Wanna Speedfarm rifts on your Monk (Sub 3 minute)? Our Monk Speed Farming Guide is a great place to start. In this guide we will give you the tools to speed farm, discussing skills, items and passive that will help you out.

Why not discuss the best build? Learning how to convert your Monk to be more speedy is an important part of the early and mid game, and even later for speed gem leveling. This guide teaches you how to convert your current build to be as speedy as possible.  But don’t worry the “best” Monk speedfarm build is in a separate guide!

Please see: D3 General Speedfarming | Monk Fastest Speedfarm Build.

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

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Monk Speedfarming Skills

Dashing Strike-Way of the Falling Star is the best rune for DS that gives the most mobility. Make sure to wait until the movespeed buff expired before using DS again.

Mantra of Conviction-Annihilation is an amazing skill and rune combo for speedfarming. +DMG +Movespeed is a package you’d be happy to take any day.

Epiphany-Insight while not listed down for Mobility, it’s one of the best resource generation tools for Monks. 45 a second is huge, and important for some speedy builds.

The above are the obvious best choices
while the below are not exactly universal choices.

Breath of Heaven-Zephyr I’m surprised this rune actually existed. 30% MS is something to consider if you have an open slot in your speed build. Not popular, but worthy.

Tempest Rush-Tailwind (or Warstaff of General Quang) is not by any means a mainstream selection but it should be listed here anyway.

Monk Speedfarming Passives

Fleet Footed: A basic movespeed+ that goes over the 25% limit.

Beacon Of Ytar: Reducing cooldowns means a lot for monk, but in this case it’s important to note that you’re also reducing the cooldown of Dashing Strike.

Momentum: While it’s a DPS passive, this bonus might not be easy to maximize in high GR’s – it’s perfect for speedfarming. Moving fast is our goal after all.

After this, you should choose the best DPS passives for your build. The following passives are considered to be “generally good all around”:

Other passives would likely fall under “Build Specific”, “Defense” or “Utility”. Speaking of which, resource management can some times be an issue. Use Exalted Soul or Chant of Resonance for, at least, one of your passives.


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Monk Speedfarming Items

In-geom for Monks? Is very popular. Infinite Dashing Strike – what more to say. Aside from this, Breath of Heaven or Blinding Flash can be spammed with 34% sheet CDR.

Reaper’s Wraps is a special mention for Monks as Spirit is a little harder to come by compared to other classes’ resource. It’s worth a slot for speeds given we don’t want to waste time spamming generators (or having a generator in our bar at all).

Raiment of a Thousand Storms can achieve infinite Dashing Strikes, and kill most if not all enemies just by dashing through them. I’m dead sure this is viable, but I’m not sure if this is better than Sunwuko’s brainless AoE obliteration. It’s worth a mention, at the least.

Monks surprisingly do not have many speedfarming related items.

Note on Monk Speedfarming

Monks are inherently speedy due to how GOOD Dashing Strike is. Way of the Falling Star just makes it even better. 8s cooldown without CDR is extremely powerful.

Most Monk builds can just slot an In-geom and call it a day – with just ONE ITEM you’ll outspeed most classes and builds. Infinite Dashing Strike is no joke.

Monk Fresh 70 Guide I’m just gonna put this here, in case you want to check out the items you have to look out for when farming.


Monk Speedfarming Builds for each Set

EVERY MONK SET is speedfarm capable. While they’re not equal, you would never be sad to convert your current set no matter what it may be.

TBA – Still adding this!



The king of large-AoE one-shotting. Reminiscent of Multishot… Wave of Light-Explosive Light is fearsome. (Similarly, LoN WoL). The only issue with this is Sweeping Wind stacks falling off. There are some evolutions to make the build more streamlined –

Keep in mind that SWK got +1500% MORE (doubled) damage from S5, so we can afford to lose some damage for “quality of life” evolutions.

The build can be tuned up to your goals. TX mobs are easy to one shot given SWK buffs.

Learn more about: Monkey King’s Garb “Sunwuko”.



Inna’s, while extremely powerful, lacks the AoE of Sunwuko in STANDARD BUILDS. There are a few not so crazy evolutions you can do to make the gameplay smoother…

While the “standard” Inna builds aren’t speedy by nature, remember that 500% base damage increase and 10 friends running around can never truly be bad.

Of course, In-geom always has a place here.

Learn more about: Inna’s Mantra.



You only need one item to convert U6 to improve your speedfarming: Madstone. Why? Just to cut down on the time you have to apply EP thru casting or basics.

Of course, In-geom always has a place here.

Learn more about: Uliana’s Strategem.



Hmm Raiment… Instead of going for a generator-centric build, I think the speedier setups would opt for a Dashing Strike-centric build using Flesh Rake and a bunch of Spirit Regen / CDR / Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac.

While I’ve not tried it myself, the Mobility seems unmatched – I can imagine it might be annoying having to rely on a thin line skill to kill lots of enemies, though.

Of course, In-geom always has a place here.

Learn more about: Raiment of a Thousand Storms.

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

Monk Speed farming: Navigation
Skills | Passives | Items | Set Builds

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Good luck charging, leaping and ultimately obliterating your enemies with any Monk speed farming build you choose. The class has always been known for its speed and efficiency in trashing lower level content!

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  1. Okay, so why not Tempest Rush? It’s the most mobile Spirit spender in the Monk’s arsenal and seems tailor-made to synergize with Sweeping Wind. It’s like if you gave a Whirlwind barbarian a really strong passive AOE. So how come it gets nothing more than a passing, offhand mention that it might be worth a look?


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