Do you want to write/contribute to TeamBRG? If you do, then you’ll be in good company.

We pride ourselves in quality content, but the demands of publishing are quite heavy and with a team of only 3 people managing a whole site, you can imagine how hard it is to cover new content and keeping our guides up to date. We want to continue providing quality content, and we need help to do that!

Hence, we are looking for passionate people to help us manage our content. If you want to write guides about a game, or cover esports, maybe just write about something about the gaming industry… We are flexible about what we publish as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • QUALITY – Can’t stress this enough. We need good and fresh ideas that help fellow gamers. Content must be relevant and linked to the gaming industry in general.
  • ORIGINALITY – All submitted content will be put through algorithms to make sure it is not a duplicate. We want passionate people who contribute unique ideas and not people who rip things off from other sites.

Sounds Good?

Send us an email with your proposed content – MAIL @ TEAMBRG . COM (remove the spaces – formatted this way to prevent bots from getting our mail ID)

Include as many topic ideas, with a brief sentence describing each idea.

If we like your idea, you will be given an Author Account where you can login to the site, write the DRAFT and SUBMIT it for review. This should be done AFTER you proofread your post and add any photos. You can have links to your own site (if applicable), as well as outside resources and preferably, internal linking to other pages on TeamBRG.

After we’ve read the post we’ll either approve it as-is, make our own edits, or send it back for edits on your end.

Now we’re LIVE!

We will notify you the second we hit “publish”.

Make sure you PROMOTE your post – Social media audience, and anywhere else you want to promote it. This is beneficial to in multiple ways
YOU – to gain more authority
READERS – will find it easier to find

There you go! If you have any questions, email us!