Bless Online: Taming Guide | How to, Unlock, FAQ (2018)

The true endgame - All about how to, and Taming in Bless Online! I'll refrain from making any Pokemon jokes. Bless Online Taming: Basic FAQ "HOW TO TAME IN BLESS ONLINE!?!?!" -...

Bless Online | Mage Guide & FAQ (2018)

Become an "avatar" of the elements! Mage is a playable class in Bless Online. Mages deal with the many flavors of spell-based ranged DPS (did you expect a tank...

Bless Online | Berserker Guide & FAQ (2018)

Berserker is a playable class in Bless Online. Berserkers are heavy melee warriors that thrive on being in active combat, and have a possible tanking route as well. We...

Bless Online | Paladin Guide & FAQ (2018)

Hail, Paladin! Paladin is a playable class in Bless Online. Paladins are known primarily for healing, but are capable off-tanks as well. When DPSing, Paladins take a more supportive...

Bless Online | Guardian Guide & FAQ (2018)

Guardian, Shields up!!! Guardian is a playable class in Bless Online. Guardians are known for (surprise, surprise!) TANKING. They do make unique damage dealers and bruisers, too. We will be...

Bless Online | Ranger Guide & FAQ (2018)

"I've got the beast in my sight". Ranger is a playable class in Bless Online. Rangers are known for ranged damage dealing, to no one's shock. We will be updating...

Bless Online | Classes and System Guide – “What should I play?”

Hello! If you have any questions about Classes and the Class System in Bless Online - you’ve come to the right place! It goes without saying we will refine...
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