If you’re here, then you’re wondering how to beat Things of the Past, an FFXV hunt wherein you kill Necromancers – that unfairly instagib you. Well, you’re in luck!

All you need to easily beat these guys is the food buff Death-Defying
which has an effect of “Prevents instant death“.
It’s about as effective as it sounds (100%).

The easiest way to get Death Defying, which is BY FAR the most reliable way to trash these Necromancers in Things from the Past, is simply eating the food buff from a restaurant!

Fettini De Cernia gives Death-Defying, and can be eaten in Maagho (Altissia). It’s a bit of a trek, but It’s worth it if these guys are repeatedly trashing you. Thankfully, it’s not some obscure recipe that you have to find.

Ignis learns Tide Grouper Carpaccio when you eat this, too, so might as well! It also gives the Death Defying buff, and the ingredients aren’t that hard to collect. (Tide Grouper Fillet, Aegir Root) so you don’t have to all the way to Maagho each time you want it!

Anything else special with Necromancers? They’re weak to ice, and petrify you. That’s really not much of a challenge once you get past the whole instagib scenario. They have many moves you can parry, which is a good thing, easy to target, breaks/invulns easily… Ultimately, aside from their one-shot kill you’ve just countered, they’re unremarkable.

With this food buff on – try taking on Hunters of Secullam Pass, Coeurls have an instagib too but I haven’t personally tested this food buff against them!

Since you basically found the silver bullet to beat this, let’s just write up the basic quest info here in case someone needs it.

  • Hunt: (41) Things from the Past
  • From: Cauthess Rest Area, Duscae
  • To: Fallgrove, Duscae
  • Rewards: Rune Earring, gil

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Well that’s about it for our Things of the Past mini guide! Facing these Necromancers head on is a bad idea, luckily Maagho has food so good, it’s NOT to die for!

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