Hey guys! As stated, a guide all about Cooking in FFXV! I’ve unlocked all recipes and food – but there’s still quite a bit of info I wanna put up here.

I’m now in the process of uploading pics and vids of the difficult recipes!
Also double / triple checking the old / brainless recipe unlocks.
I’m sure I made a typo or five (or mispaste) in there, bare with me.

  • List of all food buffs : from Ignis and Restaurants.
  • Recipes & Food unlocking :copies in-game grid, easily see what you’re missing.
  • Ingredient list (TBA) (Gotta chunk through my notes…)

FFXV Cooking : Food List| Unlocking all Recipes & Food | Unlocking Help | TBA

FFXV Food List (Ignis & Restaurant)

This table also copies the order in which they appear in the in-game recipe list, however, it’s presented vertically. If you want to see it exactly as it is in-game, check the Recipe list.

Spoiler title

It’s very hard to format this info… but try these search terms using the box!

  • “!” filters the table to all “special” food buffs. Try it out. ! without quotes.
  • Try filtering via stats, but it’s difficult since they don’t come in the same order always…
  • IGN filters all Ignis food. RTR filters all restaurant food.
  • Try combining! “IGN ATK”, “RTR DEF”, “ATK HP”
  • “Ignis Recipe” means it will trigger Ignis to learn something from the resto. I’m sure I missed a couple of the early ones, so please chime in.
IGNFlame-Roasted ToastATK1----
IGNToasty Rice BallsHP1----
IGNCroque MadameATK3----
IGNVeggie Medley StewATK2HP3--
IGNMystery Meat SushiATK5HP2--
IGNBurly Bean BowlATK4HP6--
IGNPrairie-Style SkewersATK4HP4
IGNMulti-Meat SanwichHP2EXP2--!EXP Boost by 20%
IGNOil-Drizzled Steamed FishATK6HP4MAG5
IGNGrease Monkey's Schnitzel SanwichATK8HP4--
IGNBreaded Cutlet with TomatoATK6HP5--
IGNSpicy Long-bone Rib SteakATK5HP4
IGNClassic Tomato & Egg Stir-FryATK10RGN2--
IGNDish and ChipsHP6----
IGNDry-Aged Tender Roast StewATK8HP5--
IGNGrilled Wild TrevallyATK7HP2--
IGNCarcuterie on ToastATK8HP4
IGNCreamy Fowl SauteATK8HP4POI!Poisonproof: Prevents poison.
IGNFried Frontier StewHP10CRB3--!Critical Boost: Increase critical hit rate by 30%
IGNPeppery Daggerquil RiceATK8HP5RGN1
IGNQuillhorn SoupATK10RGN3--
IGNCreamy Crustacean OmeletteATK10MAG10HP10
IGNEgg-Fried Crustacean BowlATK10MAG10HP12
IGNBattered BarramundiATK10HP10--
IGNCrown City Dive-Style DumplingsATK10MAG10HP6
IGNAce Hunter's SchnitzelATK12HP8--
IGNStacked Ham SandwichHP8EXP5--!EXP Boost by 50%
IGNGrilled Wild BarramundiATK8MAG8HP10
IGNFluffly Chiffon CakeDEF20SPR20HP20
IGNGarden CurryATK8HP10FLA5!Flameproof: Fire resistance +50
IGNTriple Truffle RisottoHP8RGN3POI-!Poisonproof: Prevents poison.
IGNRobust Bean SoupHP12RGN2TCH-!Technician: Accelerates the replenishment of the tech bar.
IGNMeat-and-Beet BouillonATK10HP10POI-!Poisonproof: Prevents poison.
IGNFree-Range Fowl on RiceATK10HP10RGN1
IGNCreamy Milk RisottoHP12RGN3TOA-!Toadproof: Prevents toad.
IGNLestallum Stewed TripeMAG20RGN3--
IGNFried Rookie on RiceATK10HP8POI-!Poisonproof: Prevents poison.
IGNToadsteak DrumsticksATK12MAG10HP10
IGNMeldacio Meat PieATK15MAG15HP10
IGNFIsherman's Favorite PaellaATK12RGN1HP12
IGNNebula Salmon TeriyakiATK15MAG15HP12
IGNCroaker in Brown SauceATK15HP12TOA-!Toadproof: Prevents toad.
IGNSkewered Wild TroutATK15HP16TOA-!Toadproof: Prevents toad.
IGNPacked Mushroom StewLST-ATK20MAG20!Last Stand: MAXHP DOWN, Combat stats UP.
IGNMoist Tomato CakeDEF20SPR30HP20
IGNCrispy Fish FritterwichATK16HP16--
IGNHot Hopper SkewersEQL-----!Toadproof, !Equalizer: More damage if enemies are higher level than you.
IGNDarkshells MarinieresATK10TCH---!Technician: Accelerates the replenishment of the tech bar.
IGNPaella de PolloATK15HP10--
IGNTomalley-Fried DumplingsATK10MAG20HP6
IGNBeanball CroquettesHP10RES-RSL-!Resilient: Prevents most status ailments.
IGNGolden Egg GaletteATK12HP8--
IGNSweet & Spicy Cygilan CrabATK10HP4FLA7!Flameproof: Fire resistance
IGNKenny's Original RecipeATK15DEF20--
IGNMother and Child Rice BowlHP20EXP3PER5!Perception: Item drop+
IGNPrime Garula RibEND-HP10--!Endurance: Sprint without stamina
IGNHorntooth Meat PieATK16MAG16HP12
IGNHunters' Krazy KebabsATK20HP16--
IGNCreamy BisqueATK16RGN4--
IGNThick 'n' Juicy SteakEND-HP20--!Endurance: Sprint without stamina
IGNThree-Mushroom KebabsATK15HP16RSL-!Resilient: Prevents most status ailments. !Resistant; NULLIFIES Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks.
IGNGreen Soup CurryATK16HP16FLA7!Flameproof: Fire resistance
IGNRoyal Road PaellaATK15HP20END-!Endurance: Sprint without stamina
IGNElegant Orange CakeDEF25SPI40HP20
IGNBlazing Braised GizzardMAG30RGN2--
IGNCarp of the DiemATK10HP30POI-!Poisonproof: Prevents poison.
IGNGrilled Mighty BarramundiRES-RSL---!Resilient: Prevents most status ailments.
IGNFire-Sauce FilletATK20MAG20HP12
IGNKarlabos Cream CroquettesATK20HP20RGN2
IGNTaelpar Harvest GaletteMAG12SPR40HP20
IGNSweet Saltwater Crustacean CurryATK12HP16FLA5!Flameproof (Fire Resistance)
IGNPapa Bird & Baby BowlHP20EXP4PER10!Perception: Item drop+
IGNFishsticks on SticksHP20CRT5--
IGNSea Bass SauteHP30TOA-FRO5!Toadproof !Frostproof
IGNAnointed Allural Sea BassATK20HP20MAG15
IGNDevilfin SoupATK20RGN5--
IGNMarrowshroom ChowderCLA-----!Clairvoyant - Guarantees critical hits.
IGNSmoked BehemothATK40HP20END-!Endurance: Sprint without stamina
IGNHearty Cutlet on RiceATK25HP30--
IGNTide Grouper CarpaccioATK30HP20DEA-!Death-Defying: Prevents instant death.
IGNCrown City RoastATK40HP60--
IGNLasagna al FornoHP80EXP10RES-!Resistant; NULLIFIES Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks.
IGNGolden Tail SoupCLA-RGN6--!Clairvoyant - Guarantees critical hits.
IGNSeasoned MidgarsormrEQL-ATK35HP20!Equalizer: More damage if enemies are higher level than you.
IGNLegendary Herb-Grilled WhopperBRA-----!Braveheart - Greatly increase STR, but magic 0.
IGNFried Tide GrouperATK50----
IGNRoc of Ravatogh RiceATK30HP30--
IGNBroiled King-on-a-StickATK30HP30RSL-!Resilient: Prevents most status ailments.
IGNMemory Lane PastryMGM-----!Magemaster: Greatly increases magic but reduces strength to 0.
IGNExcellent Oven-Roasted TroutATK35HP40FLA5!Flameproof (Fire Resistance)
IGNKing's StewATK40HP40--
IGNCrispy Zu SkewersHP40CRB8--!Critical Boost crit chance by 80%
IGNKenny's Secret RecipeATK40MAG30DEF30
IGNOak-Smoked Devil GarHP40RES---!Resistant; NULLIFIES Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks.
IGNRoyal Banquet CanapePRI-EXP5--!Prime Stats and EXP + 50%
IGNLongwythe's PeakATK60HP80RGN8
IGNChilled Food Tin------The saddest food ever...
IGNCup NoodlesATK3HP6--
IGNCup Noodles (For Quest)ATK3HP6--It's a "one time use" irrelevant recipe tied in to the quest "A Perfect Cup"
IGNCup Noodles (After Quest)ATK8HP10EXP2No matter you choose beef or egg, you'll get this.
IGNCheese PizzaATK10POI-EDB-!Poisonproof: Prevents poison. Increases stamina. (Preorder only)
RTRChili Con CarneATK2HP1--(Ignis recipe) (Hammerhead)
RTRLeiden JambalayaATK15HP4RGN1(Hammerhead)
RTRHammerhead Hot SandwichATK8HP4--(Ignis recipe) (Hammerhead)
RTRSizzling Humongo SteakEND-HP20--!Endurance: Enables sprinting without using stamina. (Ignis recipe) (Hammerhead)
RTRGaldin GratinFRE-HP10EXP1!Fresh: All stats and EXP +10%. (Galdin Quay)
RTRWhite Fish in Tomato SauceATK16HP18POI-!Poisonproof: Prevent poison. (Galdin Quay)
RTRSea's Bounty RisottoATK12HP12RGN1(Ignis recipe) (Galdin Quay)
RTRSteamed Crab with Rock SaltRES----!Resistant: Nullifies fire, ice and lightning attacks. (Galdin Quay)
RTRTenebraen Berry OperaMGM----!Magemaster: STR 0, Magic greatly increased. (Ignis recipe) (Galdin Quay)
RTRJetty'sPOI-TOA--!Poisonproof, Toadproof: Prevents poison and toad. (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's FriesHP6----(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's SalmonATK15DEF20--(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRJetty'sPOI-TOA--!Poisonproof, Toadproof: Prevents poison and toad. (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's FriesHP6----(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's SalmonATK15DEF20--(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRGyashl ChipsHP8----
RTRGreen SmoothieFLA9FRO9STO9!Flame, Frost, Stormproof: Increase these resists by 90. (Wiz Chocobo Post)
RTRChocobo Club SandwichATK8HP8TOA!Toadproof: Prevents toad. (Wiz Chocobo Post)
RTRFat Chocobo Triple DeckerHP8EXP5!EXP Boost 50% - QUESTING NEEDED. (Ignis recipe) (Wiz Chocobo Post)
RTRJetty'sPOI-TOA---!Poisonproof, Toadproof: Prevents poison and toad. (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's FriesHP6----(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's SalmonATK15DEF20--(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRJetty'sPOI-TOA---!Poisonproof, Toadproof: Prevents poison and toad. (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's FriesHP6----(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's SalmonATK15DEF20--(Ignis recipe) (Many Diners)
RTRKenny's "Special" SalmonATK40MAG30DEF30(Ignis recipe) (Old Lestallum)
RTRPeanut Sauce SkewersATK12HP8--(Lestalum (Middle))
RTRSoup & BreadATK15RGN4--(Lestalum (Middle))
RTRBird-Broth Rice with CurryATK8HP5RGN1(Ignis recipe) (Lestalum (Middle))
RTROffal StewMAG20RGN3--(Ignis recipe) (Lestalum (Market))
RTRSpicy SkewersEQL-ATK35HP25!Equalizer: Greater level difference, greater damage. (Lestalum (Market))
RTRRoti and Curry PlateATK12MAG10HP4(Lestallum (Roadside))
RTRSoul SoupATK12SPR20FIR7!Flameproof: Fire Resistance. (Lestallum (Roadside))
RTRBig Bread BunsHP12RGN2--(Lestallum (Roadside))
RTRMeat & Onion SkewersATK20HP20--(Ignis recipe) (Meldacio Hunter HQ)
RTRMama Ezma's Meat PieATK15MAG15HP10(Ignis recipe) (Meldacio Hunter HQ)
RTRHunter's RagoutATK40HP40--(Ignis recipe) (Meldacio Hunter HQ)
RTRVerinas SpudsHP6--(Verinas - Ravatogh)
RTRTender Bird FrittersATK12HP8FLA5!Flameproof: Fire resistance +50
RTRSmoked Dualhorn ShankATK40HP20END-!Endurance: Enables sprinting without using stamina. (Ignis recipe)
RTRJetty'sPOI-TOA---!Poisonproof, Toadproof: Prevents poison and toad.
RTRKenny's FriesHP6----(Ignis recipe)
RTRKenny's SalmonATK15DEF20--(Ignis recipe)
RTRFine Caviar CanapePRI-EXP5--!Prime: Greatly boost all stats, and EXP +50%
RTRMaagho LasagnaHP80EXP10RES-!Resistant; NULLIFIES Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks. (Ignis recipe)
RTRFettini di CerniaATK30HP20DTH-!Death-Defying: Prevents instant death. (Ignis recipe)
RTRWood-Smoked FishHP30TOA-FRO5!Frostproof, Ice resistance. !Toadproof prevents toad. (Ignis recipe)

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FFXV Cooking : Food List| Unlocking all Recipes & Food | Unlocking Help | TBA

FFXV Unlocking all Food & Recipes (Grid)

This section mimics the in-game food & recipe list. You can access that from the Main Menu -> Archives -> Dishes. This helps you know exactly what recipe you’re missing. It also has quick notes on how to unlock it. Having problems unlocking recipes? Click.

All Recipes COMPLETE! But… The very early or brainless ones –
I cannot backtrack to know 100% its unlock requirements.
I WILL ADD PICS/VIDS of the books and annoying recipes.

Ignis Recipe & Food Completion (mimics in-game grid)
Flame-Roasted Toast Toasty Rice Balls Croque Madame
Default Default Cooking Level 1
Veggie Medley Stew Mystery Meat Sushi Burly Bean Bowl
Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Resto: Chili con… (Hammerhead)
Prairie-Style Skewers Multi-Meat Sandwich Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish
Cooking Level 2 Ingredient: Aegir Root Cooking Level 3
Grease Monkey’s Schnitzel Sandwich Breaded Cutlet with Tomato Spicy Long-bone Rib Steak
Resto: Hammerhead Hot Sandwich Cooking Level 4 Unlocked via (Ingredients?)
Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry Dish and Chips Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew
Read – Orient G: Longwythe Rest Resto: Kenny’s Fries Unlocked via (Ingredients?)
Gilled Wild Trevally Carcuterie on Toast Creamy Fowl Saute
Fishing: Trevally Fillet Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Cooking Level 5
Fried Frontier Stew Peppery Daggerquil Rice Quillhorn Soup
Kill: Bulette Shank (?) Resto: Bird-broth… (Lestallum) Ingredient: Wild Onion
Creamy Crustacean Omelette Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl Battered Barramundi
Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Cookbook: Old Lestallum Read – Orient F: Galdin Quay
Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings Ace Hunter’s Schnitzel Stacked Ham Sandwich
Read – Orient B: Leide Tunnel Read – Orient C: Coernix Cauthess RestoQuest: Wiz, Triple Decker…
Grilled Wild Barramundi Fluffly Chiffon Cake Cannedwich
Scheir Turmeric Cooking Level 6 Observation: Prairie Outpost
Garden Curry Triple Truffle Risotto Robust Bean Soup
Ingredient: Schier Turmeric Ingredients: Altstroom Cooking Level 7
Meat-and-Beet Bouillon Free-Range Fowl on Rice Creamy Milk Risotto
Read – Orics 3: Prairie Outpost Kill Cockatrice: Chickatrice Leg Cooking Level 8
Lestallum Stewed Tripe Fried Rookie on Rice Toadsteak Drumsticks
Resto: Offal Stew (Lestallum) Read – Orics 2: Lestallum Kill Gigantoad (chance?)
Meldacio Meat Pie Fisherman’s Favorite Paella Nebula Salmon Teriyaki
Resto: Ezma’s Pie (Meldacio) Resto: Sea’s Bounty… (Galdin) Read – Orics: Telghey Haven
Salmon-in-a-suit Croaker in Brown Sauce Skewered Wild Trout
Read – Orics 7: Telghey Haven (?) Read – Orics 1: Furloch Farms Unlocked via (Ingredients?)
Packed Mushroom Stew Moist Tomato Cake Crispy Fish Fritterwich
Ingredient: Vesproom Buy Killer Tomato (Lestallum) Fishing: Zipper Barramundi Fillet
Hot Hopper Skewers Darkshells Marinieres Paella De Pollo
Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Read – Orics 6: Vesperpools
Tomalley-Filled Dumplings Beanball Croquettes Golden Egg Galette
Read – Orics 5: Old Lestallum Read – Orient D: Pallareth Pass Read – Orient E: Cape Caem
Sweet & Spicy Cygilan Crab Kenny’s Original Recipe Mother and Child Rice Bowl
Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Resto: Kenny’s Salmon (Many) Unlocked via (Ingredients?)
Prime Garula Rib Garulessandwich Horntooth Meat Pie
Cookbook: Wiz Chocobo Post Buy Cleigne Wheat (Lestallum) Observation: Maldacio Hunter HQ
Hunter’s Krazy Kebabs Creamy Bisque Thick n’ Juicy Steak
Resto: (Meldacio) Kill Karlabos (Karlabos Claw) Resto: Sizzli… (Hammerhead)
Three-Mushroom Kebabs Green Soup Curry Royal Road Paella
Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Unlocked via (Ingredients?) Read: Saxham Outpost NE
Elegant Orange Cake Blazing Braised Gizzard Carp of the Diem
Ingredient: Duscaean Orange Ingredient: Kettier Ginger Fishing: Lucian Carp Fillet
Grilled Mighty Barramundi Fire-Sauce Fillet Karlabos Cream Croquettes
Fishing: Mighty Barramundi Fillet Read – Orient A: Coernix Aistor Cookbook: Caem Outpost
Taelpar Harvest Galette Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry Papa Bird & Baby Bowl
Cookbook – Burbost Souvenir Emp Cookbook – Verinas Ravatogh Observe: Lestallum Decks Day
Fishsticks on Sticks Sea Bass Saute Anointed Allural Sea Bass
Read – Orics 4: Galdin Quay Resto: Wood Smoked… (Maagho) Fishing: Allural Sea Bass Fillet
Devilfin Soup Marrowshroom Chowder Smoked Behemoth
Ingredients: Coraldevil Fin Cookbook: Maagho store Resto: Smoked Dualh…(Ravatogh)
Hearty Cutlet on Rice Tide Grouper Carpaccio Crown City Roast
Read: Vesperpools Bridge, under Resto: Maagho, Kill(?): Jabberwocky Meat
Lasagna al Forno Golden Tail Soup Seasoned Midgarsormr
Cooking Level 9 Cooking Level 10 Resto: Spicy Skewers (Lestallum)
Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper Fried Tide Grouper Roc of Ravatogh Rice
Fishing: Vesper Gar Fishing: Tide Grouper Fillet Cookbook – Meldacio HQ
Broiled King-on-a-Stick Memory Lane Pastry Excellent Oven-Roasted Trout
Fishing: King Trout RestoQuest: Berry Opera (Galdin) Fishing: Platinum Myrltrout
King’s Stew Crispy Zu Skewers Kenny’s Secret Recipe
Resto: Hunters’ Ragout (Meldacio) Kill Zu (Zu Tender) Resto: Kenny’s “Special” (Old Lesta)
Oak-Smoked Devil Gar Royal Banquet Canape Longwythe’s Peak
Fishing: Spotted Devil Gar Resto: Fine Caviar… (Maagho) Read – Orics 8: Three Valleys
Chilled Food Tin Cup Noodles Cup Noodles (For Quest)
Story quest. Buy Cup Noodle (Lestallum) Only to progress quest…
Cup Noodles (After Quest) Cheese Pizza
Quest: The Perfect Cup Pre-order only

Again, you can access this via Main menu – Archives – Dishes.

FFXV Cooking : Food List| Unlocking all Recipes & Food | Unlocking Help


Unlocking Missing Recipes : Notes, problems, etc…

Not all recipes which require a specific ingredient will trigger its unlock.
HOW you obtained the ingredient matters!

Basic Ingredient Unlock: Most, if not all, recipes are tied to when you obtain an ingredient. For many recipes, it doesn’t matter if you buy, pickup, loot from an enemy, harvest or fish – you’ll get it once you snag the “key” ingredient. Some, I feel, are triggered upon getting ALL required ingredients. These are the easy ones. Buy every ingredient once from every food NPC to get most of ’em unlocked. This should be your first step.

Only buy from NPC: Killer Tomato and Cleigne Wheat say hi. Two of the last recipes I unlocked were because I never actually bought these two from NPC’s. Yes, this is real. I’m sure there are a few more out there.

Fishing: some recipes require you to actually fish the fillets up yourself! It doesn’t matter if you bought the fillets… nope. You have to EARN them (IE Oak Smoked Devil Gar).

Harvest: Just like fishing, some recipes require only the freshest material! This has some “buggy” (or maybe intended?) limitations. I know of at least TWO recipes wherein I’m damn sure I harvested the plant before – but it only unlocked WHEN I HAD ALL THE REQUIRED INGREDIENTS in my inventory. Aegir Root, Duscaean Orange, to name two.

Observations: Like Papa Bird & Baby Bowl, just watch people eat at certain places around the world. There aren’t many of these, and I ASSUME they aren’t “strictly” time-bound. If you saw them eat, then you got it!

Cookbook: Bought from “General Store NPCs” (scroll using L1/R1). You unlock the recipe right after you buy the item.

Reading: 7 from “Orienteering” signboards, 8 from “Oric’s” journals and 2 “Beautiful Banquet” (is it the correct name?) Magazines. These were a pain to find.  Simply reading them unlocks the recipe.

FFXV Cooking : Food List| Unlocking all Recipes & Food | Unlocking Help | TBA

FFXV Ingredient & Recipes list

Oh man it’ll take a while to compile my notes and find a suitable way to present it…. have some patience, fellow foodies!

FFXV Cooking : Food List| Unlocking all Recipes & Food | Unlocking Help | TBA

Well, that’s it for FFXV Cooking & Recipes! Took me a while… I wanted to rip my hair out finding the last few 2 I was missing!

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