Bless Online | Classes and System Guide – “What should I play?”


Hello! If you have any questions about Classes and the Class System in Bless Online – you’ve come to the right place! It goes without saying we will refine this as time goes on!

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Bless Online Class System Basic FAQ

First off, let’s summarize a bunch of the basic questions that you’re likely here to know about.

What are the Bless Online classes?

Berserker | Guardian | Ranger | Mage | Paladin

The above are for the western launch, with Assassin and Mystic coming soon.

Are classes in Bless Online locked to certain races? Yes. Thankfully, the limitations are few and far between.

Do races have any “stats” or “traits” that benefit classes? No.

What’s Bless Online’s class system like? What makes each class unique? Of course, “what makes a class a class”? We answer this in detail in the third section.

Bless Online Race & Class Compatibility Table

Berserker Guardian Ranger Mage Paladin
Habichts Y Y Y Y Y
Sylvan Elf Y Y Y Y
Lupus Y Y Y
Mascu Y Y Y Y Y
Amistad Y Y Y Y Y
Aqua Elf Y Y Y Y
Pantera Y Y Y


Bless Online Class Identity & Role Summary

If you’ve ever asked “What class should I play in Bless?”, or what each class is “like”, we will try our best to explain them here. Note that each class can “DPS” in a solo perspective.

These will be more fleshed out as we discover more about the game!

Weapon Type Role 1 Role 2
Berserker 2H Weapon Melee DPS Off-tank
Guardian 1H + Shield Main Tank
Ranger Bow Ranged DPS
Mage Staff, Wand Ranged DPS
Paladin 1H Mace + Shield Healer Off-tank


For further insights on the class, check out their respective pages.

Bless Class System: Customization & Features

This section features “what we know so far”.
We don’t know what exactly what’s coming out in the Steam release.
Again, this section more than others will be updated ASAP.

Core Skills
You can choose from one of three “Core Skills” which give you a powerful active and passive skill that somehow “defines” your role. Think of a core skill like a “subclass”.

Stances & Basic Skills
Equipping a stance will grant you a set of “combos” tied to that stance. Think of these are your “basic attack paths”. You can, supposedly, equip two stances, giving you quite a bit of possible combos to choose from.

Class Skills
These are skills that aren’t tied to a stance. Supposedly, you cannot use all at the same time, and you can (or SHOULD) customize your skill loadout depending on content / build / goals.

Passive Skills
As implied, but also chosen from a pool. You can’t use them all so it seems.

Reaction Skills
Skills that mainly deal with mobility or act like a “defensive cooldown”. Like the above, you have to choose from a pool.

Skill Gems
It’s a little unclear whether this is a customization thing or a ranking up thing.

Weapon / Armor Types
It comes to no one’s surprise that certain classes SHOULD use certain weapon and armor types. Other classes even have bonuses the more armor you have of that type.

There’s probably a lot more to this than I can possibly answer right now…

Summary & Closing

  • 5 Classes, with 2 upcoming very soon.
  • Some classes are not available to all races – but “racial stats” don’t exist.
  • Class system offers quite a bit of customization possibility, even if we don’t know all of the systems yet!

Again, I’ll be updating this ASAP as I play. In the meantime have fun over and I hope we helped you out in some way learning about the Classes and Class system of Bless Online.

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