If you’ve found your way here, then you need help against Coeurls, right? Fear not, because in this mini-guide is all about the specific FFXV Hunt: Hunters of Secullam Pass. If you’re here, you might wanna check out our useful resource FFXV Hunts List.

If you’re desperate enough to have searched and got here, you don’t need the basic info anymore but let’s just put it in here. But first, a tiny summary –

Now read on…

Hunters of Secullam Pass: Basic Info

  • Hunt from: Taelpar Rest Station
  • Hunt location: Secullam Pass (who would have thought?)
  • Mark: Coeurl x7
  • Notes: These guys drop a Coeurl Whisker, an upgrade item for Engine Blade.

Hunters of Secullam Pass: Strategy

“I keep getting one-shot by Coeurls!” Yep. This is the main BS that got you to this page, correct? I said it up there and I’ll say it again –


The Coeurls do a move where they sit and rest – attacking them in this state is what’s causing the instagib. Their electrical whiskers light up in a certain direction. DO NOT attack from that direction!

BE SAFE! While I’ve successfully backstabbed ’em or avoided the whiskers – ITS SUPER RISKY! JUST LET EM REGEN A BIT, MAN! You can get your buddies to use techniques on them.

Avoiding the resting Coeurls is hard to do if all 7 are alive!

They’re weak to FIRE – so create most badass FIRA (Fire 99 + Lightning 33) and stick in any Tri/Quad/Quint cast (quad should be fine, quints are expensive, man!). Stack all your magic+ items, too! However, they may not just die straight up… so what to do?

Wait a bit for your tech meter to build to 3 – then dump it all.
Including your godlike Fira.

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Here’s what I did:

  • Prompto Skill: Gravisphere
  • Gladiolus Skill: Tempest
  • Ignis Skill: Irrelevant (any)
  • 3x of the best Fira you can make (6 to be safe but unneeded).

Wait till Tech 3 -> Gravisphere -> Tempest -> Fira. This wombo combo should outright kill a few. Rinse and repeat! Once their numbers are thinned – it should be very very easy to, slowly and surely, erase them once there’s only like 2 or 3 left.

Increasing magic? Accessories is where you should first look. I’m sure you have a few. Aside from that, the royal arms of the Pious and of the Father are great.

Untested: There’s a food buff from Maagho –
Fettini di Cernia (Prevents instant death), I wonder if it works?

It definitely works against Necromancer in Things of the Past.

You could also be a chump and wait for a summon to come out, chump.

Notes on the instagib: I tried stacking all the defense in the world. I tried getting 95% lightning resist… nothing… 7000 life? Gone. I don’t know if this is intended…

Well, that’s about it for Hunters of Secullam Pass! Hope you trash these Coeurls, get your Coeurl Whisker – but most importantly – get revenge on these cheating bastards!

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  1. Probably the most annoying thing is watching a coeurl sitting pretty only to have a party memeber like… NOW I SHALL SMITE THEE! fucking god damnit i just rezzed you.

  2. Dammit those creatures are OP as shit man, I swear!! I am throwing all kinds of fire right at them and it’s barely taking off any life at all!!!


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