gems between casual and tryhard play – keep in mind that Gogok loses all offensive growth past level 25!

Other gems? Powerful isn’t bad to own, as well as Esoteric Alteration.

Replacing Gogok of Swiftness? Ah this is a bit of an advanced topic. You can technically replace Gogok if you have an extra 2 ASPD and 2 CDR rolls. Is it worth it? The only high-end gem you can have in its place is Powerful… Also, let’s say you do have those extra rolls… is ditching Gogok even worth it?? It simply gives MORE ASPD and more CDR!

In the end, replacing Gogok is all up to you calculating your ASPD thresholds. It’s something I think only high paragon players can think about given the amount of main stat or vit you’ll have to ditch to even THINK of replacing Gogok.

Item changes: Rings

Compass Rose, CoE and Zodiac are set in stone. The only other ring I would keep for the sake of “adding defense for brainless clears” is Unity

Equipping Zodiac in place of CoE – Ancient CoE is damn hard to roll at times, in which case the first ring I augmented when I played this set was Zodiac – it actually isn’t that bad. It comes with ASPD and CDR so it’s not a bad ring to have equipped, while cubing CoE.

You can possibly push Justice Lantern higher than Unity with very specific rolls and a passive change to Hold Your Ground.

Seeker of the Light Rerolls & Stat Priority

Putting these in clicky boxes due to the chunky nature… Light set is very hard to give a blanket recommendation to…


Remember that this is for standard to high-end use – THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST RIFT CLEARS will look a bit different. (Example being, CDR, ASPD or AD in place of Strength in certain slots like rings)

Defensive stats: while these rerolls will give you a good balanced pile of toughness, the EXACT ROLLS YOU NEED will depend on the entirety of your set and is best manually calculated.

Multiplayer? Changes a lot. If you’re into multiplayer, you can warp your build in many ways. Lesser defense… lesser sustainability… MORE AREA DAMAGE!

Seeker of the Light & Stat Priority
Seeker of the Light Rerolls & Stat Priority
Head STR VIT CHC Hammer% Any
Shoulder STR VIT CDR RES Any
Chest STR VIT RES Life% Elite% Any
Boots STR VIT Hammer% RES MS% Any
Belt STR VIT RES Life% Any
Wrist STR VIT Holy% CHC LpH Any
Off STR CHC Hammer% CDR Socket VIT Any
How much CDR?

There’s no hard number for this, so let me begin by stating your “realistic CDR goals”.

  • A) 100% uptime on Akarat’s Champion while fighting.
  • B) 100% uptime on AC and Iron Skin while fighting.
  • C) 100% uptime on AC, Iron Skin and Laws while fighting.
  • In all scenarios, your Provoke shouldn’t be stressed (no Wrath = no dps = bad).

Knowing that, here then are the sources of CDR from listen from “easiest to worst”.

The further you get down that list, the more of the CDR scenarios you’ll be able to fulfill. For example, scenario C is only important if activating the Law brings you to the next ASPD threshold.

Self-healing, Life per Wrath Spent or Life on Hit?

Life per Wrath Spent is better in single target, or low density encounters. Life per Hit is better in massive piles.

Ultimately, if you’re in the market to roll self-healing into your weapon/shield… I’d go with Life per Wrath Spent as it’s very consistent, and has a noticeable effect in both scenarios.

How much ASPD?

BE CAREFUL WITH ASPD THRESHOLDS!!!!! Every skill in the game has certain breakpoints. ASPD rolls that DO NOT get you to the next breakpoint is useless.

Do you run with a Monk with ASPD aura? How often is your Laws of Valor active? It’s questions like these that you need to consider when attempting to reach the next ASPD breakpoint. So it’s very very hard to recommend a number that’s good for everyone… HOWEVER —-

JOHANNA’S ARGUMENT DOUBLES THE EFFECT OF ASPD ROLLS – because you attack twice as fast with this on, it essentially gives double the effect for ASPD – which makes it an extremely powerful stat for this build.

Keep these two points in mind: Breakpoints, and Johanna’s Argument doubling ASPD.

Rerolling Johanna's Argument

Oh boy… rerolling weapons sure is a popular subject…

A good Damage Range is always a big plus. There’s simply no replacing this. While I can’t recommend one roll to fit everyone, here’s a few examples of flails I’d be happy with…

STR should always be present on these…

Johanna’s Argument
Safe start VIT LpWS CDR
Balanced Damage% LpWS CDR
Damage! Damage% ASPD AD

If you’re unfamiliar with ASPD thresholds, 10% DAMAGE is a huge buff and will be good even if your ASPD fluctuates!

Rerolling Guard of Johanna

Ah, the shield has a TON of great stats you can go after! Luckily they’re all good it’s just a choice of what you want… Here’s a list of the good stats you can get off the shield:

STR | VIT | Hammer% | CHC | CDR | Socket | LpWS

If I were to choose what I would get for a great endgame Johanna’s Guard – it’s probably gonna be STR > CHC > Hammer% > CDR OR LpWS.

While I can barely say that any of these set guides are 100% comprehensive, hopefully they help you set you on the right path for Seeker of the Light builds for endgame.

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