Hello! Here we talk about Barbarian set: Might of the Earth builds. Let’s start it off by posting the “standard” build of the set. I’m still adding to this, just wanna get it up quick since it’s this seasons free set.

Note that this is the very standard non-Dread Iron variant. Might of the Earth seems
“Set in stone” (lel), but there are quite a few variants…

Might of the Earth Build (STANDARD)
Slot Item Skill Rune
Head Eyes of the Earth Seismic Slam Shattered Ground (!)
Shoulder Spires of the Earth Battle Rage Bloodshed
Chest Spirit of the Earth Leap Call (Death)
Hand Pull of the Earth Threatening Shout Falter (!)
Legs Weight of the Earth War Cry Veteran’s Warning
Boot Foundation of the Earth Earthquake Molten Fury (!)
Belt Giants (Dread) Passives
Wrist Destruction (!) Earthen Might Ruthless
Neck Hellfire (Etlich) Rampage Nerves of Steel (!)
Ring Focus Kanai’s Cube
Ring Restraint The Furnace
Weap Blade of the Tribes Lut Socks
Off Band of Might (Convention of Elements)
Legendary Gems
Bane of the Trapped
Bane of the Stricken
Bane of the Powerful (Esoteric Alteration)
Help! I can't use those skills because they're from the same category! (On Elective Mode)

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction. You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mousewheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.

Might of the Earth build notes, questions, options


Keep in mind you can use this info for Hellfire Amulets.

Earthen Might is the only true MANDATORY passive. Don’t leave home without it!

Rampage and Ruthless are both extremely good. It’s tough to replace either of these with anything of equal impact. Rampage is the stronger passive, but requires “work” to keep up.

The fourth passive? This one’s loose.

Offense? Brawler and Berserker Rage are the only options left. Berserker Rage is iffy, since it won’t always be on. Brawler is more consistent but sucks against a lot of RG’s.

Defense? Normally, the fourth passive goes to defense here. Use which best suits your needs, which will likely be Relentless > Nerves of Steel > Superstition. (Interestingly, I got Pound of Flesh on a Hellfire, it wasn’t so bad lol. Great for speeds)

Boon of Bul-Kathos? Is for the extreme versions of the build which abuse Wrath of the Berserker-InsanityCoE, and Dread Iron. It’s GOOD if you know what you’re doing.

Earthquake Rune?

This one’s a hot topic. Let’s talk about each viable rune. Mountain’s Call is the only CRAP one. Giant’s Stride is “questionable”, I’m not so sure it stacks… It’s good in theory!

Molten Fury is the standard rune. It deals the most damage, hands down. Most people would use this for obvious reasons.

Cave-in is an interesting choice. It gathers more guys on average (than Leap with Call of Arreat), which can translate to a higher DPS. What’s most important about this rune is how it piles dudes up for Avalanche procs. Better with the Dread Iron setup.

Chilling Earth is one of my favorites. It’s pretty good for speed farming, mid-tier play or grouping up with a light amount of Freezes. It’s the most defensive choice. In some ways, it also provides a large DPS consistency due to guys STANDING in the quake.

What to use? Well, each rune has its own purpose. When in doubt, Molten Fury.

MotE Gems?

Chumpy Content:
Trapped | Powerful | Hoarder (any)

Trapped | Stricken | Esoteric

As you can see, only Trapped is the common gem between the two setups.

Might of the Earth requires Stricken and Esoteric a lot earlier than most builds! Since the set has 2 very prominent attributes: “Great AoE damage in a small area” and “Have to be very close to the enemies”. To fix that, we use Stricken and Esoteric.

Wrath of the Berserker + CoE notes

WotB + CoE shine with the Dread Iron setup, but can be used with any MotE variant. Since we leave a ground based DoT, you can set up HUGE CoE burst damage. CoE modifies earthquakes already laid!

CoE’s cycle is 16s, so you can see (for example) 2 FIRES in 20s – which is the duration of Wrath of the Berserker. The idea is to setup an ungodly burst within the 2 fire phases that you’ll see during a single WotB cast.

MotE Bracers!?

Bracers of Destruction go with Seismic Slam (as seen in the standard build table). You can use the other pair, Skular’s Salvation and Ancient Spear-Boulder Toss.

What’s better? Well, if you’re using Girdle of Giants, Destruction is better. If you’re using Dread Iron, Skular’s Salvation is better since you’re not forced to use Seismic.

Ancient Parthan Defenders is probably best, though! Offensively, these bracers don’t really add up to a huge amount of DPS. I mean, they’re a welcome addition surely – but the difference won’t break your back compared to when you NEED the defensive boost APD provides. (Speeds? Nemesis).

Might of the Earth Rerolls & Stat Priority

Putting these in clicky boxes due to the chunky nature…


Remember that this is for standard to high-end use – THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST RIFT CLEARS will look a bit different.

Defensive stats: while these rerolls will give you a good balanced pile of toughness, the EXACT ROLLS YOU NEED will depend on the entirety of your set and is best manually calculated.

Multiplayer? Changes a lot. If you’re into multiplayer you can warp your build in many ways. Lesser defense… lesser sustainability… MORE AREA DAMAGE! AD is great in groups. It all depends on your role in the group. Most easily defined if you play with a set group.

Might of the Earth & Stat Priority

Might of the Earth is TERRIBLY DIFFICULT to give “default rerolls”. I’m sorry…

Might of the Earth Rerolls & Stat Priority (STANDARD)
Shldr STR EQ%(!!) VIT AD RES Life%
Chest STR EQ%(!!) VIT RES Life%
Boots STR VIT RES Armor MS%
Wrist Ele% STR CHC VIT LpH
Neck Ele% CHC CHD STR Any
MotE Rerolls: Earthquake%?

Earthquake% is VERY QUESTIONABLE. It gets diluted big time by the Blade of the Tribes 200%. So in effect the jump from 200 to 230 is only +15% EQ damage (it’s calculated in the same pile). I would go for one only… IF i choose to roll it for solo…

The gain in toughness from those 2 rolls is pretty huge. For example, 15% life and 130 ALLRES is nothing to scoff at, easily a couple dozen million toughness.

MotE Rerolls: Blade of the Tribes

Oh boy… I should make a Weapon reroll guide.

STR + Socket from Ramaladni’s Gift is the only MANDATORY stat. The others can be purely dependent on how consistent you wanna be (or how greedy).

LpFS (or LpH, you probably don’t want both..), AD and DMG% are all good ones. CDR is so-so, depending on your goals…

You can reroll the Earthquake% – anything above 185 is great as base.

Armor Rolls?

Are armor rolls worth it with Might of the Earth? No.

Why? In the later game, Ancient items and augments (+STR) will give you such a massive pool of armor that in-gear rolls won’t matter. You will lose a ton of ALLRES or Life%, it’s just not worth it. Very early on, yeah sure they’re ok… but the rolled on armor loses a ton of value as you get stronger.

Boots are the only place I’d consider it.

I’m still adding to this, just wanna get it up quick since it’s this seasons free set.

I’m not sure yet what the format will be for the Set guides going forward.
But the above is definitely a good start.
Please chime in if you have any ideas.

Well that’s the basics! Hopefully you’re set on the right path with our Might of the Earth build guide for endgame. Need anything else? Check our D3 Guide Directory! More updates? Support BRGMedia in Patreon! Like us on Facebook!


  1. Love your levelling and build guides, followed them for my Necro, Crusader and now for Barbarian (S13) . This barbarian build is very powerfull. Managed to clear GR80 (my first time ever) in less than 12 minutes with standard build (no ancients and less then 600 paragon) . Keep up the good work ! Thanks i


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