Hey guys! Welcome to our Wizard’s Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon Guide. Here we will talk about what build to use, skills, items, notes, map and more!

Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon Build

Tal Rasha’s Set Dungeon Build
Items   Skill & Rune
Head Tal Rasha’s Guise of Wisdom Spectral Blade Thrown Blade
Shoulder Any Magic Missile Conflagrate
Chest Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit Arcane Orb Frozen Orb
Wrist Any (Ashnagarr) Teleport Calamity
Hands Tal Rasha’s Grasp Magic Weapon Conduit
Belt Tal Rasha’s Brace (Shame) Familiar Arcanot
Legs Tal Rasha’s Stride Passives
Boots Nilfur’s Boast Astral Presence Evocation
Neck Tal Rasha’s Allegiance (Any) Audacity Galv. Ward (Any)
Ring Any Kanai’s Cube
Ring Any Aether Walker
Main Unstable Scepter Shame of Delsere (Any)
Off Triumvirate Royal Grandeur (Any)
Legendary Gems
Bane of the Powerful (Any)
Bane of the Trapped (Any)

Options & Notes:

  • The “any” slots are irrelevant and can even be yellows. There’s no “must” in that slot.
  • There are a thousand setups to make this work…
  • Arcane Orb is my choice since it only needs 2 items that many wizards likely own.
  • Aether Walker is “mandatory”. Nilfur’s, Shame and RoRG are all VERY OPTIONAL.
  • I MASTERED THIS WITH ZERO L.Gems, so that third gem can be anything.
  • I don’t care which combination you use to get your 6 piece bonus.

Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon Location & Map

Where’s the Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon?

  • Take the Old Ruins waypoint in ACT I.
  • Take the path going northeast enter “Adria’s hut”…
  • keep going up (stick left) until you see a tree with hanging bodies, entrance is here!

The Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon Map / Layout

How to Beat & Master Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon

“TRE” will be our little shortcode for “Tal Rasha’s Elements”.

Map & Pathing

Familiarize yourself with the map first. A sample path is shown above.

  • Most of all, you must know where the Rock Worms are.
  • Go forward and clear the room. Go left afterwards.
  • Follow this top then left, clear the tiny loop.
  • Continue on your right, clear the second room.
  • “Backtrack” to the unrevealed “L” before proceeding.
  • Clean up the remaining chunk on the upper right.

Tips & Explanations

Objective: Kill 90 enemies while Tal Rasha is stacked 4 times.

Remember the rotation: Blink – LClick – RClick – Arcane Orb – This stacks your Tal Rasha to max, and adds some stacks to Triumvirate. You only need to do this cycle once every massive pile, as the TRE and Triumvirate stacks last quite a while.

Killing people with maximum TRE stacks is your aim with the set, anyway…

Objective: Do not get bitten by a Rockworm.

YOU NOT ONLY HAVE TO AVOID THEM – YOU HAVE TO KILL THEM TOO. So what’s the best way to deal with these buggers? Have the map image above open when doing this!

Teleport to bait them, and quickly Teleport again before they pop up. Simple as that! Once their ugly heads are above ground, obliterate them with Arcane Orbs.

Mastery for Tal Rasha’s Set Dungeon: Is not hard at all. It is by far the easiest Wizard set dungeon and it shouldn’t take more than a few tries. It requires very few supporting legendaries, and overall is not a hassle by any means!

Aether Walker + a metric ton of passive AP regen makes traveling quickly super easy. You can roll “Arcane Power on Crit” from off-hand (head?) but it’s not really needed.

The rock worms are your only “challenge” (lol) in this set dungeon, so if you memorize that (or have our map image in your second screen)… this is a no-brainer.


Tal Rasha’s Elements Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

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  1. Guys try use mirror image with extension of will when u near the rockworm..it will make the rockworm attack ur decoy instead of you. Works on my first try

    • Since I never played on console… think of it by skillnames instead and bind to your comfort. As long as Arcane Orb and Teleport are the last 2, with Electrocute close by. The 4th element is purely filler

  2. I did this a way I think is easier: flash-fire (aka explosive blast wizard). Just run through the whole thing. Don’t stop or loop where a rockworm might be. If one pops up behind you just stop, spam electrocute, and the meteors will take care of it.

  3. Well, I didn’t even come across a rock worm, ok just the 1st lvl but although the WZ is not a character that I play much, it is the first time ever I have completed a set dungeon of any kind, thanks to your amazing guide and I didn’t even have the “mandatory” Aether. It was as easy as you said it would be, so thanks so much for your guide.

  4. I went with a minor variation on the build – replaced Evocation with Dominance for a bit more shields against the rock worms. That made it easy for me at least. (Failed twice and then changed to Dominance for extra protection. Almost failed it due to the first rock worm, which I “overstepped” and had to teleport a full extra lap before I found it, so with S11, it’s really plenty of time in here – 5mins…)

    Thanks for the awesome guides you’ve made throughout D3 – they’ve been a great help to me and my clan friends…

  5. Aether Walker and hold down Teleport Button is the key. Teleport like a tard, without that i guess the dungeon is not masterable. Probably the developer wanted to make an allusion to good old D2 sorc.

    When I mastered this dungeon after couple of hours, I initially teleported to all worm spots and killed them, if it failed I quickly restarted the dungeon. I think that took me 3-4 tries. After I managed to kill all worms it was enough time left to teleport through the whole dungeon again and kill the remaining enemies.

  6. This is a great guide, but you missed one Rock Worm on the map. There’s also one in the second room that you go into.


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