Ei there, hunters! This guide is all about the hunts in FFXV. Here are the main points: (Work in progress – I’ll update as I go!)

FFXV Hunts List

Some marks won’t show up until you’re a certain rank. Rarely, they require completion of other hunts before appearing. Use the search & filter box!

*It’s very hard to determine “Rank needed” – since I’m backtracking*
I get a lot of questions for: Hunters of Secullam Pass (Coeurls)

2Howling Wind of HungerHi-ElixirHammerheadR1AllWeaverwildsLeideSabertusk
5Varmints of the WastelandHi-ElixirHammerheadR1DayWeaverwildsLeideMesmenir
7Gorgers in the DustIron BangleHammerheadR1AllOstium GorgeLeideFlexitusk
15Raindrops in the NightMegalixirHammerheadR2NightWeaverwildsLeideJumbo Flan
22Wild BeautiesMegalixirHammerheadR3DayWeaverwildsLeideAnaklaban
28Bounty-Hunted BeautiesMegalixirHammerheadR3DayWeaverwildsLeideAnakadom
39Rookie Hunter TragedyMega PhoenixHammerheadR4AllWeaverwildsLeideAshenhorn
47The Pride of the KingMega PhoenixHammerheadR6AllKeyatrich RuinsLeideBehemoth
58Serpent of the AbyssRuby BraceletHammerheadR5AllCrestholm ChannelsLeideJormungand
99Lonely Rumblings in the LongwytheAdamantite Ban...HammerheadRXAllLongwythe PeakLeideAdamantoise
7Mineside Mischief MakersHi-ElixirLongwytheR1NightCallaegh StepsLeideGoblin
8The Hunter-Slaying HerdHi-ElixirLongwytheR1DayLongwythe PeakLeideMagnanir
14Squash the SquirmiesHi-ElixirLongwytheR2NightLongwythe PeakLeideFlan
18Cranky CrustaceansMegalixirLongwytheR2AllLongwythe PeakLeideShieldshears
25Sting in the TailMegalixirLongwytheR3AllLongwythe PeakLeideSaphyrtail
27Beast over BrawnMegalixirLongwytheR3AllWeaverwildsLeideGrandhorn
40In the Drylands, It Rains SpinesRainbow PendantLongwytheR5AllLongwythe PeakLeideGigantuar
61A Fistful of GilAnti-Darkness In..LongwytheR4NightThree ValleysLeideYojimbo
11Peace to the BeachHi-ElixirGaldin QuayR2AllVannath CoastLeideRubyshears
17The Gourmands of VannathMegalixirGaldin QuayR2AllVannath CoastLeideSparkshears
17Stealers of LivesFencer's AnkletGaldin QuayR2NightVannath CoastLeideGlamhoth
20Footfalls in the DarkMegalixirGaldin QuayR3NightVannath CoastLeideHobgoblin
28A Nightmare Came by FerryCarbon BangleGaldin QuayR3AllVannath CoastLeideSeadevil
12Gallpoing GarulasHi-ElixirCoernix AistorR2DayAlstor SloughDuscaeGreen Garula
14Beasts Wallow in the WetlandsWarrior's AnkletCoernix AistorR2AllAlstor SloughDuscaeYellowtooth
25Untamed Wild HorsesMegalixirCoernix AistorR3DayAlstor SloughDuscaeSpiracorn
32Reign TriumphantMega PhoenixCoernix AistorR4DayAlstor SloughDuscaeGarulessa
35The Rogues of Rydielle LeyMega PhoenixCoernix AistorR4DayRydielle LeyDuscaeCockatrice
38Marsh Madness! The Giant AwakensBlue ChokerCoernix AistorR4AllAlstor SloughDuscaeCatoblepas
12Red in Tooth and ClawHi-ElixirWiz Chocobo StopR2AllMalacchi HillsDuscaeVoretooth
15A Behemoth UndertakingAmethyst BraceletWiz Chocobo StopR2AllNebulawoodDuscaeDeadeye
19Exorcism of the NebulawoodMoon PendantWiz Chocobo StopR2NightNebulawoodDuscaeMindflayer
21Thunder in Them Thar HillsMegalixirWiz Chocobo StopR3NightMalacchi HillsDuscaeThunderbomb
62A Most Behemoth UndetakingGold BangleWiz Chocobo StopR8AllThe NebulawoodDuscaeBehemoth Tyrant
38Hammer the CannibalsMega PhoenixCauthess Rest AreaR2AllKettier HighlandDuscaeSkarnbulette
41Things from the PastRune EarringCauthess Rest AreaR2NightFallgroveDuscaeNecromancer
44Baby SnatchersMega PhoenixCauthess Rest AreaR5NightSaxham OutpostDuscaeBussemand
66Fiend of the FallgroveMega PhoenixCauthess Rest AreaR4AllCostlemark TowerDuscaeJabberwock
52A Daemonic OrchestraMega PhoenixCauthess Rest AreaR7NightKelbass GrasslandCleigneEreshkigal
65Cruel Giants of DuscaeMega PhoenixCauthess Rest AreaR8NightKettier HighlandDuscaeGanymede
72Devils Cry CursesBlack ChokerCauthess Rest AreaR9AllThe MencemoorDuscaeMolokujata
23Horned Hunting HazardsMegalixirTaelpar Rest AreaR2AllSecullam PassDuscaeDualhorn
34Hunters of Secullam PassEarth PendantTaelpar Rest AreaR2DaySecullam PassDuscaeCoeurl
37Reclaiming Scheir HeightsMega PhoenixTaelpar Rest AreaR4AllSchier HeightsDuscaeRedlegs
37A Roaring in the NightMega PhoenixTaelpar Rest AreaR4NightSchier HeightsDuscaeIron Giant
63Old Denizens of the WoodsFire CrestTaelpar Rest AreaR8DayThommels GladeDuscaeElder Coeurl
24Avenge the AnglersMegalixirLestallum (Market)R2AllCallatein's PlungeCleigneAlbinogin
30Ruler of the Brave SkiesMega PhoenixLestallum (Market)R2AllKelbass GrasslandCleigneGriffon
31Off with Their Heads!Lightning CrestLestallum (Market)R2DayKelbass GrasslandCleigneArbagadol
41The Web-Weaving PrincessesMega PhoenixLestallum (Market)R2AllGlacial GrottoCleigneAriadne
38Disquieted QueensMega PhoenixLestallum (Market)R4AllCoernix BypassCleigneKiller Queen
52In a Heat Haze of GlorySilver BangleLestallum (Market)R3NightEXINERIS PlantCleigneAramusha
12Secure the Mountain PassHi-ElixirLestallum (Middle)R2AllPallareth PassCleigneSaberclaw
22Cool Callatein MistMegalixirLestallum (Middle)R2NightCallatein's PlungeCleigneIce Bomb
22To Sting in AngerGreen ChokerLestallum (Middle)R2AllCoernix BypassCleigneBrutal Bee
27To Catch a FrogMegalixirLestallum (Middle)R3D - RainPallareth PassCleigneHekatontoad
28Long Necks on the PlainsMegalixirLestallum (Middle)R3DayKelbass GrasslandCleigneArba
30They Came Back from the MountainMega PhoenixLestallum (Middle)R4AllCoernix BypassCleigneMegaloclaw
38No Stopping the Great StinkGolden HourglassLestallum (Middle)R3AllKelbass GrasslandCleigneMalboro
57Trembling KillersSafety BitLestallum (Middle)R3NightKelbass GrasslandCleigneZiggurat
68An Omen Crawls Upon the GroundRed ChokerLestallum (Middle)R3AllKelbass GrasslandCleigneGrootslang
72Bones Seek an OfferingDark CrestLestallum (Middle)R3NightKelbass GrasslandCleigneIsueltalon
99Dead General Strikes Down the KingRibbonLestallum (Middle)R3NightKelbass GrasslandCleigneAyakashi
32Rainstorm Duel! Poison Frog of WennathMega PhoenixLestallum (Middle)R4D - RainUpper WennathCleigneGaiatoad
38Acquit Not EvilKnight's AmkletLestallum (Middle)R4AllUpper WennathCleigneAlphagin
29The Last SpiracornsMegalixirOld LestallumR3DayLower WennathCleigneDuplicorn
34Shear ForceMega PhoenixOld LestallumR3AllLower WennathCleigneMightyshears
36Blobs AshoreTitanium BangleOld LestallumR3NightMalmalam ThicketCleigneGelatin
40Herald from the DepthsMega PhoenixOld LestallumR5AllLeirity SeasideCleigneKarlabos
51Malmalam MirageMega PhoenixOld LestalllumR4AllMalmalam ThicketCleigneBandersnatch
47Starving Beast Seeks FoodMega PhoenixOld LestalllumR6AllLower WennathCleigneAspidochelon
61Scrap it NowMega PhoenixOld LestalllumR7DayCoernix BypassCleigneLeukorn
62Rulers of the BanksTowelOld LestalllumR8AllMaidenwaterCleigneCoraldevil
37Deadly ExterminationMega PhoenixVerinas RavatoghR3AllRavatoghan TrailCleigneSoldier Wasp
38Verinas Mart Under ThreatSapphire BraceletVerinas RavatoghR3AllRavatoghan TrailCleigneWyvern
44Red Lightning of RavatoghMega PhoenixVerinas RavatoghR5DayRavatoghan TrailCleigneCopperoc
47Pointiest Pins in the VolcanoMega PhoenixVerinas RavatoghR6AllRavatoghan TrailCleigneReaperking
67Feathered Giant of the FiresmokeChampions AnkletVerinas RavatoghR8AllRavatoghan TrailCleigneZu
17Bewitched Blade Stains the WatersMegalixirMaaghoR2NightAltissiaAltissiaRonin
20A Nightmare Upon the WaterMegalixirMaaghoR2NightAltissiaAltissiaHecteyes
22Ill Weeds Grow inthe NightMegalixirMaaghoR2NightAltissiaAltissiaAlv
26Back Alley SpookHeliodor BraceletMaaghoR2NightAltissiaAltissiaMindflayer
26The Case of the Disappearing HuntersMegalixirMaaghoR3NightAltissiaAltissiaTonberry
31Will-o-the-Wisps out on the TownMega PhoenixMaaghoR4NightAltissiaAltissiaGrenade
35Tourists Fade into the NightMega PhoenixMaaghoR5NightAltissiaAltissiaSalpix
41The Tragic FactsMega PhoenixMaaghoR6NightAltissiaAltissiaMaster Tonberry
50King of the Great EscapeCrusader AnkletMaaghoR6NightAltissiaAltissiaBavarois
32A Lost PaintingHandkerchiefMaaghoRXAllAltissiaAltissiaChadarnook
29Voltage FluctuationMegalixirMeldacio Hunter HQR2DayPallareth PassCleigneThunderoc
33Threat from the ThicketMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR2DayVesperpoolsCleigneKiller Wasp
35Softly Now, Mighty FoesMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR2AllSteyliff GroveCleigneLich
38Mission: InvincibleMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR3NightVesperpoolsCleigneBlack Flan
38Divine Beast of the UnderworldMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR3AllSteyliff GroveCleigneQuetzalcoatl
42Hunter HQ Line of DefenseIce CrestMeldacio Hunter HQR4AllRisorath BasinCleigneMushmahhu
44Lovable Little GluttonsMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR4NightVesperpoolsCleigneTreant
46Feeling the Mad, Old TreesMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR5DayVesperpoolsCleigneRegaltrice
54Serpent of Risorath BasinMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR7AllVesperpoolsCleigneMidgarsormr
62Breeding Season: Hen ExterminationMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR8DayVesperpoolsCleigneRoyalisk
70Breeding Season: Rooster ExterminationMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR9DayRisorath BasinCleigneKingatrice
78People-Eating Snake Has Got to GoMega PhoenixMeldacio Hunter HQR9AllVesperpoolsCleigneHvitormr
84A Wall in Our WayEmerald BraceletMeldacio Hunter HQR9AllSteyliff GroveCleigneDaemonwall

Use the search & filter box!


Entries with 2 enemies needed only show the “primary” marks… It doesn’t fit well.
I’ll find the best compromise to have the most info. Screenshots of hunt location
and a map is something I’d like to do in the near future.

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Missing 3 stars! Problems Unlocking Hunts

Some hunts don’t show up right off the bat. I’ll discuss all the ways to unlock them.

Ranking up is the most basic one. The more you rank up, the more you’ll see.

Missing 3 stars for rank 10! Aye, so was I. There’s one stupid hunt that’s unlocked after a lengthy quest chain from Vyv (the fat photographer in Lestallum). Get ready for a lot of travel and load screens.

Adamantoise hunt only unlocks after you’ve done the sidequest to face him.

Dungeon Bosses I’m pretty damn sure the recycled dungeon bosses require you to complete the dungeon before the hunts become available.

Hunt Pre-requisite: Finishing a hunt unlocks further ones. While this seems weird I’m nearly 100% sure this happened in Maagho. I could be wrong was just in a daze…


Hunt Basics & FAQ

Broke? Hunts. Need EXP? Hunts.
Megalixirs and Mega Phoenix? HUNTS!

Hunts are unlocked very early in the game – you literally can’t miss it.

All hunt bills are obtained from tipsters (restaurants). Each hunt gives you rewards – usually Gil and Items. EXP is pretty great too, which is obtained when beating marks.

Completing hunts and killing bounties give Stars, which increase your hunters rank. The primary benefit of increasing your rank is being able to undertake more difficult marks.

The hunt system is pretty basic, and there isn’t much to wonder about. The only sad part is you can only take on one hunt at a time!

You can repeat hunts for gil / exp!

Hunter Rank Rewards & Requirements

Hunter Rank Stars Reward Title
Rank 1 0 ?
Rank 2 5 Titanium Bangle Trapper
Rank 3 15 Heliodor Bracelet Chaser
Rank 4 30 Silver Bangle Ranger
Rank 5 50 Sapphire Bracelet Slayer
Rank 6 40 Gold Bangle Officer
Rank 7 40 Black Choker Guardian
Rank 8 40 Blue Diamond Bracelet (?) Grandmaster
Rank 9 40 Centurion Bangle Hand of Mercy
Rank 10 43 Dark Matter Bracelet Alleyway Jack

The rewards for actually ranking up are secondary, as they aren’t THAT good to be a motivator to get your hunter rank up. Again the main benefit of ranking up is purely to undertake better bounties.

Well, happy hunting! FFXV Hunts kind remind you of FFXII, ey? But the latter pulled it off better…

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  1. Rank 8 missing 2 stars for 9 but I’ve done every mission including the Adamantoise and all of Vyv’s quests just at a loss here

  2. I have checked a few sources and this is the only one with the right rewards, notably the hunts in Altissia, every other guide i found, even the guide book has different (better) rewards for the Altissia hunt but they are wrong, this is right. Do you know when the rewards changed?

  3. A Lost Painting Handkerchief Maagho RX, is not a rank x hunt I completed it when I was at altissia during chapter 9 hunter rank 5 or 6, most likely rank 6.

    Completing everything I could in chapter 14 but before accepting the adman. side quest, the following hunts are not available (at rank 8) not even viewable
    Rank 3/4 Hunts
    Fiend of the Fallgrove
    No Stopping the Great Stink
    Trembling Killers
    An Omen Crawls upon the ground
    Bones Seek an Offering
    Dead General Strikes Down the King
    And of course you can’t select the the 4 rank9 hunts or the one rank x hunt.

    Hope this helps

    • I’m at rank 9 22/43 in chapter 13 and I can’t find the remaining hunts noticed some hunts in middle lestallum are not showing up helppppppp

      • Hmm, which hunts exactly? You need to clear some of the optional dungeons for some of these to show up. Middle lestallum… I can help you more if you give me examples of which ones arent showin up

  4. You are missing a Hunt on your list.

    24 Help Needed in EXINERIS Megalixer Lestallum (Middle) R3 Night EXINERIS Power Plant Cleigne Garchimacera

    Thanks for your help with finding my last 3 points for level 10 hunter. Just wanted to help to keep the list complete.

  5. Just hit Rank 8, some new R9’s have shown up now

    Breeding Season: Rooster Extermination Level 70
    People-Eating Snake has Got to Go Level 78
    A wall in our Way Level 84

    At the Meldacio Hunter HQ

  6. This is a great guide! I don’t know why they didn’t make it easier to track in game, since you can’t have multiple hunts going at once (i.e. one from each tipster). Thank you very much!


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