Hey guys! This guide is all about how to beat and master Raiment of a Thousand Storms Set Dungeon! Here we will talk about what build to use, skills, items, notes, map and more!

This can be very frustrating – I don’t blame you if you end up bringin’ a friend.

Raiment Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

Raiment Set Dungeon Build

Raiment of a Thousand Storms Set Dungeon Build
Items   Skill & Rune
Head Mask of the Searing Sky Crippling Wave Any
Shoulder Mantle of the Upsidedown Sinners Mystic Ally Air Ally
Chest Heart of the Crashing Wave Dashing Strike Radiance
Wrist Nemesis Sweeping Wind Inner Storm
Hands Fists of Thunder Mantra of Salvation Agility
Belt Kyoshiro’s Soul Epiphany Insight
Legs Scales of the Dancing Serpent Passives
Boots Eight-Demon Boots Beacon of Ytar Exalted Soul
Neck Any Guardian’s Path Chant of Resonance (Any)
Ring Any Kanai’s Cube
Ring Zodiac Burst of Wrath (Envious Blade)
Main Fleshrake Cindercoat
Off In-geom Ring of Royal Grandeur
Legendary Gems
Gogok of Swiftness
Powerful (Irrelevant)


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Raiment Set Dungeon Location & Map

Where is Raiment Set Dungeon? It’s located in ACT I – Old Ruins.

  • Teleport to the said waypoint, in Act I – Old Ruins.
  • Walk to your upper left a bit, and the Raiment set dungeon entrance is there!

Raiment Set Dungeon Map / Layout?

How to Beat & Master Raiment Set Dungeon

This all depends on how experienced you are with Raiment – I’m not too hot at it so it took a fair amount of tries. Completing the objectives are easy – mastering, on the other hand…

Map & Pathing

First of all, familiarize yourself with the map. Look above, it shows a sample path. There’s only one “option” when clearing the dungeon, the main path/method is quite set.

  • Run past and clear the Great Bend, clearing all enemies in the main path (at least)
  • Race to the Golden Chest (GC).
  • Backtrack and kill as many guys as you can in the Maze, then cross your fingers.
    • The Junkyard is your only crossroads…
    • Completely clearing it is nice, but you may not make it to the GC.
    • Loosely clearing it leaves you at the mercy to bonus kills off Nemesis.


Tips & Explanations

Objective 1: Reach the Golden chest at the end of the dungeon
Objective 2: Do not get hit by a single Succubus Projectile

The Golden Chest – is quite easy given the map advice above… Don’t worry about backtracking, you’ll have to do it anyway!

Succubus sucks – well, you can dodge ’em about half the time. Agility and Guardian’s Path give us some room for error. This mechanic is a little stupid, but we have a plan for it!

WHY NEMESIS? Well, there are a ton of pylons here, but is why exactly are we using it?

  • In-geom: There are no naturally spawning elites in this map!
  • Kill Count: Extra mobs actually count toward the mastery.

As you can see for the simple reasons above, In-geom and Nemesis are definite keepers in the build! It doesn’t make this easy, though.

Junkyard – what to do!? COMPLETELY clearing the junkyard translates into some precious lost seconds. Personally, I just try to grab the pylons there and go. Hopefully, the bonus kills from Nemesis make up for it.

Only very very experienced players can get through this “fairly” without the Nemesis cheese. Again, I only use raiment for Monk Bounty Speeds, and this…

Dashing Strike-Radiance is a MUST. You might think Falling Star is better but we take it primarily for the rune ELEMENT. As we’re using Cindercoat – the Spirit cost is reduced.

The needed Stats: As seen in the options above, there’s countless ways to adjust this to your needs. One thing set in stone is you need a bunch of Resource Cost Reduction (RCR) and to a lesser extent, Cooldown Reduction (CDR).

Given the statement above, crafting some yellow rings and an amulet with those stats is a massive help, at the loss of DPS.

Well, all of that being said, you probably won’t clear this on your first try – but that’s ok! A little practice goes a long way… Good luck out there!


Raiment Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

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  1. Thanks for this, was helpful. I hadn’t thought of using Burst of Wrath.

    My modifications:

    -Gem: Molten W. Gizzard
    -Belt: Krelm’s
    -Cube: Pride’s Fall

    The Gizzard shields you, thereby ensuring very high uptime on Krelm’s and Pride’s Fall. I used RoRG to equip the cindercoat. (Gizzard and Krelm’s have served me well on a number of these dungeons for the same reason)

    Other ring was Band of Rue chambers for bonus spirit regen.


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