The Base of Operations, or BoO, is your main personal hub that you will upgrade during your journey to level 30. But what exactly can you do in the Base of Operations? Here is our detailed guide on how to unlock each wing and what upgrades you can get from each.

  1. Unlocking the wings

The Base of Operations is separated into 3 wings, Medical, Security and Tech. To unlock each of these, you need to rescue a person to handle the operations of each of those wings.

Medical Wing

After you unlock the Base of Operations, this is the very first main mission available to you is the Madison Field Hospital. It is found right across from the Base of Operations. It’s a fairly simple mission where you get to learn the basics of how combat works in The Division. When you complete this mission, you will unlock the Medical Wing.

Here is a video of a full run of the Madison Field Hospital mission on Normal mode:

Security Wing

This wing is unlocked by completing the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint found in the Hudson Yards area, west of the Base of Operations. This main mission has a recommended level of 5 so we do highly recommend you complete it as soon as possible. This is especially important because once unlocked, you get a 10% experience gain perk which will help you level up faster.

Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Normal Mode:

Tech Wing

This wing is the final of the 3 wings that you can unlock in the Base of Operations. The mission, Subway Morgue, is found in the Pennsylvania Plaza, east of the Base of Operations. It has a recommended level of 6. This wing contains most of your offensive skills and plays a big part towards your end game gear which we will get into detail later.

Subway Morgue Normal Mode:

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2. Wing Upgrades

Upgrading each wing is how you unlock all your skills, talents and perks. Each wing has its own currency, called supplies, and you earn these supplies from completing main missions and encounters.

Here is a table for each wing and what each upgrade gives you.

Medical WingCostPre-ReqUnlocks
Cllinic-none1. Skill: First Aid
2. Perk: Increaes Medkit capacity by 1
Virus Lab500none1. Skill: Support Station
2. Perk: Increase filter level by 1
Disaster Aid1000Clinic and Virus Lab unlocked1. Signature Skill: Recovery Link
2. Perk: Increase canned food duration by 10 seconds
3. Perk: A chest in the medical wing will now give 1 canned food, water, energy bar and soda per hour
Quarantine400none1. Skill Mods: Pulse
2. Perk: Reveal all contaminated areas in the map
Intensive Care400Clinic unlocked1. Skill Mods: First Aid
2. Perk: Increases Medkit capacity by 1
Hazmat Unit400Virus Lab unlocked1. Skill Mods: Support Station
2. Perk: Increase filter level by 1
Decontamination Unit200none1. Talent: Adrenaline - medkits can now overheal
2. Talent: Triage - healing allies reduce cooldowns by 15%
3. Perk: Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1 slot
Pharmacy200none1. Talent: Shock and Awe - Suppression increases move speed by 25% for 10 seconds
2. Talent: Battle Buddy: Reviving an ally reduces damage by 50% for 10 seconds for both agents
3. Perk: A chest in the medical wing will now give up to two fabrics (crafting material) of any rarity every hour
4. Perk: Increase filter level by 1
Counseling200none1. Talent: Critical Save - Using a medkit during critical health increases damage resist by 40% for 10 seconds
2. Talent: Shrapnel - Applying bleed has a 30% chance to apply bleed to all enemies within 10m of target
3. Perk: Increase credit gain by 10%
Pedriatric Care200none1. Talent: Combat Medic - Medkits now also heal all allies in 20m for 40% of medkit heal
2. Talent: Strike Back - When in critical health, reduce all skill cooldowns by 20%
3. Perk: Increase Medkit capacity by 1


Security WingCostPre-ReqUnlocks
Situation Room-none1. Skill: Smart Cover
2. Perk: Increase experience gains by 10%
Armory500none1. Skill: Mobile Cover
2. Perk: Increase grenade inventory by 1
3. Perk: Unlock Advanced Weaponry Vendor.
Barracks1000Situation Room and Armory unlocked1. Signature Skill: Survivor Link
2. Perk: Increase experience gained from accolades by 25%
Dark Zone Ops400none1. Skill Mods: Ballistic Shield Mod
2. Perk: Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1
3. Perk: Unlock Dark Zone vendor
Supply Line400Situation Room unlocked1. Skill Mods: Smart Cover
2. Perk: Unlocks a cosmetics vendor
Gunsmith400Armory unlocked1. Skill Mods: Mobile Cover
2. Perk: Increase explosive bullets duration by 10 seconds
3. Perk: Increase explosive bullets duration by 10 seconds
Procurement Team2001. Talent: Steady Hands - when entering cover, reduce recoil by 25% for 10 seconds
2. Talent: On the Move - Killing an enemy while you are moving reduces incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds
3. Perk: A chest will now give a random item ever 12 hours
Guard Posts200none1. Talent: Precision - headshots will pulse enemies for 10 seconds
2. Talent: Chain Reaction - If 2 or more targets are hit by an explosion, increase explosion damage by 40%
3. Perk: Incendiary bullets duration increased by 10 seconds.
4. Perk: A chest will now give 1 Explosive and Incendiary bullets, per hour.
Shooting Range200none1. Talent: Desperate Times - at critical health, increase blind fire accuracy by 20%
2. Talent: Stopping Power - Suppression increases headshot damage by 25% for 10 seconds
3. Perl: Unlocks a shooting range
Canine Unit200none1. Talent: Repo Reaper - killing an enemy with your sidearm will give you 30 rounds for your primary weapon
2. Talent: One is None - Headshots have a 50% chance of not consuming the bullet
3. Perk: Show all intel when all Side Missions and Encouters are completed in an area


Tech WingCostPre - ReqUnlocks
Control Room-none1. Skill: Turret
2. Perk: Increase invetory size by 10
Communications500none1. Skill: Seeker Mine
2. Perk: Increase Dark Zone inventory by 1
Division Tech1000Control Room and Communications unlocked1. Signature Skill: Tactical Link
2. Perk: Ability to craft Division Tech into normal crafting materials
3. Perk: A chest will now give up to two electronics (crafting material) of any rarity every hour
Generators400none1. Skill Mods: Sticky Bomb
2. Perk: Increase soda duration by 10 seconds
Water Purification400Control Room unlocked1. Skill Mods: Turret
2. Perk: Increase water duration by 10 seconds
Field Engineering400Communicatoins unlocked1. Skill Mods: Seeker Mine
2.Perk: A chest will now give up to two tools (crafting material) of any rarity every hour
Central Heating200none1. Talent: Tactical Advance - cover to cover moves increase damage by 2% for every meter traveled for 10 seconds
2. Talent: Demolition Expert: Killing an enemy with an explosion increases explosion damage by 40% for 15 seconds
3. Perk: Increase energy bar duration by 5 seconds
SatComms200none1. Talent: Police Up - Killing an enemy with any skill has a 25% chance to refill all ammo types to max
2. Talent: Fear Tactics - Apply shock to a target and have a 30% chance to apply shock to all enemis within 10m of target
3. Perk: Reveal all Division Tech nodes in the Dark Zone
Recalibration200none1.Talent: Evasive Action - while performaing a cover to cover move, incoming damage is reduced by 30%
2. Talent: Tech Support - Killing an enemy while any skill is deployed extends its duration by 10%
3. Perk: Unlocks the Recalibration Station
Recharge Center200none1. Talent: Wildfire - Apply burning to an enemy and have a 30% chance to apply burning on all enemies within 10m of target
2. Talent: Death by Proxy - destroy an enemies deployed skill and increase skillpower by 20% for 30 seconds.
3. Perk: Increase Dark Zone funds gains by 10%

Skills – Active skills for you to use. You can only equip two skills at a time
Skill Mods – Adds additional effects to each skill. Only one mod per skill at a time.
Signature Skill – Essentially an ultimate skill. You can only have one equipped.
Talent – Activated when certain conditions are met. You can only have 4 equipped at a time
Perks – passive skills that are active at all times.


3. Recalibration and Special Weapons Vendorteambrg-thedivision-baseofoperationsguide-recalibrationspecialgear

Two of the most important vendors for the end game. Once unlocked, you will be visiting these two stations quite often. Recalibration is unlocked by upgrading the Tech wing and the Special Weapons Vendor is unlocked once you hit level 30 and completed the final mission.
teambrg-thedivision-baseofoperationsguide-recalibration Recalibration is where you get to re-roll the stats on your gear. This can be to replace a stat entirely, add a mod slot or just to get a higher roll on an already wanted stat. Take note however, the price for a recalibration increases the more you recalibrate a specific gear piece. Also, once you select a stat to reroll, you can only reroll that stat over and over. So example, you reroll a major attribute from skill power to critical hit chance, you cannot try to reroll your firearms into stamina. You can only reroll critical hit chance into another major stat.



Special Weapons vendor is especially important because of all the high end blueprints he sells. High end, or yellow gear, is the best quality of weapons and gear you can get in the game at the moment. Buying blueprints from him requires you to spend Phoenix Credits, which are earned through daily missions. Blueprints can be used in the crafting station inside the Base of Operations but will also require high end crafting materials to craft.

And that’s it for TeamBRGs “The Division – Base of Operations guide”. Stay tuned for much more in depth guides coming soon!

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