Here’s a preview on what to expect for D3 Season 14!

Diablo 3 Season 14 Countdown!

Season 14 will start on June 15 5pm PDT (Americas):


Season 14 ends on Sept. 16, 2018 5pm PDT

Season is ending - What happens to my items? My Character?

“What happens to my seasonal characters when season ends!?”

ALL your seasonal characters, and the items they’re wearing and holding, are automatically re-allocated as NON-SEASONAL (eternal) characters! NOTHING IS LOST. Paragon EXP is added to your total pool of NS Paragon EXP. (Money, too)

“What happens to my items after the season ends!?”

ALL your items in the stash are “mailed” to your non-seasonal world. THESE ITEMS EXPIRE AFTER 30 DAYS from season start!!! So junk them, store them, do whatever you want! Just remember that if they’re in your mail for 30 days, they’re gone!

Season 14 Patch Notes

Season Theme

D3 is introducing “themes” into the game. Get “GREEDY” as Treasure Goblins are DOUBLED this season!!! Any goblins you encounter out in the wild will surely be accompanied by its exact double! So ready your AoE’s for those uber stressful Gelatinous Sires! (eh hhheeee)

Keep in my mind, though, that goblins from Bandit Shrines, Goblin Rift packs, and in the Realm of Greed are not affected by this Season of Greed. Also, the 2 portals from the Rainbow Goblin will teleport you to the same Whimsydale land.

Season 14 Startup Guides!

If you’re a brand new player – we suggest going seasonal for the stash tab! Your characters will be ported to non-seasonal (Eternal) afterwards, anyway!

Leveling up: Use our new leveling tool to see your full build per level! (See: D3 General Leveling Process – there’s links to the class specific).

Fresh 70: (will post once everything is updated!) A comprehensive guide for each class on what you should be doing once you hit fresh level 70. For the curious, here are the free sets this season:

Season 14 free sets – by class

Will link the set guides once they’re up!

Greater Rift 20 FRESH 70: Find out the absolute fastest way for you to complete your free 6 piece set by completing GR 20 ASAP.

Speedfarming for your class: is your next goal. Read up on each classes speedfarming capabilities, and of course familiarize yourself with them. (See: D3 Speedfarming General)

Season 14 Conquests & Seasonal Journey


Here are the conquests for seasonal heroes and (hardcore heroes). 

  • Avarice (Avaritia): Complete a 50M gold streak while outside of the Vault and the Inner Sanctum
  • Speed Demon (Need for Speed): Complete a Nephalem Rift at max level on TX or higher within 2 mins.
  • On a Good Day (I Can’t Stop): Level 3 Legendary Gems to 65.
  • Divinity (Lionhearted): Reach GR 75 solo.
  • Years of War (Dynasty):Reach GR 55 solo with the full bonuses of 6 class sets.


For those of you who haven’t gotten all those extra stash tabs, you can still unlock them by completing the Conqueror list.

  • Complete a TXIII Neph Rift in under 5 mins
  • GR 60 Solo
  • Kill Butcher in TXIII under 30 sec
  • Kill Greed on TXIII
  • Reforge a Legendary or Set item
  • Augment an Ancient item with a L50 Legendary Gems
  • Level 3 Legendary Gems to 55
  • Complete 2 Conquests

That’s about it for our seasonal starter guide! If you’re looking for anything, else check our D3 Guide Directory!

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  1. So you have to clear quest of 4 chapter to get 1 set of each for your characters or you have to play another to get another sets ?

  2. Hi! I have done many rift at ”Expert” or higher… and the Expert challenge on chapter 2 wont check. Since its my last one to complet ch.2… can u help me?

  3. I’m new to Diabolos (PS4) and I’m already frustrated with the season 11 since I cannot seem to find any how-to tutorials or figure out how to start/progress through the chapters. I play with my friend and he cant figure it out either. We have completed 3 sets of bounties each day and no unlocks. We were on Act V then switched to Act I figuring we have to start from the beginning. Nope-chapter 1 is still incomplete. We defeated Naphalm like six times because its the “start”-nope. We defeated him on hard mode, expert and attempted torment but both of us didnt have a chance. He did manage somehow to get 1/4 complete after defeating Naphalm but I didnt even though I was fighting along his side. I was thinking maybe we need to be lv70 to progress but nope cuz he got 1/4 and i have more xp than him. We defeated another set of bounties and neither of us triggered that either. Any idea what we’re doing wrong?

  4. you are probably aware but the season 11 Witch Doctor guides are pointing to season 10. All the others are fine as far as I can tell

  5. i am lvl 70 and done with chapter 2 but master dificulty will not unlock how do i get it unlocked to do master lvl diablo and master lvl rifts?

    • You do not “need” to do anything to unlock game difficulty. Right before you press “Start Game”, you can change the difficulty under GAME SETTINGS > under DIFFICULTY, you can choose the difficulty and torment of the game.


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