Hey guys! In this guide, we will be updating with the fastest / best speed farming builds for Demon Hunter! Currently – it’s Dreadlands Strafe HA! This guide is meant for multiple builds, so other builds (like good ol UE) will be in Page 2+.

Best Demon Hunter Speedfarming Builds:
P1: Dreadlands Strafe HA | P2: Unhallowed Essence Multishot 

DH Best Speed Builds Template:
Dreadlands 6 Strafe Hungering Arrow

Build – Items, Skills, Cube & Gems

Yangs Recurve in this build IS NOT A TYPO. Read on.

DH Gears of Dreadlands Speedfarming Build Strafe / Hungering Arrow
Item Build Skills and Rune
Helm Dreadlands Hungering Arrow Devouring Arrow
Shoulder Dreadlands Strafe Drifting Shadow
Chest Dreadlands Vengeance Dark Heart
Hands Dreadlands Shadow Power (Smoke Screen) Gloom (Displacement)
Legs Dreadlands (Open) Companion Boar
Feet Dreadlands (Open) Fan of Knives Bladed Armor
Bracer Nemesis Bracer (Wraps of Clarity) Passives
Belt Hunter’s Wrath (Open) Numbing Traps (Open) Leech
Amulet Flavor of Time (Squirt, any) Hot Pursuit (Tactical Advantage) Ambush
Ring Focus Kanai’s Cube
Ring Restraint Dawn (Ninth Cirri Satchel)
Weapon Yang’s Recurve (Fortress Ballista) Depth Diggers
Off-hand The Ninth Cirri Satchel (Dawn) Elusive Ring (Unity)
Legendary Gems
Simplicity’s Strength
(OPEN) Boon of the Hoarder / Powerful / Trapped / Stricken

Yangs Recurve in this build IS NOT A TYPO. Read on.

Build – Rerolls and Stat Priority

By some combination you MUST REACH 100% Uptime on Vengeance.
That’s 3x 8% rolls aside from Flawless Royal Diamond on Helm and Paragon.
Get CDR on Shoulders, Rings, Gloves (replace CHD) > Quiver > Amulet > Weapon

DH Gears of Dreadlands Speedfarming Build Strafe / Hungering Arrow
Shoulders DEX VIT RES CDR Life% Any
Chest DEX VIT RES Life% Elite%
Boots DEX VIT RES Armor MS% Any
Bracer Cold% DEX VIT CHC RES Any
Belt DEX VIT RES HA% Life% Any
Amulet Cold% CHC CHD CDR DEX Any

Keep in mind the above build and rerolls (best used as a template) are for a “standard balanced” speedfarming setup without taking it to the “extreme”.

Don’t go OVER OR UNDER around 36% Sheet CDR. That’s ROUGHLY 3x 8% Rerolls!

Build General Notes & Options

I’ll be adding more of these notes and evolutions soon – I just want to finish the first pass for all classes first. – BRGMahiko

Good ‘ol UE was finally dethroned. The main reason to use this build? Dreadlands moves FAST. If you’re an old time DH you probably know the pros and cons of each build. Notably, Dreadlands uses a little more buttons and brainpower. Here, we talk about the loose options and notes that PRIMARILY FOCUS ON SPEED BUILDS.

Equipment Notes

While the build has many semi-required pieces, there are many CONFIGURATIONS. For the most part I would say the above build (the primary selections) are pretty much LOCKED IN PLACE for SPEEDRUNS.

Yangs Recurve for the speed farming variant of this build is nearly mandatory to prevent Hatred loss during low density areas in Nephs and for spamming your discipline skills for mobility (Thru Smoke Screen Displacement or Tactical Advantage). If you can live without Yangs, great! Replace it with Fortress Ballista or the underrated CALAMITY.

Technically you can use up a bunch of skills and passives to help you manage your Hatred and Discipline in place of Yangs. I have tried many many configurations that work. However, just putting in Yangs is a simple brainless way to own – if you want to use your “primary tryhard weapons”, you’re gonna need to add resource management to your build.

Finally, if you can support Squirts or not (or even need it) is another main options.

This build is annoyingly flexible, and I cannot possibly talk about all the options
Hopefully along the way, you’ll learn the ins and outs.
But this is a great “template” to start off with. 

Cube Notes

Depth Diggers is the only locked in slot. Dawn can we worn or cubed, but if you’re using Yangs I prefer dawn in cube since every % missing is a huge loss in “CDR”.

Accessory? Elusive Ring works great with our build, but you can swap it out for Unity if you wanna press one less button.

Skill Notes

Well, there’s a megaton of options here as you only need 4 skills. Hungering Arrow, Strafe, Vengeance, and to a lesser extent, Shadow Power or Smoke Screen are MANDATORY.

That leaves us 2 open skills. Typically you don’t want to press more buttons so you add Companion – Boar and Fan of Knives Bladed – Armor to shore up toughness.

Other options? Since you’re a channeling build most of the time for speed runs, this kind of limits your options. I personally found great success with using BOTH SHADOW POWER AND SMOKE SCREEN – DISPLACEMENT (Dropping FoK – BA). I use Shadow Power for toughness, and Displacement for a speed boost.

Passive Notes

Ehhh, none of the passives are truly mandatory but the “speediest” ones are Ambush and Hot Pursuit / Tactical Advantage. I put Leech and Numbing Traps to help survivability, but Awareness is OK too. These six passives are probably the best options for any configuration of the speed variant of this build – I would be hard pressed to consider any others.

I typically only use Hot Pursuit OR Tactical Advantage but you can definitely use both.

You don’t need Blood Vengeance if you’re on Yangs. And that goes for other resource management passives like Night Stalker too.

Legendary Gem Notes

Taeguk and Simplicity’s Strength are LOCKED IN. No other two gems help you as much as these two. Their role in this Strafe HA build is simply staggering.

Your third gem is quite open, depending on the content you’re going for…

  • Powerful? Great for nephs and GR’s where you don’t need Stricken. You’ll use it often.
  • Stricken to speed up RG’s on higher level GR’s.
  • Defense? Esoteric Alteration or Moratorium if you need that CONSISTENCY.
  • Hoarder? In tandem with Avarice, great for gold farming.

Typically you’ll be using Tageuk, Simplicity’s Strength and Powerful for a great chunk of your farming endeavors.

Stats and Reroll Notes

For the vast majority of players, just get the “correct stats” + 36% CDR and you’re GOOD. Feel free to fine tune your build to speedfarm 16 / Getting L100 gems. And as I mentioned with the legendary gems, If you need toughness, don’t be ashamed to slot it in if it helps you farm consistenly. (Just don’t ruin ancient augmentable gear with unnecessary rolls).

If you’re the tryhard type then you already know the drill. You know what you can and cannot lose and mainstats you can ditch on gear w/ high paragon – I won’t be covering this in this guide…

And for the love of god, do not reroll out Yang’s Recurves RCR stat of FIFTY+.

Sage? Deaths Breath Farming Build?

You cannot easily modify this to tack Sage onto the build. If you do, you will lose Depth Diggers and a cubed ring. (Adding Hunter’s Wrath to the cube) while wearing the Sage Belt and another piece.

You lose a 100% Damage modifier and a little toughness. Can be OK for Torment XIV for most people, I suppose… but just using the normal build and smashing XVI seems better. If you’re really strong, go for Sage on 16.

You can also ditch Focus and Restraint, if you can afford to lose more power but not lose more toughness.

Avarice / Hoarder? Gold Farming Build?

You’re gonna need to drop your cubed ring (losing toughness), to use Avarice Band, and luckily since your third gem for speedfarming is pretty irrelevant (Bane of the Powerful), you can easily slot in Boon of the Hoarder in its place.

You can also ditch Focus and Restraint, if you can afford to lose more power but not lose more toughness.

Summary & Outro

Well, DH’s finally get another speed farming build and boy is it something else. Personally It’s very hard to say that this is straight up BETTER than UE, but it definitely is stronger, and covers ground faster – at the expense of being a little more difficult to play. It’s also very flexible, so you can easily tune it to your liking!

Best Demon Hunter Speedfarming Builds:
P1: Dreadlands Strafe HA | P2: Unhallowed Essence Multishot 

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  1. Hi, it says for legendary gems to use bane of the trapped with the build. There are no skills that use a slow though so wouldn’t bane of the powerful be better than bane of the trapped?

  2. What’s the plan behind cubing the gloves of worship? They don’t work in rifts, do they? Am I supposed to farm for shrines in bounties once every 10 minutes?

    • Hmm? They work perfectly fine in nonGR’s. (Nephalem Rifts). They’re best used when you are farming normal rifts for a long stretch of time. They’re ok in bounties, too.


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