So you wanna do sub 3 minute rifts? You’ve found the right place to start, our Barbarian Speed Farming Guide!  We discuss here many of the possible skills, passives and items to help you with speed farming.

Why not discuss the best build? These items don’t just magically appear in your inventory. You will come across a time where in you need to convert your current setup to be as speed farm friendly as possible, which can help you at any point in the game. The “best” speed farming Barbarian Build is in a separate guide!

Please see: D3 General Speedfarming | Barbarian Fastest Speedfarm Build.

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

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Barbarian Speedfarming Skills

Furious Charge-Merciless Assault well, what’s more to say? Hello Raekor’s! The pseudo cooldown reduction is WHY this is so good, the fact it does damage is just icing.

Sprint-Marathon (various runes): This is a no-brainer. A skill that literally, its main purpose, gives you movespeed. 30 to 40% is relevant.

Battle Rage-Ferocity: is a double-edged sword. Offense and Mobility? Sign me up.

Wrath of the Berserker: is the same thing. Tons of DPS + Movespeed.

The above skills are the more commonly used ones. The below are niche skills.

Leap: Commonly used in Earthquake builds, covers a lot of  ground and can leap over ravines, leap over cliffs and other things you can’t cross with Furious Charge.

Frenzy-Vanguard: 25% MS (50 with Bastion’s Revered?) is not a bad gain.

Whirlwind-Wind Shear (various runes): is somewhat related to speedfarming due to the Bul-Katho’s set, and Wastes set (more on this later). “Infinite Fury” with good density.

Here’s our Barbarian Fresh 70 Guide, for when you want to review the items we are aiming for.

Barbarian Speedfarming Passives

Pound of Flesh is 20% movespeed and, less importantly, a hefty regen. It’s also perfect for speed type content where globes are quite common.

Rampage is a non-mobility passive but very notable for speed content since you can keep the buff up quite easily compared to tougher tiered GR’s. Astronomical with Caldesann’s.

Resource-related passives: Lots to choose here. Generally speaking, from best to worst:

No other passives directly help with with Mobility and speedfarming. Use the best DPS passives for your build, after the above recommendations.

Other passives would likely fall under “Build Specific”, “Defense” or “Utility”.

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Barbarian Speedfarming Items

Bul-katho’s Oath Set: Increases movespeed while spinning, and gives a ton of passive Fury regen. Two important aspects of speedfarming.

In-geom for Barbarians? Has a multitude of uses thanks to how many low CD skills Barb have. Furious Charge, Leap… it’s countless. EQ6 + In-geom is pretty stupid. But given how much free “cooldown reduction” mechanics Barb has, In-geom may be overkill.

Raekor’s set: If it isn’t obvious by now, piling on speed with Raekor’s natural distance covering isn’t greedy. Why? Standoff. It’s not only viable, it’s insane.

Lut Socks: is a mainstay for EQ6 sets and obviously, three Leaps is no joke mobility wise.

ALL OF THE OTHER BARB ARMOR SETS have some kind of mobility tied into it. Earth with Leaps. IK reduces Wrath of the Berserker cooldown. Wastes + Whirlwind…. you get it.

There are probably a few more I missed out here – but these are the notable chunks. I’ll be looking back at all this when the season is a little more in way.


Barbarian Speedfarming Builds for each Set

Here I’ll be adding a quick build for each set. These aren’t extensive but it should give you a good idea how to setup a speedy barb for each set.


The Legacy of Raekor


Learn more about: The Legacy of Raekor.

Immortal King's Call

IK isn’t known to be a set used “alone”… it’s always mixed. So I don’t think a table of a build summary would help here…

Learn more about: Immortal King’s Call.

Might of the Earth


Learn more about: Might of the Earth.

Wrath of the Wastes


Learn more about: Wrath of the Wastes.

This guide assumes you’ve read:
D3 Speedfarming for any class

Barbarians are very capable of speed farming. As long as you choose the appropriate content level (be smart, not greedy!), I’ve never felt Barb was slow at any point in the game.

Barbarian Speed farming: Navigation
Skills | Passives | Items | Set Builds

Barbarian Fastest Speedfarm Build is our seasonally updated guide for what we feel is the best current speed farm setup for Barbarians. It has the base “fastest” for general purpose farming and modifications for whatever content you’re trying to speed!

For other Barbarian and D3 resources, see our Directory Guide.

Good luck charging, leaping and ultimately obliterating your enemies with any Barb speed farming build you choose. The class has always been known for its speed and efficiency in trashing lower level content!

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  1. Heres my barb. Took build info from you and others. Speed farming t1. Frenzy vanguard. Whirlwind wind shear. Furious charge dreadnought. Overpower killing spree. Battle rage bloodshed. Wrath of the berserker slaughter. Brawler, animosity, boon of bulkathos, rampage. Check it out. Like you said charge in whirlwind overpower. It’s very critical heavy build so things prock. I’m sure it will change once I have a full end game set.


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