Hello pet masters! In this guide, we talk all about the Witch Doctor Set: Helltooth Harness. Let’s start off by posting the “STANDARD” build of the set.

S7 Note: Helltooth pushes GR like anything, Speedfarms like anything, “play with one hand” like anything… Helltooth gonna Helltooth. It is pure POWER and S7 didn’t change that!

Witch Doctor sets: Helltooth Standard Build

Witch Doctor: Helltooth Build (STANDARD)
Items Skill & Rune
Head Helltooth Mask Piranhas (open) Piranhado
Shoulder Helltooth Mantle Wall of Death Comm w/ Spirits
Chest Helltooth Tunic Spirit Walk Jaunt
Hands Tasker and Theo Soul Harvest Languish
Legs Helltooth Leg Guard Zombie Dogs Leeching Beasts
Boots Helltooth Greaves Gargantuan Humongoid
Belt W.Hour (open) Passives
Wrist Lakumba’s Ornament Midnight Feast Swamp (open)
Neck Traveler’s Pledge Spirit Vessel (open)  Pierce the Veil
Ring Compass Rose Kanai’s Cube
Ring Short Man’s Finger The Furnace
Main Sacred Harvester Mask of Jeram
Off Henri’s (any) Ring of Royal Grandeur
Legendary Gems
Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Powerful

Helltooth: commonly asked build variants & options

OFFHAND wot 2 use!

Off-hand? The great battle of “Henri’s v Thing of the Deep v Uhkapian Serpent

  • Henri’s: provides the best anti one-shot tool, and prevents a lot of skullduggery with annoying enemy types. It’s great and provides many bonuses you can’t really calc.
  • TotD: For those using Swampland Attunement, Grave Injustice and to a lesser extent Gruesome Feast. at 20 guys, 2400 resist is godlike. 1v1 on Rift Guardian? Lel.
  • Uhkapian Serpent: for those who value consistency. It stays with you forever no matter what. Unlike Henri’s one night stand, and TotD who is on and off.

Midnight Feast & Pierce the Veil are set in stone, that’s it. Two brainless always active DPS boosts are good, I hear. Midnight Feast even throws in a dog for more LpH.

Spirit Vessel is a popular effect, for good reason. It’s the next likely on your list.

From here, you only have 3 other options “mainly”…

Swampland Attunement is popular for the massive possible defense you gain. You don’t even need TotD – just decent rolls on your gears secondary stats give a huge effect.

Grave Injustice is also used to decrease Spirit Walk and Piranhado cooldowns, in this regard it acts as both an offensive and defensive passive.

Gruesome Feast is the most powerful DPS passive, but needs preparation. I personally love this one, and I’ll go through hoops to activate it. Followers with Solanium make this possible. +AS +CRIT on follower give a lot of bonus HG’s, I’ll try out Rakoff, too.

Again, Gruesome Feast is amazing and worth maximizing. It’s currently very unpopular, but math backs it up as the best possible passive, giving both ALLRES and DAMAGE via INT is the most powerful effect in the bunch. HOWEVER, again, it comes with a steep cost in preparation and possible “not 100% uptime”.

Open Skill? Piranhas?

Open Skill? 99% of the time Piranhas-Piranhado is correct. However, this requires some serious support via CDR, and sometimes Grave Injustice. I honestly think this is still an “open” slot as it’s purely for utility. Haunt-Poisoned Spirit is an example of a replacement, notable on speedier variants… It opens doors, and has 100% uptime on debuff unlike Piranhas… I think this needs to be discussed in more detail in another section…


Belt? Witching Hour for tryhard DPS, String of Ears for defense. There’s no other relevant belt unless you go for Haunting Girdle or some other niche build enabler.

Legendary Gems?

Bane of the Stricken replaces Bane of the Powerful once you get higher up. You’ll likely know it when RG’s and yellow elites take too long.


Helltooth Rerolls & Stat Priority

Putting these in clicky boxes due to the chunky nature…

Helltooth Harness Rerolls & Stat Priority
Helltooth Rerolls & Stat Priority
Shoulder INT Garg% VIT AD Armor Any
Chest INT Garg% VIT Armor Elite% Any
Legs INT VIT Armor RES Any
Boots INT VIT Armor RES MS% Any
Belt INT VIT Armor RES Life% Any
Wrist Cold% INT VIT CHC LpH Any
Neck Cold% CHD CHC DEX Any
W.Hour INT CHD AS VIT Armor Any


Helltooth Reroll Notes?

Helltooth: Reroll notes – commonly asked questions on rerolls.

Secondary Stats?

  • +Gold and Pickup Radius. It improves Swampland Attunement and Grave Injustice.
  • Physical Resist is the good ‘ol default. Most of the damage in this game is Physical.
  • Look at Swampland Attunement – see that it’s not ALL RES? That being said, any secondary with Lighting or Arcane Resist cover up those holes, too.

Life per Hit is great for Leeching Beasts… compounded by Tasker and Theo. Bracer is a great slot for this and I recommend it heavily. Weapon is another option – you sacrifice one offensive stat for an unbelievable amount of healing… the cost is steep though, offensively.

Area Damage? Is great for this build but hard to roll for. It should be on Shoulders, Weapon MAYBE. Any more is tough… only those on the razors edge would roll it on Gloves… At very high Paragon you can ditch INT on smaller slots for it.

Armor? Is great for Int-based characters since INT gives ALLRES already. Having a healthy pool of base armor will greatly increase the effectiveness of Languish and your paragon Armor%. Don’t neglect this as it’s a meaningful part of your defensive stack. Resists are easy to gain with WD via INT and Caldesann’s, or Swampland Attunement.

Boots: Movement Speed% is an OFFENSIVE roll. Why? It allows more paragon points into INT since you’re capped at +25% MS from Items and Paragon. Tiny value.

Attack Speed IS A GREAT STAT for Helltooth! Sadly, it’s very difficult to accommodate. Again, at very high Paragon you can ditch INT on smaller slots for it.

Witching Hour? To greed or not to greed. Belts serve an amazing defensive stat slot for this build and Witching Hour doesn’t exactly do that, right? If you’re going Witching Hour you may as well go all out with INT VIT AS CHD.

I’m not sure yet what the final format will be for the Set guides in S7 and onwards. But the above is definitely a good start.
Please chime in if you have any ideas.

That’s it (for now!) – Hopefully the Helltooth Build Guide helped you out. We plan to expand on the new set guides once we decide on a good format, with information relevant to many different types of players. Of course, these guides will always be focused on the “end-game”.

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