Hey guys! In this guide, we will be updating with the fastest / best speed farming builds for Wizards in Diablo 3! Right now, the best build template is Vyrs 6 Archon. Which is thankfully a more sane recommendation than the admittedly convoluted T6V4 Archon of seasons past.

This is the first pass for all classes speedfarming guide updates:
For wizard expect in the future: Hydra and Non-Archon specialized speed build

Wiz Best Speed Build Template: Vyr6 Archon

Here’s the basic setup and rerolls for some good ‘ol Archon farming.

Build – Items, Skills, Cube & Gems

Wiz Vyr 6 Archon Speed Farming Build Details
Slot Item Skill Rune
Weapon Chantodo’s Will Magic Weapon Deflection
Offhand Chantodo’s Force Arcane Torrent Static Discharge
Head Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Slow Time (Open) Time Warp (Exhaustion)
Shoulders Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Storm Armor Shocking Aspect (Scramble)
Chest Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Teleport Wormhole
Hands Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Archon Any (All Active)
Legs Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Passives
Boots Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Evocation Galvanizing Ward
Bracer Nemesis Bracer (A. Blood Bracer) Audacity (Semi-Open) Unstable Anomaly (Open)
Belt Fazula’s Improbable Chain Kanais Cube
Amulet Squirt’s Necklace The Furnace (Open)
Ring Halo of Karini The Swami
Ring Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac OPEN (Unity, CoE or RoRG)
Legendary Gem
Gogok of Swiftness
Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Powerful (Bane of the Stricken)


Build – Rerolls and Stat Priority

Wiz Vyr 6 Archon Speed Farming Build Rerolls
Weapon High damage INT DMG% CDR VIT Any
Offhand High damage INT CDR CHC APoC Any
Head INT VIT CHC Armor LpH Any
Shoulders INT CDR VIT Life% Armor Any
Chest INT VIT Life% Armor Any
Legs INT VIT Armor Any
Boots INT VIT Armor ALLRES MS% Any
Bracer Ele% INT CHC VIT Armor Any
Belt INT VIT Life% Armor
Amulet Socket Ele% CHC CHD CDR INT
Ring Socket INT CHC CDR CHD Any
Ring (ORotZ) Socket CDR CHC AS CHD Any

Keep in mind the above build and rerolls (best used as a template) are for a “standard balanced” speedfarming setup without taking it to the “extreme”.

Build General Notes & Options

I’ll be adding more of these notes and evolutions soon – I just want to finish the first pass for all classes first. – BRGMahiko

Archon speed farming builds get a bad reputation sometimes. Some newer wizards maybe haven’t played during the Archon heyday but it really is damn fast with Teleport. My only generic advice to gain some speed here and there is “you don’t always need 20 stacks”.

Equipment Notes

Most slots are a little rigid due to the strict nature of this build. Vyr 6, Chantodo 2, Fazula belt and The Swami helmet are simply LOCKED IN. Squirts and Karini are technically a 2 piece set too. So that leaves you with the only flexibility left in 2 cube slots.

Cube Notes

First of all, the weapon. There’s only a few choices here… Furnace while NOT REQUIRED definitely helps elite killing. I mean, what else is there!?

Things like In-Geom or Messerschmidts Reaver are either filler or Overkill IMO, or if you really don’t wanna use Zodiac.

The Kanai accessory is very open. CoE is popular but it’s technically not good for speedfarming (better for high tier GR). Unity is great for helping you survive as a human. Finally RoRG can give you some unique options for any body slot, possibly giving you Leorics Crown, Aquila Cuirass – and other similar fillers. Avarice Band is always ok here too.

Sage? Crimson? Cains?

Given the above segments – this is a natural follow up question. You can fit these sets in with the Belt of the respective sets, plus any other piece HOWEVER – you will sacrifice either The Swami (survivability as a human), or Fazulas belt (Losing 100 stacks per cycle…). It’s painful losing either of these.

I can imagine ditching ONE OF THEM (pick your poison), if you’re strong enough. Or you can reduce one Torment level to accommodate it. I’ll talk more about this in a future update.

Skill Notes

Since Vyr is a very specific set that uses a very restricting skill (Archon), the skill slots are quite locked in. The only true open slot is Slow Time as it’s the only non-critical skill to ensure the build “works” (its rune applies to Archons Slow time!) But what would you use in its place? Black Hole – Absolute Zero is only really good for tryharding GR’s…

Passive Notes

Evocation and Galvanizing Ward are locked, for cooldown and helping Squirts respectively. Naturally for speed and damage you would consider Audacity. Technically Audacity isn’t REQUIRED so you have 2 flexible passive slots.

If you’re looking for toughness and consistancyUnstable Anomaly is great to protect you from mess-ups while in human form. Unwavering Will is the next best toughness option IMO. Blur? Dominance? There aren’t many usable passives for this kind of Archon build.

Stats and Reroll Notes

The only “reroll confusion” I foresee on this build is about CDR. You can be a little loose with your CDR rolls here… there’s a “balance” you want to achieve. Since you want around 20 stacks of Chantodo for Archon, you HAVE to stay as a human for a few seconds. Don’t roll TOO much CDR (your archon remains unused for too long), or too little CDR (Archon isn’t up after you have 20 stacks).

Aside from that, my only other advice is probably to have a single life on hit roll somewhere. Bracer > Helm > Glove > anywhere else. Or get the heals from your Templar.

Legendary Gem Notes

Trapped and Gogok are your main gems and you shouldn’t replace those. If you wanna get fancy, you can mess around with removing Powerful (which usually becomes stricken in any kind of high-end GR attempts). There aren’t many gems you can really maximize with Archon… but, if you want to try you’re best off replacing Powerful. Technically speaking even Gogok can be done away with in a speedy setup – but, what will you put in?

This is just the first pass on our speedfarming guide updates!
Look forward to more in-depth information soon!

Wizard has always been “divisive” when it comes to how best to speedfarm (Remember that old Tal Rasha nonsense from season 4~?). However, I firmly place my coin in the Archon Hat. While that’s it FOR NOW with our Wizard best speedfarming build guide, expect more in the near future!

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  1. Fully equipped all recommended gear, missing a couple gem levels but with ~600 paragon I couldn’t even clear a T13 solo due to lack of damage. Ended up just swapping my weapon out for the Aether walker and used the rest of the Tal Rasha’s set and had way more success. Maybe show a video or two of you actually using the build as poor execution is the only real theory I have for why this build didn’t work for me at all.

        • Vyr, Chantodo, Fazula, Ashnagarr, Endless Walk and a Stone of Michael Jordan with 800 para I clear a 95GR under 5 minutes. 80-85 in 2.5 minutes.

        • Furnace, Swami and ring of Zodiac in the Cube. Rubies in armor and pants, emerald in weapon and diamond in head. Reroll everything for CDR and aim to stay out of Archon for 2-4 seconds and you’ll be rolling smoothly through GRs bringing death and misery all around you

  2. Bit confused about the execution of the build. When in Archon form, how do you proc any of the bonuses of the tal rashas set as well as how are you proccing manald heal? Or are we mainly just using Archon set to get stacks for when we are out of Archon which is where I feel I do the most damage.

    • Oddly, you don’t. You get a maximum TRE duration and go ham for the duration – then OPTIONALLY click it off – as it should get on cooldown very quickly (In-geom, Zodiac). At a certain level of power you don’t care if you only have a 1 stack TRE on Archon.

  3. Whats the rotation for this build?
    Was swapping from the fresh 70 build and now i cant play on the same torment getting oneshotted from white mobs.
    Could i use this gear setup with the fresh 70 skills and just swapping out Familiar for Archon?

    • Do you have the gear specified in our Wiz Speedfarming guide? What’s your goal here? Wizard can be soft so maybe you can try changing your passives or putting diamonds on your gear

  4. For the Season 11 | 2.6 Wizard Speed Farming Build, should I equip the items as I get them or wait until I have them all before equipping?
    This is my first season playing so I’m new to this haha.

    Thank you.


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