Hey guys! In this guide, we will be updating with the fastest / best speed farming builds for Witch Doctor! Currently – it’s Mundunugu 6 Spirit Barrage! Other viable builds will be placed in page 2+, if they’re worth mentioning.

WD Best Speed Builds Template:
Mundunugu 6 Spirit Barrage / Manitou / Phantasms

Note that for this build specifically, primary discussion on this page will deal with nephalem rift farming, but will include a little SPEED GR notes. I won’t be talking about tryhard options here, whether its neph or GR, we’re going for speed.

Build – Items, Skills, Cube & Gems

Basic build template, this one is weirdly more flexible than I initially thought. I’ll say it again, the primary build listed is for SPEED NEPHS.

Named items in parenthesis “options”
makes both GOLD and DB farming setups to be active!

WD Mundunugus Speedfarming Build Spirit Barrage
Item Build Skills and Rune
Helm Mundunugu’s Locust Swarm Pestilence
Shoulder Mundunugu’s Spirit Barrage Manitou
Chest Mundunugu’s Spirit Walk Severance
Hands Gloves of Worship (Mundunugu’s) Soul Harvest Soul to Waste
Legs Mundunugu’s Big Bad Voodoo Jungle Drums
Feet Mundunugu’s (Sage) Zombie Dogs Leeching Beasts
Bracer Nemesis Bracer Passives
Belt Goldwrap (Sage) Fierce Loyalty Grave Injustice
Amulet Squirts Necklace Pierce the Veil Spirit Vessel
Ring Ring of Emptiness Kanai’s Cube
Ring Avarice Band Wormwood
Weapon The Barber Mask of Jeram (Goldwrap)
Off-hand Gazing Demise Ring of Royal Grandeur
Legendary Gems
Boon of the Hoarder
Enforcer or Powerful (See LGem notes)
Molten Wildebeests Gizzard (for Squirts)

This build is so weirdly flexbile and powerful that including the gold package by default HELPS IT!

Build – Rerolls and Stat Priority

Basic reroll priority for each piece of gear. More on this in the reroll notes section.

WD Mundunugus Speedfarming Build Spirit Barrage
Weapon High DMG INT DMG% VIT AD Socket (Ramaladni)
Offhand High DMG INT CHC Barrage% VIT Mana Regen
Head INT CHC Barrage% VIT Armor Any
Shoulders INT VIT Armor Life% AD% Any
Chest INT VIT Armor Life% Elite% Any
Boots INT VIT Armor Barrage% MS% Any
Bracer Cold% INT CHC VIT Armor Any
Belt INT VIT Armor Life% Any
Amulet Cold% CHC CHD INT AD Any

Build General Notes & Options

I’ll be adding more of these notes and evolutions soon – I just want to finish the
first pass for all classes first. – BRGMahiko

Speed GR Setup?

Experienced WD’s will need no primer to “revert” the build to a GR setup. But here’s the rundown of changes.

Remove the gold package: Goldwrap, Avarice Band, Boon of the Hoarder. This is the first step, obviously.

Damage? Retain enough or add just enough damage to zip through the tiers you’re farming. Adding Captain Crimsons with RoRG (Using belt + any other slot). You CAN remove Wormwood from the cube, but it adds another button for the build. Bane of the Trapped should be added too.

Defense? Unity is where you’ll look first. Soul Harvest – Languish is next. If you can still support squirts, go for it, but you’ll need the Gizzard too…

Retain as many speed and utility passives / skills / gear as you can after that. But please make sure you have the appropriate DPS and defense to own whatever content you’re going for FIRST.

Equipment Notes

Eh, this build was much more flexible than I thought so I can’t possibly talk about all the options. Notice that the build has a Ring of Royal Grandeur, but no concrete way to use it. A brainless way to use your RoRG is equip a Gloves of Worship. You can also use up your RoRG to equip Captain Crimsons set (you can even retain the gold setup by cubing Goldwrap).

Otherwise, this build easily “packs too much power”. So you can easily remove either Mask of Jeram, of the Ring of Emptiness + Wormwood combo. If you’re obliterating everything in TXVI, then you can consider removing one (or both?) of those for other utility and speed build adjustments.

Removing Jeram from the build gives you another Kanai body slot, at the cost of 200% damage output. Removing Wormwood and Emptiness gives you a weapon, skill and accessory slot, but you take a larger (300%) damage reduction.

Cube Notes

Wormwood is super optional, but it reduces the number of buttons you need to press. If you can free this up, I’d honestly look into Shukrani’s Triumph to zip through low density zones or do bounties. Other options like The Furnace or Sacred Harvester are pretty meh.

Hell, Mask of Jeram is even optional but it does provide a thoughtless power boost with little to no setup needed. As stated in the chunk above, you can easily be “too powerful” for whatever you’re farming.

RoRG is the “least optional” one. Since there really isn’t any other ring you want, and you typically do not want to equip an RoRG. Whether for speeds or tryharding the RoRG is typically here to stay.

Skill Notes

The only OTHER skill I’d be interest in for speedfarming is Horrify – Stalker. Can be paired with Rachels Ring of Larceny an insane burst of speed… But that’s another button and you lose your RoRG.

You technically have many open slots, but there’s nothing much of interest you’d want anyway. While you don’t NEED Locust Swarm on your bar even, or Big Bad Voodoo.. what do you replace it with?

Ultimately the LACK of other useful options (since we already took almost all of ’em) for speedfarming makes the flexibility of the skill build somewhat moot.

Passive Notes

Grave Injustice is godlike. It allows us to zip in between packs with Spirit Walk as kills reduce our cooldowns. Helps keep Big Bad Voodoo up, and Horrify if you plan to use it. Spirit Vessel helps you when Goldwrap is still “off”. It’s always good to have this even for GR’s to help make sure you get a bonus upgrade by not dying. These two, I’d consider MANDATORY.

Fierce Loyalty is just plain old Movespeed so it’s not really needed, but welcome. Pierce the Veil is an ok damage boost (Don’t take Confidence Ritual, the 5% is not worth it).

Aside from these four, which are you best / most stable passives.  you can try out Gruesome Feast if you need more damage. It’s extremely powerful, but swingy.

For GR’s if you need survivability – you might wanna take Jungle Fortitude, or Swampland Attunements for set and forget toughness passives.

Legendary Gem Notes

Enforcer is a weird one. It buffs Phantasms but not Manitou. I honestly don’t know what’s better between this or Bane of the Powerful (which affects both spirit types). I tried both, and honestly I couldn’t see the difference given I was obliterating everything either way. You can use them in tandem as well, if you drop another of your gems…

Molten Wildebeests Gizzard is needed to retain Squirts Necklace, it’s your only source of shielding. If you’re using Squirts, you’re using this, there’s no way around it.

Boon of the Hoarder is required for the gold setup, but for GR’s you can squeeze in Esoteric Alteration or Moratorium to help retain Squirts (since you can’t use Boon of the Hoarder in there).

I don’t like Bane of the Trapped for speedfarming (at least for this specific build) as the slow will not reliably trigger, or it’s too big of a playstyle change for you to go out of your way for it, for a measly increase in damage compared to Powerful (As mentioned many times, we have lots of damage already).

Stats and Reroll Notes

Well, there aren’t really any special things to look out for in terms of rerolling this build. While you can take it to the extreme with Area Damage etc etc… damage isn’t really your weakpoint. I guess go for the generic “good rolls” listed above so you don’t really ruin your tryharding gear.

On the same note, do not use the table above as a tryhard reroll guide. Every person has a different definition of tryhard, and what rolls you need / can support. Do not attempt to remove mainstat (VIT INT) rolls without high para and augments.  I won’t be covering this in this guide…

Sage? Deaths Breath Farming Build?

You can easily fit it in this build!

By cubing Goldwrap (you lose Jeram, and a little damage), replacing Gloves of Worship w/ Mundunugus glove and adding the Sage belt and any other piece. As mentioned earlier, the items options inside the parenthesis in the main item build table shows you this setup.

If you notice, the above adjustments mean you have

For the low low cost of getting rid of Mask of Jeram. If you have any reasonable power level, you won’t even notice it.

Avarice / Hoarder? Gold Farming Build?

While this segment exists in the other speed farming guides, it’s already the default in this case so…

Summary & Outro

Ultimately this build is one of my favorites due to the utmost greed you can pack with it. Imagine comfortably running Sages DB farming pieces WHILE you have the gold farming Avarice + Boon of the Hoarder + Goldwrap combo active. Mundunugu speedfarming builds are here to stay. Good riddance, Gargantuans!

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    • If you’re suffering from defense problems, adjust the build to your needs. Diamonds on body gems, soul harvest-languish… if you’re not using chicken set, try out uhkapian serpent. Unity or Goldwrap also work. There’s a ton of defensive options

  1. Curious if Rechels Ring of Larceny has been considered for speed running. “45-60% speed bonus for 4 seconds after fearing an enemy.”

    Not gonna help much when no mobs are around but I could see it being a good speed boost for jumping from pack to pack, and it seems like jewelry might be a good slot to go for speed.

    Don’t yet have the gear to really test and compare.

  2. You’ve listed DH bracers on a WD build. What’s the recommended item for that slot?

    Also further down the stat priority mentions DEX. I assume you mean INT?


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