Welcome to our Necromancer Speedfarming Guide – here we talk about the various build adjustments to your Necro to better speedfarm (using any, or no set).

Why not discuss the best build? We do, in another page, but every time a new season starts, or for newer players, the best item setup isn’t exactly available ASAP. This guide offers advice on how to TWEAK ANY BUILD to be as SPEED FARM CAPABLE as possible.

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Necromancer Speedfarming Skills

Bone Armor-Harvest of Anguish: increase movespeed by 1% for each enemy hit. This one’s noticeable due to how easy it is to maintain and add into your build. It gives a huge defensive boost, too.

Decrepify-Opportunist: Gain 3% movespeed increase for every enemy cursed up to 30%. Pretty damn good for bounties! It’s a little on the impractical side for rift related builds…

Frailty (various runes): makes any content “15% easier” which for us translates to “15% faster”. Obviously, it loses some value in content you TREMENDOUSLY overgear. If you’re in it purely for the “cursing power” to trigger Krysbin’s or Trag’Oul’s, you may be better off with something else.

Blood Rush-Metabolism: An extra cast helps a little bit.

Devour Devouring Aura (or other runes): is very notable since it makes resource generation a non-issue when speedfarming. We kill enemies by the boatload = we get a boatload of essence back.

ALL PET RELATED THINGS are part of “speedfarming” due to their passive nature. It’s hard to list them all, but I would assume you know what I mean.

Necromancer Speedfarming Passives

Fueled by Death – is sadly the only passive that directly affects Necro’s mobility. It’s supposedly broken that it does not increase our MS above the 25 from items, but it’s worth noting when they do fix it.

Dark Reaping is very similar to Devour. Getting a 4+ Essence refund per guy killed is pretty good considering we can kill hundreds of enemies within minutes.

Oddly enough, no other Necromancer passive is directly related to “brainless or speed”.

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Necromancer Speedfarming Items

Steuart’s Greaves this default king of Necro specific speedfarming items. It gives our dashing skill (Blood Rush) a free “sprint”.

Krysbin’s Sentence is the “Necro only” DPS ring. +100% to 300% damage for very little setup is good. It’s a direct boost to any build using Bane of the Trapped.

Trag’Oul’s Corroded Fang is similar to the above. Frailty and Decrepify are great, and getting +200% damage to afflicted enemies is just massive for the low low cost of “cursing a guy”.

Requiem Cereplates – Improves Devour, which is a great Essence recovery tool for speedfarming builds. This may be overkill, but worth mentioning.

Lost Time is iffy. Weapon slots are pretty important for DPS. If you can reliably trigger it, and the content you’re running is super weak (bounties?) Lost Time is value. However, Cold skills???? They’re few and far between. Bone Armor-Harvest of Anguish ALONE isn’t enough…

Krelm’s Buff Belt gets a very special mention for Necro since every other option is defensive. The only other belt that would increase your DPS is Witching Hour, and not by a huge margin. In many speed farming scenarios, the Krelm’s movespeed outweighs WH’s DPS output.

Necromancer Speedfarming Builds for each Set

Each tab below pertains to a generic speedfarm setup for each set. It’s by no means comprehensive but you’ll get a pretty good idea.

I WILL BE PUTTING ALL NECRO SET SPEED FARMING BUILDS IN THE “BEST SPEEDFARMING NECROMANCER BUILDS” Page. This section will be removed from these “general guides” for the other classes and put in their respective “best” guides.

Grace of Inarius


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Pestilence Master's Shroud


Learn more about: Pestilence Master’s Shroud (TBA)

Trag'Oul's Avatar


Learn more about: Trag’Oul’s Avatar (TBA)

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

Necromancer Speed farming: Navigation
Skills | Passives | Items | Set Builds

Necromancer Fastest Speedfarm Build:

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