Hey guys! Welcome to our Witch Doctor’s The Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon Guide. Here we will talk about what build to use, skills, items, notes, map and more!

Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon Build

Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon Dungeon Build
Items   Skill & Rune
Head Helltooth Mask Piranhas Piranhado
Shoulder Helltooth Mantle Wall of Death Ring of Poison
Chest Helltooth Tunic Soul Harvest Soul to Waste
Wrist Jeram (Any) Spirit Walk Severance
Hands Helltooth Gauntlet ZDogs (Any) Leeching Beasts
Belt Any (Krelm’s) Gargantuan Humongoid
Legs Helltooth Leg Guard Passives
Boots Helltooth Greaves Pierce the Veil Midnight Feast
Neck T.Pledge (Mara) Grave Injustice Swampland A.
Ring Any (C.Rose) Kanai’s Cube
Ring Any (SMF) In-geom, Shukrani’s Triumph
Main Any (Harvester) Jeram, Leoric’s Crown
Off Any (Shukrani’s) Mara’s Kaleidoscope, SMF
Legendary Gems
Bane of the Powerful
Bane of the Trapped
Irrelevant (Gogok of Swiftness)

Options & Notes:

  • The “any” slots are irrelevant and can even be yellows. There’s no “must” in that slot.
  • Shukrani’s and In-geom are the only HIGH IMPACT items in this build!
  • Cooldown reduction and movespeed are THE MOST IMPORTANT STATS.
  • You need to be STRONG ENOUGH for one Wall to outright kill enemies (not hard).
  • If you can one-shot elites – better.

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Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon Location & Map

Where’s the Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon? It’s located at the Royal Crypt.

  • Teleport to way point ACT I – Royal Crypt.
  • Keep going forward, it’s near Leoric’s boss room.
  • You know the “gated room” before Leoric? enter that and the entrance is there!
The Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon Map / Layout?

How to Beat & Master Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon

This one can be frustrating but a neat trick is restarting when it seems bad early on!

Map & Pathing

Familiarize yourself with the map first. A sample path is shown above.

  • Open up and traverse towards the lower loop of the B.
  • Complete the top half of the B.
  • You’ll cross the “intersection” twice with this route, which is great since there’s a lot of straggler potential around that zone.
  • Finish off with the right-hand “spoon”.

Tips & Explanations

Objective: Kill X enemies with a single Wall of Death

This can get very very frustrating. Keep in mind, that you do not have many opportunities to actually do this.

Try it in the rooms – not the hallways – as stated, there are small “rooms” where you have a better chance at this. FORCING it in the hallways will waste time, think of the hallways as a bonus! If it happens, great!

The first room should yield 1 – if not, I suggest a restart. If you get 2 in the first room or two, it’s a good spawn and should yield a clear! (I’ve gotten 2x in the first room a few times)

Why the poison rune? Well, for me it’s the best choice. It’s powerful and they only need to touch it once for its DoT to take effect. Others use cold or fire, feel free to experiment.

Make sure it kills: Jeram’s Bracers are the best “one item fix” for this. If you cannot reliably kill these guys with a single cast – you shouldn’t be here. Killing the elite with it is a luxury, but I managed to do it with Jeram cubed and a yellow bracer with +poison.

Objective: Do not take any poison damage 

You can do this naturally if you like, but you won’t be very happy! With that being said I recommend using Mara’s Kaleidoscope.

Call it a crutch, I ain’t here to discuss the “purity” of a set dungeon. You want an easier clear? Equip Mara’s and forget about this objective.

All in all, while a little frustrating, Helltooth set dungeon can be cleared in a few tries!


Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

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