Now that you have a Fresh Level 70 Crusader, you may be asking yourself “What do I do now?”. Look no further. Here we discuss step by step and build by build on your sure ascent to godhood. Let’s get to it! Complete the seasonal journey and get Haedrigs Gifts asap! (Not 70 yet? Check out D3 Crusader Leveling Guide)

In Season 27, the Crusader free set is: Roland’s Legacy.

D3 Season 27 Lights Calling and YOU. How does it affect?

S27’s unique mechanic is the Angelic Crucible. Here’s how it works.

A seasonal random consumable item (Angelic Crucible) has a chance to drop anywhere – kind of like a ramaladni’s gift. You can then use this item on a legendary to give it various boosts.

Here’s what sanctifying an item does to it:
– Can only be used on any legendary item (set or non set).
– Retains all of its old powers (and gains a new sanctified power – more on this later).
– Gets rerolled.
– UPGRADES the stats to primal ancient tier (perfect rolls, ancient level stats)
– Adds a SANCTIFIED POWER to any existing powers it has.

Each class has three possible sanctified powers. For Crusader:
– Blessed Hammer damages 15y in its path, all runes except Dominion travel forward.
– Every 2s, call down a Fist of Heavens. Happens faster for 5s after Steed Charge.
– After Falling Sword, summon 2 Archangels that can cast Condemn and Consecration.

For this guide we have a few couple overarching steps that dictate our plan.
– Gear up our LoD Fist of Heavens for the early~ game.
– Complete the seasonal journey if you like, but the free set is meh.
– Transition into a better Valor set Fist of Heavens build, with Norvalds.

Early game Sader Sanctified powers – a heads up

Every time you get an angelic crucible to sanctify an item, you’re gonna want to use it ASAP to boost your power levels.

What item do I sanctify? If you can, use it on a main-hand weapon. Ideally, in your case, a Darklight or maybe Norvalds Flail. Sanctifying makes into a primal ancient tier weapon.

While the sanctified power you want is Fist of Heavens, Falling Sword or Hammer are OK as temporary power boosts (adjust your build accordingly) – of course how much more powerful you’re going to get from it depends on how far along your build is. So don’t get bummed out if you get the ‘wrong’ enchant early on

Step 1) Initial Build & Getting Legacy of Dreams

Don’t get stressed out, yes, LoD builds might seem a little daunting but let me tell you that it’s a fun and exciting process. Ultimately you need two things right now: The actual LoD gem, and a basic build to get you going.

Generic Starter build (slightly related to our ‘final build’)

Crusader Fresh 70 2H NO SHIELD Build
Skills Rune
Smite Shatter
Fist of the Heavens Fissure
Condemn Any
Steed Charge Endurance
Laws of Valor Unstoppable Force
Falling Sword Rise Brothers
Righteousness Wrathful
Holy Cause (Any) Finery, Long Arm

The above build is meant to be in the middle of two things: Easy to edit – that hopefully game-changing legendaries can fit in no matter what. Related to our ‘final build’ – it’s a rough basic version of our “goal”, so it feels more natural as you transition towards it. Have a look down there for the final build preview to see what we’re going for.

Getting Legacy of Dreams ASAP

The first three gems will always be Bane of the Powerful, Legacy of Dreams, and one random one. So thankfully, there’s no RNG there.

Get 3 rift keys → Run 3 rifts → Wear three gemstones on your gear. That’s about as simple as it gets. DO NOT try to “tryhard” the nephs and GR’s. SPEED is the key here. Get your keys on Easy if you must!

Step 2) Easy power-ups. Huge gains for little effort.

You can go all of these things “simultaneously”, basically small tasks here and there that you should keep in mind right now that will greatly increase your power for little to no effort.

Make a Reaper’s Wraps: Speaking of no effort to big returns… Make this ASAP. Plans drop from any Torment Malthael.

Topaz on helmet: this is one of those resource hungry builds that can benefit from RCR early on. Remove it when you can manage to.

What three Legendary gems?

Your next goal should be getting at least L25 on your three most important gems. Just get rift keys and spam GR’s until you get them, and do the absolute minimum level you need to level them up. Get them and level them quickly – do not feel pressured to “maximize” your rift keys by inflating the difficulty.

Legacy of Dreams is mandatory, as mentioned in the basics segment! Level this up as much as you can.

Esoteric Alteration is needed since the build doesn’t have many early defenses.

Bane of the Powerful is a cheap investment for decent gains.

You can opt for a second early defensive gem like Molten Wildebeests Gizzard, or Moratorium if you’re getting chunked.

Can’t ever go wrong with leveling up a Boon of the Hoarder for speedfarming.

Legendary Items in ALL SLOTS

LoD gets stronger with each legendary item you have equipped – so get to it! You should aim to get this done “passively” by natural item drops, but you can also craft items if you’re desperate.

Spending Blood Shards is “OK”, but only use Death’s Breath to fill up the slots if you’re absolutely desperate. You’ll get an item for each slot in no time (you can even craft them). Save your resources for finding SPECIFIC items that will greatly boost your power. We talk more about this in the next segment, refinement.

Ancients DOUBLE this bonus, and they’re a welcome boost to consider.

Defense Type & Gems

Barbs / Crusaders are STRENGTH classes (they get free Armor from STR). So, in the face of all this free armor, your prime defensive stats are ALL RESISTS > VIT. So try to reroll ALLRES on your gear if you need defense – it’s your best defensive stat by FAR.

So your gemming strategy (body and legs) should be slotting your best Diamonds, as they give ALLRES.

Basic Rerolls

Since legendaries are a little expensive to reroll EARLY ON, try to make the most by REMOVING GARBAGE STATS, and getting anything “remotely usable”.

STR and VIT are your primary stats and are welcome everywhere, also, as mentioned above, ALL RESISTS are also very welcome.

You want self-healing. First of all Crusaders have a special “Life per Wrath Spent” stat which show up on Flails and Crusader Shields. It’s a pretty good source of healing, if you can manage to roll it without too much loss. Life per Hit is godly in the really early game.

Fist of Heavens % is found in Boots and Helm.

The Element%, you want is either Holy or Lightning, found typically in Bracers and Amulet.

Remove useless stats

  • Life Regeneration – garbage for any build.
  • Attack Speed – it usually an endgame tune-up stat.
  • Excess Resource Cost Reduction – Is a crutch, and only niche builds need it.
  • Excess Cooldown Reduction – Only useful for an endgame “need”.
  • Unused skill% – literally USELESS.
  • Armor – Useless for us, take ALLRES instead.

Take better stats

  • STR VIT– can’t go wrong with these. Your core stats!
  • ALLRES/ARMOR Life% Great defensive stats.
  • Sockets are essentially MANDATORY.
  • Life per Hit – Great early game sustainability.
  • CRIT Stats (CHC / CHD) – More for endgame, but I’d take this over garbage stats.
  • Skill and Elemental% – that you use.


Do not forget to fully equip your follower for farming. You can start by crafting Sage or Cain’s NOW and worry about the rest later.

Step 3) Refining, Using Resources -> ‘Full Build’

Here, you can easily see what items you’ll need, and you can get an idea of what we’re trying to do here. You can adjust these builds to use Goldwrap + Boon of the Hoarder if you’re into that.

Again, reminding you, if you haven’t made a Reaper’s Wraps by now make one -this builds needs the Wrath. Same goes for reminding you to socket Topaz on Helm.

Full Build Preview: LoD Fist of Heavens

Remember, almost all of the items are irrelevant except the belt and flail. Every other item is essentially fluff / support / utility.

S27 Fresh 70 Crusader: Early LoD Fist of Heavens Speedfarm
Head Leorics / Prides Fall Skill Rune
Shoulder Any / Skeleton King Punish (Open) Celerity
Chest Any / Cindercoat Fist of the Heavens
Divine Well / Fissure
Stone Gauntlets (need Ice Climbers)
Steed Charge Endurance
Legs Blackthorns Jousting Mail Provoke Hit Me
Boots Ice Climbers Laws of Valor
Unstoppable Force
Belt Khassett’s Cord of Righteousness Akarat’s Champion Prophet
Bracer Reaper’s Wraps Passives
Amulet Hellfire (many viable passives) Finery
Ring Zodiac Fervor
Ring Justice Lantern / Unity Insurmountable (Long Arm of the Law)
Weapon Darklight Hold Your Ground (Open)
Offhand Akarat’s Awakening
Kanai’s Cube Legendary Gems
Messerscmidt’s Reaver / Burst of Wrath Legacy of Dreams
Goldwrap / Archews / Pride’s Fall / Any Esoteric Alteration
Zodiac / Unity / Any Molten Wildebeests Gizzard / Hoarder

You can freely change any of the skills to Falling Sword for that option to jump, potentially saving you time in your travels.

Full Build Preview: Valor Fist of Heavens

You’ll eventually want to transition into this build, as it’s much more powerful, and allows the use of Norvalds set. As for the best rune to use in Fist, I feel Holy is better for speedfarming, and Fissure is better for tryharding.

S27 Fresh 70 Crusader: early game Valor / Fist speedfarm
Head Leoric’s Crown Skill Rune
Shoulder Valor set (Open) Punish Celerity
Chest Valor set Fist of the Heavens
Divine Well / Fissure
Arms Valor set Steed Charge Endurance
Legs Valor set (Open) Provoke Hit Me
Boots Valor set Laws of Valor
Unstoppable Force
Belt Guardian set Akarat’s Champion Prophet
Bracer Guardian set Passives
Amulet Hellfire (Squirts) Finery
Ring Unity Heavenly Strength
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
Long Arm of the Law
Weapon Darklight Holy Cause
Offhand Akarat’s Awakening
Kanai’s Cube Legendary Gems
Darklight Bane of the Powerful
Khassett’s Cord of Righteousness Esoteric Alteration
Ring of Royal Grandeur OPEN (Gizzard, Trapped etc)

RoRG allows us to use Guardian 3 + Valor 6 + a FILLER (Leoric). It’s a toss up between Captain Crimson and Guardian, as both have their ups and downs. Guardian seems better in most scenarios IMO.

Again, feel free to use Falling Sword as another mobility skill, as many of these skills aren’t important.


Obviously the power you want is Fist of the Heavens. The other two aren’t remotely as useful as your build matures.

Sanctifying a main-hand weapon is far and away the best choice. Remember, it upgrades the stats to primal ancient tier so there’s a huge benefit.

Get CORE ITEMS asap. The heart of your build

The absolute core of your build are these: Darklight (1h Flail) – use Death’s Breath. Khassett’s Cord of Righteousness (Belt)- use Blood Shards. That’s mainly it, since I guess you’ve crafted a Reapers by now…

Seriously, these two are the only important items for this, and the valor build you’ll transition to that are even worth mentioning. A distant second is the Norvalds Set.

Spending Blood Shards and Death’s Breath

Blood ShardsDeaths BreathRings, amulets

Here’s advice on how to spend your blood shards with Kadala, roughly in order of importance:

Khassett’s Cord of Righteousness / Goldwrap – Belt: The cord is a godlike upgrade which massively alleviates our wrath problems. Goldwrap of course is great for the good ‘ol Hoarder speedfarming variants.

comically, that’s it. You only need 1 item to really turn the build on. lol.
Everything else is filler.

From here you can find the Valor set pieces, and along the way find these filler items:

Nemesis Bracer – Bracer: Massive improvement in all forms of rifting.

St. Archews Gage – Gloves: Great elite defenses.

Leoric’s Crown – Helm: Just a generic power up, either Cooldown, RCR or Life…

Blackthornes Jousting Mail – Legs: Simply because it can roll Elemental%.

Akarat’s Awakening – Crusader Shields: Difficult to obtain and not that important, but it’s something… Norvalds set shield is also in this pile.

That’s pretty much it for the “important” ones. You can try your luck with rings…

Here’s advice on how to get your weapons from Deaths Breath rare item upgrades (Kanai’s Cube Recipe: 25x Deaths Breath convert a rare into random legendary of same type), roughly in order of importance:

1h Flail for Darklight – absolute core to your build. It’s a 20x boost!

2H Mace for Furnace is another great cube option.

The only other weapon I would want is Messerschmidt’s Reaver from 2H Axe, when you’re trying to get 100% uptime on Akarat’s Champion.

2H Flail for Norvalds Flail (then Crusader shields for the other set piece) – try to get these when you’ve transitioned into valor.

Nothing else is really WORTH spending DB’s for, and would rather spend to try and get jewelry you might not have yet.

Rings and Amulets are tough to get from either BS or DB’s (due to the large amount of possible outcomes), but if you’re done getting your core items from these currencies – and you haven’t got your core accessories, it’s a viable way to spend them. Typically you’ll just find these as you grind – then use currency if you’re desperate. Anyway, if I had to rank the importance of your rings and ammys…

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac is for the time in your build wherein you’re trying for 100% Akarat’s Champion uptime.

Unity is a decent defensive option, but you need the follower immortality relic, and another Unity for the follower! It’s quite important for this build, so try to get it setup when you can.

Justice Lantern can be cute (and surprisingly effective).

As an aside – Ring of Royal Grandeur and Avarice Band are BOUNTY ONLY rings (respectively ACT I and III), which DO NOT APPEAR FROM any other source. They, like any other bounty item, DO NOT DROP from monsters, gambling, upgrades or any other source outside of their respective BOUNTY CACHE.

Follower Gear odds and ends

More of a reminder than anything, once you start farming you will be running into those little bonuses for your follower farming build. Keep an eye out!

Summary & Outro

Welp, that’s about it. I’m liking these seasonal bonuses that remove the augmentation grind – makes the game a lot more humane. From here, you can easily do the Seasonal Journey if that’s your thing, or transition into literally any other build you like – the it’s exactly what the S27 fresh 70 LoD builds for each class are made for.

GL out there and check out our D3 Guide Directory if you need anything else!


  1. Fantastic guide, I’m a total newbie so really helped me understand all the mechanics and figure things out.

    One question though, what is recommended for powers to equip from the legendaries? I’m using the sweep build atm and about to start farming G32 rifts for gem lvling. Finding no difficulty but can be killed if I’m lazy or not paying attention.

    • Sorry I found it, didn’t see it under the menu. For anyone looking it’s under Roland Woe’s. So I guess I’m farming for items (Golden Flense and Denial) but should I equip them or just use their powers and equip a different weapon/shield?

  2. Why no Iron Skin in the “Season Journey Chapter 4: Getting 6 piece” build? Sweep Attack instead? How does that help with Thorns?

  3. I think I might be missing something here. This is my first season and I’m still figuring out how certain things adjust the offense/defense/recovery numbers. I’m just about set to go for Chapter IV completion and I was comparing my stats to where your stats are going in to completing the Level 20 GR and I’m pretty much lined up in each stat except my damage is only at 16000 and you say your damage is at 19000. I’m geared pretty much exactly how you suggest, however I already have the Belt of the Trove. Everything non-invoker has strength and Thorns and I just don’t understand 3000 damage difference.

    I’ve got a pretty solid yellow dagger and have slotted everything with a Diamond. Should I be willing to upgrade to a different weapon or slide some Rubies into some slots instead? At what point do I jump out of the suggested setup suggestions and focus on more damage?

    • Damage numbers don’t matter for the most part – IGNORE SHEET DAMAGE for the purposes of D3 (in 99.99% of builds) – it’s near meaningless. Especially for a thorns build, the “damage” stat is extremely useless as it does not take into account thorns in any way shape or form. You have ZERO chance of failure with Belt of the Trove.

  4. I love these fresh 70 guides!
    One technical difficulty – Have tried several reload / clear cache options, and I am still seeing the Season 12 version of this guide.
    Is anyone else experiencing this problem too?

  5. Amazing build for fresh 70, I couldn’t believe how potent it is with full set of yellow only, I was doing T1 GR, and it felt like a walk in the park, guardian died right away. I was lucky to pick up the Boyarsky’s Chip in that GR, and it’s even more potent now I am sure.

    Thank you so much for writing this guide, it truly is amazing.

  6. From 2.4.2 Patch Notes:

    Thorns of the Invoker

    (6) Set Bonus
    The 800% Thorns damage dealt to the first enemy hit can now benefit from +% Physical Damage

    This should make Doombringer a viable alternative to Pig Sticker.

    • we’re fixing our site right now to correct the bugs we got after changing our site’s theme… but apparently some pages were reverted to older guides. will fix this in a couple of days. really sorry about this. for now, you can see our build in Dfans/TeamBRG.

  7. Used this guide and leveled to 70 in a matter of hours.
    Hit 70 and found a Gyrfalcons Foote to cube, that along with aquila curiass i never spend wrath. Pretty boss right now


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