This is a small guide detailing a few items that newer players may not know about. Namely the Powercharm, Armorcharm, Powertalon, and Armortalon specifically in Monster Hunter: World – these items are the only true “MUST HAVE/CRAFT ITEMS” in MHW. No exaggeration.

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Why? What do the charms and talons do? These charms and talons passively increase Attack and Defense while in your inventory. You don’t need to “use” them. They simply DO.

Do charms and talons stack? Yes, 1 of each. In case you misunderstood that – Powercharm stacks with Powertalon. Same goes for Armorcharm and Armortalon.

Strangely, the roadblock for some players is MONEY (zenny).

How to get Powercharm & Armorcharm

It’s rather simple. You buy them from the provisions guy. Powercharm costs 36,000 zenny, while Armorcharm costs 24,000 zenny. Simple enough.

I honestly don’t know if they’re locked behind a specific HR.
I would guess they are. Care to chime in on this?

How to get Powertalon & Armortalon

Powertalon is crafted via 1 Powercharm + 1 Bazelgeuse Talon.
Armortalon is crafted via 1 Armorcharm + 1 Bazelgeuse Talon.

The only limitation to when you can craft these is simply whenever you can first kill Bazelgeuse. I highly recommend getting those 2 Bazelgeuse Talons ASAP once he’s unlocked.

Talon & Charm Acquisition Summary

Item Zenny  Materials
Powercharm 36000
Armorcharm 24000
Powertalon 36000 Bazelgeuse Talon
Armortalon 24000 Bazelgeuse Talon
Totals 120000 Bazelgeuse Talon 2x

Not too bad as long as you aren’t broke.

How much attack does Powercharm and Powertalon give?

To be honest, much more than I ever expected. 

Due to each weapons “intrinsic modifier”, the final results vary per weapon. Powercharm gives roughly “TWO nodes of Attack Boost” worth per weapon. Powertalon roughly gives 3 nodes of AB (5 AB total). In other words “Really damn good“.

Weapon Type Powercharm Attack Powertalon Attack Total Gains
Switchaxe 21 31 52
Charge Blade 21 33 54
Bow 7 11 18
Light Bowgun 8 11 19

I may as well complete this table very soon, but you get the idea.

How much defense does Armorcharm and Armortalon give?

This is much simpler.
Armorcharm gives 12 Defense flat (none to elementals).
Armortalon gives 18 Defense flat (none to elementals).

A welcome bonus, but far from the efficiency and potency of their attack counterparts. While they’re technically worth more in terms of skill slots in when compared to Defense Boost, DB is such a poor skill to be a reasonable bar to aim for.

TL;DR Charms and Talons are amazing and EVERYONE SHOULD CRAFT THEM.
If you had to choose which goes first, Power > Armor.

Well that’s about it for the Power/Armor Charm/Talon items in MHW. Free stats is free stats. If you ever wondered if “the inventory slot is worth it” (It very much IS, in case you missed the memo), hopefully this dispelled your SILLY doubts.

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  1. Must beat ‘Horned Tyrant Below the Sands’ aka first Diablos quest to unlock the charms. Bazelguese also appears in the Wildspire Waste around the same time (I first encountered Bazelguese on the main-story Pukei quest in Wildspire)


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