Hey guys! Welcome to our Witch Doctor’s Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon Guide. Here we will talk about what build to use, skills, items, notes, map and more!

Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon Build

Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon Build
Items Skill & Rune
Head Zunimassa’s Vision Acid Cloud Acid Rain
Shoulder Any Grasp of the Dead Unbreakable
Chest Zunimassa’s Marrow Spirit Walk Severance
Wrist Any Gargantuan Humongoid
Hands Zunimassa’s Finger Wraps Zombie Dogs Chilled to the Bone
Belt Transcendence Fetish Army Legion of Daggers
Legs Zunimassa’s Cloth Passives
Boots Zunimassa’s Trail Pierce the Veil Grave Injustice
Neck Any Blood Ritual  Fetish (Any)
Ring Any Kanai’s Cube
Ring Zunimassa’s Pox (Any) Furnace, Wilken’s Reach
Main Any Mask of Jeram or Tasker and Theo
Off Wilken’s Reach Ring of Royal Grandeur (Any)
Legendary Gems
Bane of the Powerful
Bane of the Trapped

Options & Notes:

  • The “any” slots are irrelevant and can even be yellows. There’s no “must” in that slot.
  • Wilken’s Reach is the only NEEDED item, and even then it can be done without it!!!
  • Furnace and Powerful help with elite damage, to speed up clears a bit.
  • Overall it’s easy to reach the minimum power level for a comfy clear.

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Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon Location & Map

Where’s the Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon? It’s in ACT III – Core of Arreat!

  • Teleport to waypoint ACT III – Core of Arreat.
  • Keep moving forward while hugging the left wall.
  • After a short walk, the entrance should be there near the lava!

The Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon Map / Layout

How to Beat & Master Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon

Overall, this one ain’t so bad! The melee objective can get a little annoying.

Map & Pathing

Familiarize yourself with the map first. A sample path is shown above.

  • The map is rather straightforward… an opener and a large “open” chunk.
  • I recommend a zig zag pattern as shown above…
  • Why? You get 2 chances to run by an area to make sure no straggler remain.
  • The path isn’t complex, and honestly, there’s more than one way to go about this…


Tips & Explanations

Objective: Grip enemies with Grasp of the Dead

This objective is weird, but it is what it is. The mojo Wilken’s Reach makes this much easier. Removing the CD on GotD will make this objective pretty much a walk in the park.

Just grip, not kill? Yep, it appears that merely tagging them is enough.

Get this objective over with ASAP – then blast through the dungeon!

Why the cold rune? It removes the Mana cost which is great cause we’re gonna spam. It Slows too, so it helps with the next objective. Speaking of that…

Objective: No enemies in melee range 

We have a bunch of measures to prevent this BS from happening. Let’s go over them.

While there’s no magic bullet to make this objective irrelevant, it shouldn’t be that much of an issue. If you mess up, what do? Just restart and be a liiiiittle more careful.

It’s balancing this careful play and the speed required to clear that poses the most challenge in this set dungeon. Thankfully, it’s still not a difficult one…

Spender Options? As always, Z6 spenders are varied and numerous. I simply chose the above, Acid Cloud-Acid Rain since it has huge AoE. Feel free to use anything else.


Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

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The Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon is pretty ggez!

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