If you’re here, it’s quite obvious what you’re after. Info about the Monk Passive HARMONY!

How does Harmony work? Here’s a picture that may be worth a thousand words:

So, in text from, how does Harmony work? Harmony takes 40% of ALL your “+Resist Single Element” and ADDS THAT to +All Resist”. It’s that simple. Harmony CAN add a bonus of hundreds of All Resist (along with thousands of single resists) which makes it the most powerful defensive passive in the game.

Hey, why can’t my item roll resists in bottom/secondary stats? Because your item has +All Resists already in the top/primary!

Uhhh, why cant my item roll all resists in top/primary stats? Because it has +Single Resist already in the bottom/secondary! (Sorry, I had to, if it wasn’t obvious already.)

Aaaaand just in case this wasn’t obvious from the above two questions: RESISTS CANNOT APPEAR IN BOTH THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY of an item!

What slots should I try to roll primary ALL RES? All Resist is still good in some slots where you don’t have much else to gain. Belt, Legs, Boots and Chest are the primary pieces you’d consider All Res on. Just because you’re using Harmony, it doesn’t mean you need it on ALL slots. If you happen to roll a good secondary resist on some of these slots, it’s still not bad! So thankfully it works out both ways.

What’s the best resists for Harmony? Well, this one’s quite hard to answer. It varies from patch to patch and build to build! Different setups can have different strengths and weaknesses to certain enemy types and affixes! Here’s a great general recommendation for what resists go best with Harmony.

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Harmony: Physical Resistance Setup

The Physical Resist setup is easy to understand. Here’s a rundown of why this is so good.

So if you had to choose ONE resist to chase after – it’s Physical.

If you HAD to put a ranking on which single resists are best for Harmony….?

  • Physical
  • Cold >= Lightning
  • Poison >=  Fire
  • Arcane

Sadly, I do not have any scientific data to back this up, Cold and Lightning are pretty equal, and so are Poison and Fire… I feel Arcane is the worst. How did this list come to be? Purely from playing experience – but remember it varies from build to build!!!! But I guess the absolute highest importance is: HAVING ANY +RESIST SECONDARY IN YOUR ITEM!!!!!!

Well that’s about it! Again, Harmony adds a titanic amount of toughness if your items can support it! EVERY MONK can use it, and SHOULD aspire to consider Harmony in their gear choices. It’s THAT powerful.


Summary & Other Monk end-game resources

Well, hopefully after reading all that you can abuse Harmony – it’s an extremely potent defensive passive that ANY Monk worth their salt should be capitalizing on!

Well, peace out guys! Since Harmony IS a late-game passive you might wanna check out some of our other late-game Monk guides:

Thanks for reading, and I hope I answered all your questions about Harmony!

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