Hey guys! In this guide, we will be updating with the fastest general purpose speed farming builds for Demon Hunter! Currently – it’s Unhallowed Essence Multishot!

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Fastest Demon Hunter Speedfarming Builds

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DH Speed Farming Build : Unhallowed Essence Multishot
Items   Skills & Rune
Helm Accursed Visage Evasive Fire Focus
Shoulder Unsanctified Shoulders Multishot Arsenal
Chest Cage of the Hellborn Vault Tumble
Hands Fiendish Grips Preparation Invigoration
Legs Unholy Plates Companion (Any) Wolf
Feet Hell Walkers Vengeance Seethe
Amulet Any Passives
Bracer Nemesis Bracer Tactical Advantage Ballistics
Ring Focus Blood Vengeance Thrill of the Hunt
Ring Restraint Kanai’s Cube
Belt Goldwrap Dawn
Weapon Yang’s Recurve Gloves of Worship (Any)
Off-hand Dead Man’s Legacy Avarice Band
Legendary Gems
Boon of the Hoarder (Open)
Bane of the Trapped
Zei’s Stone of Vengeance


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Demon Hunter Multishot Speedfarming Rerolls and Stat Priority

Demon Hunter Speed Farming Build: UE6 Multishot Rerolls & Stat Priority
Head DEX VIT CHC Multi% Any
Shoulder DEX CDR VIT RES AD Life%
Chest DEX Max Disc VIT RES Life% Any
Boots DEX VIT Multi% RES MS% Any
Belt DEX VIT RES LIfe% Any
Off DEX Max Disc CHC CDR VIT Any



Demon Hunter Multishot Speed Farming : Notes & FAQ

Amulet? Can literally be anything. Just use your best or most generic amulet (it’s where I usually put my Boon of the Hoarder). +DEX +CHC +CHD makes for a good “all purpose” housing for your Hoarder gem if you plan on speedfarming with other sets. In this case, stats beat out legendary effects as you don’t really need any specific amulet.

Bracer? Nemesis is suggested above but for the most part you’ll be using your most powerful +Fire% +Crit bracer is best, which is usually a Wraps of Clarity. However, Nemesis does have an impact in speed so you might wanna roll a decent one. Custerian Wristguards for lower paragon play… (Warzechian Armguards… many options, really).

Kanai’s Body? Gloves of Worship is recommended for longer speedfarming sessions. This slot is pretty loose – Cindercoat, Magefist, Nemesis, Warzechian… anything really.

Skill? Companion-Wolf is technically an OPEN slot since you’re never going to really need it. It’s the loosest skill slot, but there really isn’t anything else is there?

Speedfarm Rerolls?

Specifically for UE: Make sure Body, Weapon and Quiver have at least +9 Max Discipline in the secondary stats. Luckily, you can ignore some defensive rolls to get this when making a set purely for speedfarming.

Don’t worry too much about “speedfarm specific rerolls”. However, you can make a try-hard speed build, and it’s quite easy – why? Because defensive rolls don’t matter. It’s a huge load off your mind when you can ignore some stats purely in the search for a decent speedfarming set, for example:

Your ancient Unhallowed Essence chest armor rolled with DEX, Life Regen and Armor – and NO DISCIPLINE in the secondary. This is an auto salvage in most cases. But for building up a speed build? It’s irrelevant! Simply get +Max Discipline in the secondary – and not caring about the sub-optimal Life Regen or Armor – since toughness is taken care of by the “Holy Trinity”!

You can also fit some absolutely greedy re-rolls here such as:

  • Crit AND Skill% in Helmet
  • DEX > CDR > Area Damage Shoulders
  • DEX > CHC > CHD > Area Damage or CDR Gloves

Bounties? Build Changes?

Bounties require much more mobility than usual, so if you find the speed of this set “lacking” (Lol, really…) then you can make some slight adjustments.

Danetta’s Hatred set (2x Hand Crossbows) and using Cindercoat + Vault-Trail of Cinders allows for near infinite Vaults. This is a bit of a hassle, and while not needed, it seems to be the ultimate change for mobility this build can fit in.

You don’t have to fully incorporate this into your set, just stash it or carry it around, then equip them if you’re doing bounties! It does affect your killing power quite a bit, though.

I need more power!

So your gear isn’t quite up to that point wherein you can sacrifice too much killing power? Here are some changes you can make to help out in that regard (Top being the best change, bottom being the worst change).

  1. Hot Pursuit -> Any DPS passive, or Thrill of the Hunt (if also using TRAPPED)
  2. Wreath of Lightning -> any DPS gem you use (Trapped, Powerful, etc)
  3. Gloves of Worship (Kanai’s) -> Cindercoat, Any…

Of course, finding ancient items and even using the minimum Caldessan’s for your speed set is legit. It helps with clearing speed immensely (allowing greedier builds).

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We suggest you read these resources on speedfarming:
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Well, I hope you enjoy speedfarming with THE FASTEST DH build out there! “Multishot range OP”!

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  1. What’s the plan behind cubing the gloves of worship? They don’t work in rifts, do they? Am I supposed to farm for shrines in bounties once every 10 minutes?

    • Hmm? They work perfectly fine in nonGR’s. (Nephalem Rifts). They’re best used when you are farming normal rifts for a long stretch of time. They’re ok in bounties, too.

  2. Hi, it says for legendary gems to use bane of the trapped with the build. There are no skills that use a slow though so wouldn’t bane of the powerful be better than bane of the trapped?


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