The Division Incursion Preparation

The very first Incursion is just around the corner but is your group ready? With the increased difficulty of the Incursions, TeamBRG has decided to prepare our gear by choosing...

The Division Dark Zone Starter Guide

So you see a red zone in the middle of the map labeled as “The Dark Zone”. But what exactly is it? Here’s our quick and painless Dark Zone...

The Division Patch 1.1: Incursions Special Report

Patch 1.1: Incursions! The patch has been announced to be released on April 12, 2016. On April 1, the developers of The Division held a special live-stream on their twitch...

The Division Base of Operations Guide

The Base of Operations, or BoO, is your main personal hub that you will upgrade during your journey to level 30. But what exactly can you do in the...

The Division Leveling Guide

Trying to find an efficient way to reaching level cap? Here are our tips and leveling path to reaching level 30.    Leveling path Here is a map view of...

The Division Crafting Basics

Crafting… In The Division? A shooting game... What??? OK - so you’ve unlocked your base and you notice that there’s a crafting station (It’s located beside your stash). So, if...

The Division Beginners Guide

The Division Beginner's Guide So you just bought Tom Clancy's The Division, now what? Here is our detailed guide for all you beginner agents out there who have no idea...

What is The Division?

What is The Division? So you’ve heard a lot about this new game called “Tom Clancy’s The Division” from Ubisoft Massive Studios. Everyone’s talking about it, millions have bought it and...
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