Hey guys! In this guide, we will be updating whatever is the fastest general purpose speed farming build for Wizards! Currently – the “best general purpose” farming build is T6V4 Manald Heal / Archon based strategies.

We suggest you read these resources on speedfarming:
D3 General Speedfarming | Wizard Speedfarming Primer

Fastest Wizard Speedfarming Builds

T6V4 Wizard Best Speedfarming Builds
Equipment   Skill Rune
Head The Swami Magic Missile (Any Cold) Glacial Spike
Shoulder Vyr’s Proud Pauldrons Arcane Torrent Static Discharge
Chest TR’s Relentless Pursuit Storm Armor (Open) Power of the Storm
Hands TR’s Grasp Teleport Calamity
Legs Vyr’s Fantastic Finery Hydra Lightning Hydra
Feet Vyr’s Swaggering Stance Archon Combustion
Belt TR’s Brace
Bracer Nemesis Bracers Passives
Amulet TR’s Allegiance Paralysis
Ring Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Evocation
Ring Manald Heal (Open) Illusionist
Weapon Aether Walker (Open) (Open) Astral Presence
Off-hand TR’s Unwavering Glare
Legendary Gems   Kanai’s Cube
Gogok of Swiftness In-geom (Open)
(Open) Powerful, Pain Enhancer Fazula’s Improbable Chain
(Open) Wreath, Hoarder, Stricken Ring of Royal Grandeur

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Wizard T6V4 Speedfarming Rerolls and Stat Priority

T6V4 Wizard Speedfarming Build Rerolls & Stat Priority
Shoulder INT VIT Armor CDR Life% RES
Chest INT VIT Armor AS Life% RES
Legs INT VIT Armor RES Any
Boots INT VIT Armor RES MS% Any
Belt INT VIT Armor Life% RES Any
Wrist Lightning% INT CHC VIT Armor LpH
Neck Lightning% CHC CHD CDR Any

Archon takes your highest Elemental%, so don’t worry if it’s on Combustion.


Options and Notes

In-geom and Aether Walker – redundant?

This is just for maximum mobility. You can use any two weapons equipped and cubed for all I care. However, having In-geom reduces your Archon downtime too so I would consider keeping that for speedfarming.

You also have Archon Teleport, so yeah…

Is Manald Heal even needed?

Depending on the strength of your set and the difficulty you’re farming, you can even remove this for Avarice or something. No Manald Heal opens up quite a few possibilities.


A great possible option for the passive pulse. This could be the ultimate “lazy” configuration. You may have problems stacking it up to 20 in between Archon phases. You also lose Swami or Fazula’s which is pretty painful. Try it out?

Greater Rift farming?

This is all dependent on your power level and the rift you’re speed clearing (presumably for gem upgrades). If this is the case you’re going to want to veer towards the end-game centric build which usually includes any/all of:

Zei’s Stone of Vengeance, Starfire, Serpent’s Sparker.

Bounties? Build Changes?

The main things to consider when bountying?

Like I mentioned, this build sacrifices “brainlessness” and suffers from playstyle usability (lots of buttons…) in exchange for raw power and speed. The default build in the table is pretty much maxed out in terms of mobility via:

In-Geom, Aether Walker, and Illusionist. Not to mention the Archon infinite Teleport.

We suggest you read these resources on speedfarming:
D3 General Speedfarming | Wizard Speedfarming Primer

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  1. For the Season 11 | 2.6 Wizard Speed Farming Build, should I equip the items as I get them or wait until I have them all before equipping?
    This is my first season playing so I’m new to this haha.

    Thank you.

  2. Whats the rotation for this build?
    Was swapping from the fresh 70 build and now i cant play on the same torment getting oneshotted from white mobs.
    Could i use this gear setup with the fresh 70 skills and just swapping out Familiar for Archon?

    • Do you have the gear specified in our Wiz Speedfarming guide? What’s your goal here? Wizard can be soft so maybe you can try changing your passives or putting diamonds on your gear

  3. Bit confused about the execution of the build. When in Archon form, how do you proc any of the bonuses of the tal rashas set as well as how are you proccing manald heal? Or are we mainly just using Archon set to get stacks for when we are out of Archon which is where I feel I do the most damage.

    • Oddly, you don’t. You get a maximum TRE duration and go ham for the duration – then OPTIONALLY click it off – as it should get on cooldown very quickly (In-geom, Zodiac). At a certain level of power you don’t care if you only have a 1 stack TRE on Archon.

  4. Fully equipped all recommended gear, missing a couple gem levels but with ~600 paragon I couldn’t even clear a T13 solo due to lack of damage. Ended up just swapping my weapon out for the Aether walker and used the rest of the Tal Rasha’s set and had way more success. Maybe show a video or two of you actually using the build as poor execution is the only real theory I have for why this build didn’t work for me at all.

        • Vyr, Chantodo, Fazula, Ashnagarr, Endless Walk and a Stone of Michael Jordan with 800 para I clear a 95GR under 5 minutes. 80-85 in 2.5 minutes.

        • Furnace, Swami and ring of Zodiac in the Cube. Rubies in armor and pants, emerald in weapon and diamond in head. Reroll everything for CDR and aim to stay out of Archon for 2-4 seconds and you’ll be rolling smoothly through GRs bringing death and misery all around you


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