Hello hunters – here we talk all about Augmentations in Monster Hunter World. First of all let’s get the basics of augmentations over with.

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What are Augmentations?

What are Augmentations? “Improve” otherwise already maxed out Weapons and Armor. There are various weapon augmentation types. Armor augmentation increases flat defense.

How to unlock Augmentations?

How to unlock Augmentations? Being HR50, afaik? You have to beat the quest Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands, which pits you up against Tempered Kirin.

Best Augments?

What are the best Augments? I’ll talk about that first, after these basics.

Augmentation costs

How much to Augment? It depends on the rarity of weapon. Armor is pretty much the same no matter what. I’ll list down the costs in detail down there.

What can be augmented

What can be Augmented? Weapons and Armor. Armor augmentation is simple and I’ll talk about it way down there. I assume most people here wanna learn about Weapon Augmentation, which I’ll talk about first.

MHW Weapon Augmentation Summary

  • Rarity 8 weapons fit 1 Augmentation.
  • Rarity 7 weapons fit 2 Augmentations.
  • Rarity 6 weapons fit 3 Augmentations.
Augmentation Short description
Attack Increase Adds “three Attack Boosts” worth of base attack damage to your weapon.
Affinity Increase Adds 10/5/5 Affinity% on your base weapon stats.
Defense Increase Adds 10/?/? Defense on your weapon. (BAD)
Slot upgrade Adds S/M/B slot on your weapon (Meh)
Health Regen “Lifesteal”. It’s a percent of your damage. (Exact unknown)

What’s the best Augmentation for my weapon?

99.99% of the time, I will recommend the Health Regen (“Lifesteal”) augment.

Health Regen (Lifesteal): is a god tier augmentation. Its effect simply CANNOT BE REPLICATED easily, or at all. If you sheath your weapon even ONCE MORE than if you otherwise didn’t have it to drink a potion – it’s already better than attack increase.

For a vast majority of hunters on a vast majority of hunts, Health Regen will simply obliterate the efficiency of ANY OTHER AUGMENT, hands down

All of my weapons have at least ONE level of Health Regen.

When would I not take it? and Why?

I would only skip Health Regen if I was going for the speediest of speed kills where shaving a few seconds would make or break my record (if it even meant that much for me).

Like I said, with perfect play, Attack Increase would (very loosely on average) improve your kill time by 10% AT MOST. So a 180 second run goes down to 162 seconds or so. But, if you sheathed your weapon to recover health, twice to be conservative, HEALTH REGEN ALREADY BEAT IT. 

Health Regen simply boosts HUNT SUCCESS RATE VASTLY, versus any other augment that IMPROVES HUNT SPEED by a small margin. If that tiny margin matters for you, then you probably are in the razors edge of speedrunning.

ITS EVEN OFFENSIVE! 1, or even stacking 2 levels of it can allow you to run some EXTREMELY offensive builds of utter greed and be REPAID IN MASSIVE LIFEGAIN!

Augmentation FAQ part II

I can only give “informed recommendations“. The aboslute correct answer depends on far too many things for me to say with outright authority “A is correct vs B”. Sorry.

Affinity Increase versus Attack Increase augmentation? Oh boy this one gets asked A LOT. I cannot tell you what to get as each build is different. Lemme run it down for ya.

If your weapon has negative affinity – take Affinity once if you can.

If your weapon has high affinity – take Attack Increase once if you can.

Attack increase is better on non-elemental weapons, as the gem BOOSTS the small gain from it (however, a lot of the good ones have negative aff).

As a general, and I mean it, general recommendation. If your weapon has negative to zero affinity – take affinity. If it has 10 or more affinity, take Attack Increase.

However, ultimately, BOTH CHOICES have an OPPORTUNITY COST of “3 small slots”. Since Attack Increase is roughly worth 3 Attack Jewels, and Affinity increase is worth 3 Expert jewels. HOWEVER, I would rather get Attack Boost on my gear since L4 gives 5% affinity. Whereas Critical Eye is pretty meh.

Should I take Affinity augmentation twice? I personally wouldn’t in a vast majority of cases. There are cases wherein it’s good.

Is Defense Increase augmentation good? No. Feel free to correct me but my assessment is 100%, 24/7, sure as sunday, certainly, surely, with much confidence, a resounding No.

Why is Defense Increase bad? Defense is a great stat. Don’t get me wrong. It just simply isn’t worth it HERE. When compared to ANY of its peers in augmentation, the effect is simply TOO MINIMAL.

Defense is everywhere! You have FIVE armor slots which give 80+ DEFENSE. You want to add 10 on your weapon? At the cost of LIFESTEAL?

Lifesteal will improve your “survivability” much more than 10 defense EVER WILL.
Unless you are literally so bad at the game your lifesteal amount cannot equal to damage negated by 10 defense over a hunt!

I will never take this augment, ever.

Is Slot Increase augmentation good? I would have to say in most cases it’s a NO.

The only time I would take this is on a Rarity 6 weapon taking Lifesteal/Slot/Slot to get an extra medium slot. But only on “very specific builds” wherein the medium outweighs 10% affinity and some flat attack. That’s a lot of filters.

I would almost never take this on Rarity 7, and NEVER on Rarity 8. That’s just me.

Summary and Mega Basic Recommendation

Health Regen augmentation is GODLIKE. Essentially, percent based lifesteal, this is by far the heaviest “power level” of all of them. ALL OF MY WEAPONS HAVE AT LEAST L1. For most hunters even TWO ranks of this is GODLIKE! Three is a little much. It also has a hidden passive ability of “Reducing stress”, “Counteracts salt”, among others.

Affinity Increase augmentation is the next general “best bet”. Great for negative aff weapons. Great for zero aff weapons.

Attack Increase is “roughly as good” as affinity augmentation. It’s hard to explain the scenarios in my mind wherein I would take one or the other. Math is your friend. THIS IS AN AUTOPICK FOR HIGH AFFINITY WEAPONS.

Defense Boost augmentation is hot garbage. Nothing else needs being said.

Slot Upgrade augmentation is a toss-up. If you need an extra medium, sure.

Basic Augments which you can’t be sad about

Rarity Augment 1 Augment 2 Augment 3
8 Lifesteal
7 Lifesteal Affinity
6 Lifesteal Affinity Attack Boost
  • Don’t take affinity on weapons with high base affinity – swap to Attack Boost.
  • Dont’ take affinity twice – unless you made an informed decision.
  • Double lifesteal is still great. Taking it actually opens up some extremely greedy builds.

Augmentation Costs

The below tabs detail Weapon Augmentation cost by rarity. Armor discussed below.

Rarity 6Rarity 7Rarity 8
Rarity 6 Augmentation Cost
Augment Item #
Attack Increase
Warrior’s Streamstone 1
Streamstone Shard 3
Rathalos Plate 2
Affinity Increase
Warrior’s Streamstone 1
Streamstone Shard 3
Odogaron Plate 2
Defense Increase
Warrior’s Streamstone 1
Streamstone Shard 3
Bird Wyvern Gem 1
Slot Upgrade
Warrior’s Streamstone 1
Streamstone Shard 3
Legiana Plate 2
Health Regen
Warrior’s Streamstone 1
Streamstone Shard 3
Anjanath Plate 2
Rarity 7 Augmentation Cost
Augment Item #
Attack Increase
Warrior’s Streamstone 2
Streamstone 3
Rathalos Ruby 1
Affinity Increase
Warrior’s Streamstone 2
Streamstone 3
Odogaron Gem 1
Defense Increase
Warrior’s Streamstone 2
Streamstone 3
Wyvern Gem 1
Slot Upgrade
Warrior’s Streamstone 2
Streamstone 3
Legiana Gem 1
Health Regen
Warrior’s Streamstone 2
Streamstone 3
Anjanath Gem 1
Rarity 8 Augmentation Cost
Augment Item #
Attack Increase
Hero’s Streamstone 1
Gleaming Streamstone 3
Teostra Gem 1
Affinity Increase
Hero’s Streamstone 1
Gleaming Streamstone 3
Daora Gem 1
Defense Increase
Hero’s Streamstone 1
Gleaming Streamstone 3
Elder Dragon Blood 2
Slot Upgrade
Hero’s Streamstone 1
Gleaming Streamstone 3
Vaal Hazak Gem 1
Health Regen
Hero’s Streamstone 1
Gleaming Streamstone 3
Nergigante Gem 1

The cost for a Rarity 6 will never “increase” to R7 or R8 on the second and third upgrades. Same goes for R7 (it will never jump to R8 costs on the second). The base cost will STAY no matter how many upgrades.

Armor Augmentations requires Streamstone and money. The type of Streamstone depends on Rarity.

Armor Augmentation – How and What? After augmenting them simply upgrade them as per usual, but they need a metric ton of spheres and money.

Well I hope you learned a thing or two about Augmentations in Monster Hunter World. And if I didn’t say it enough I’ll say it again. For 99.99% of hunters, Health Regen is THE augmentation to take. I’m not joking man.

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  1. One thing to note, any weapon that hits multiple times in one attack, such as a spread hbg or bow, it’s absolutely useless to run health aug, because the regen only procs off of the first tic of dmg in each attack, meaning that you only get a small percentage of a small amount dmg, making it borderline useless. Weapons that deal large amounts of single dmg hits are the ones that you want to use health augs on.

  2. Hi,

    I want to ask for Your opinion: I don’t completly understand the concept of using Health Regen augment 99,99% of the time, it feels like something is missing. I agree with it’s godlikeness, but…
    I mean, what advantages will you realize with this augment in the middle of endgame tempered Elder progression? If you make a mistake and got a serious damage, you will have to counter it ASAP with HP potions, else the elder dragon will execute you with your next hit, if your reaction is not fast enough.

    As I see, using Health Regen augment (for the main goal to boost to your overall survivability) is only worth if you have a good synergy skill/build from which you can also DPS profit –> for example Peak performance, which gives you +attack if your health is full.

    And the problem kicks exactly here: building to this way (health reg + peak perf) means you will have to sacrifice sooner or later dps stats/skills, to maximize the advantage of health reg augment.

    So, why focusing health reg 99,99% of time instead of affinity augment (which is a pure dps boost) if you have to deal with HP problems during fights anyway?

    (sry for bad English)
    Best regards,

    • Stress versus Success Rate. It’s that simple.

      If you’re confident enough to run a full DPS build wherein you mitigate your rare mistake with a potion so you dont get 1 shot – that’s fine, Health Regen isn’t for you. However, if you have a hybrid build taking the most valuable defensive and offensive boosts for the encounter then health regen will elevate your build further – granting a HUGE REDUCTION OF STRESS and GAINING A LARGE BOOST TO SUCCESS CHANCE. Hence why I always play with Divine Protection 3 and Lifesteal because these two are simply absurd in tandem.

      If i want to clear as fast as possible or break my own records, then that’s a different story.

      For the vast majority out there having 1x Lifesteal on your weapon is a vastly SAFER investment versus affinity. Some people dont mind making duiplicates for absolute tryhard runs.

      Trust me, I see where you’re coming from. But if you’re at the point wherein you do not want or need lifesteal, then this guide is not for you – ya know?

    • If that’s the case, I was probably even comparing it with Elementless numbers – this is actually great news and furthers my conclusions that HEALTH REGEN > AFFINITY > ATK > else. Will recheck either way

  3. So if i had a lvl 8 weapon with one augmentation slot and hasten recovery with 0 affinity, should I add affinity instead since i only have one slot?

    • I don’t know if they changed Hasten Recovery from the last time I used it – but it was very very subpar. Personally, I would STILL pack on health regen (lifesteal). It’s that good for me – it allows so much greed in builds. 10% affinity can be gained via 1x Maximum Might. How will you replicate LIFESTEAL? But that’s just me.

  4. Haha, I came to your site to find various damage numbers, but I had to come here to see if your conclusion on health regen was the same as mine. Yup!

    I augmented my Divine Slasher with Health regen a couple days ago, and now I kill Hazaaks literally three times faster. It is stunning how much damage you can put out if you never have to drink a potion.

  5. Hi I would like to ask for Diablo’s charge blade is it a good idea to use both slots for health augment or should I do one health regen and one Attack increase. Is the second health augment noticebable ? Thanks very much.

    • Here’s what I would do: put in the first health regen and see how you like it. The second health regen … it depends “how well you do” with 1. For a lot of people 1 is enough. If you add one and feel like your success rate will improve with more healing go for the second

  6. Hi can I ask if I’m using Diablo’s tyrannies charge blade would u suggest using two health regen ? Or one health regen n one Attack for both augment slots. I’m thinking is the second health regen difference noticeable ? Thanks much for ur reply.

    • Here’s what I would do: put in the first health regen and see how you like it. The second health regen … it depends “how well you do” with 1. For a lot of people 1 is enough. If you add one and feel like your success rate will improve with more healing go for the second

    • I honestly don’t know. I did very basic tests seeing how it stacked up with Vaal Hazak and HR augment but the results were never “scientific” enough. I imagine this is quite easy to test with high power per strike weapons (Greatsword). My gut felt like it DOES stack, but don’t quote me on it

  7. Hi. Should I use ATTACK augumentation if im using LBG KARMA and my affinity is nearly 95% or health regen is better choice?

    • It really depends on your goal. Attack will shave a few seconds from hunts, and Lifesteal can save you from a few potion usages, which equates to less time as well. Personally, health regen is the way to go for me – but both are valid.

  8. Hello , please bear with me as it is my first time to play MH.. i am using GS leviathans fury , and if i am aiming for 3 crit jewel and 5 attck jewels, does this mean i still should go for lifesteal augment rather than attack? Please advise. Thanks!

  9. Armor augment requirements are different for each rarity. 6 requires streamstone shards, 7 requires streamstone, and 8 requires gleaming streamstone to unlock maximum upgrades. Feel free to update, useful guide!

    • Yes! bow is one of the weapons that can live without it but in many cases I would still go for it. I would rather have lifesteal and find out i don’t need it rather than not taking it and finding out I do need it. That right there is a solid advice I would give to almost every player.

    • ((No, you don’t want lifesteal on a bow, it hardly recovers any health to be worth it. Might as well run speed eating/quick sheathe.))

  10. You asked to be corrected, so… The common misunderstanding is that defense is JUST defense. It is, like it was in Monster Hunter 4, a COMPLETE defense augmentation. If you only read the Equipment Info and saw +10 defense before moving on, your assessment is valid. If you read the description and thought about the wording, you would realize it also includes Divine Protection. If you don’t know, Divine Protection is that thing where you take a hit and it is 15% / 30% / 50% less damage.
    Now let’s do some math. You have dual blades that do roughly 10 per swipe. You swipe 50 times and 10 of those hits give you the (damage-based) health regeneration. Next, you have +10 defense and took 15% of the total incoming damage on 40% of the hits you took (but if you’ve ever used Divine Protection, you know it’s roughly 60%). Defender (hi) is another source of “unspecified” Divine Protection. Unlike MH4U, you can no longer rely on always finding a meal that offers defender at all.
    At the end of the day, though, it is all about how often you really take damage. If you dodge everything, then there is no real use for either. If you like to take wild swings with a switch axe, you want health regeneration. If you are using dual blades, then defense is going to pay off.

  11. Would you suggest a Lifesteal augment for a Great Sword user. I’m just curious if lifesteal is proportionate to how hard one hits or just how frequently…?


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