Hey guys! Welcome to our Demon Hunter’s The Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Guide. Here we will talk about what build to use, skills, items, notes, map and more! While this one can be annoying, a LITTLE PATIENCE – and good aim, will get you through!

Last updated: S28 Mar 03 ’23: Got a little easier over the seasons, updated the build a bit and added some more tips. Should be a little better now.

Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Build

The Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Build
Items   Skill & Rune
Head Shadow’s Mask Grenade Tinkerer
Shoulder Shadow’s Burden Impale Chemical Burn
Chest Shadow’s Bane Vault Tumble
Wrist Any (Warzechian, Reapers) Companion Bat
Hands Shadow’s Grasp Preparation Punishment
Belt Chain of Shadows Shadow Power ALL ACTIVE
Legs Shadow’s Coil Passives
Boots Shadow’s Heels Ambush Blood Vengeance
Neck Any Hot Pursuit Tactical Advantage
Ring Any Kanai’s Cube
Ring Any (Obsidian) Envious (Any / Irrelevant)
Main Karleis Point (Any) Cindercoat
Off Any Any (Obsidian)
Legendary Gems
Irrelevant (Trapped)
Help! I can't use those skills because they're from the same category! (Turn On Elective Mode)

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction. You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mousewheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.

Options & Notes:

  • Chemical Burn is a MUST HAVE rune – trust me.
  • While many skills are really optional, there’s nothing you really need.
  • DO NOT go with Dawn + Vengeance! the random shots will lead to unnecessary kills.
  • So many irrelevant items? YES – it’s easy to reach minimum “power”.
  • You can use RoRG to add Captain Crimson or Guardian to your build if you’re weak.

You only need enough defense to live (use filler slots, gems, etc to achieve this). While also having enough power to one-shot elites. Anything else is excess. Do not attempt to do this if you cannot one-shot the elite with Chemical Burn.

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Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Location & Map

Where is the Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon? It’s right before Malthael’s room!

  • Teleport to waypoint ACT V – Pandemonium Fortress L2.
  • Make the long and familiar trek to Pandemonium Fortress L3.
  • If you forgot, L3 is the room RIGHT BEFORE MALTHAEL.
  • Shadow’s Mantle Set dungeon entrance is right there, as you zone in!

The Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon Map / Layout?

Map & Pathing

Familiarize yourself with the map first. A sample path is shown above.

  • Start! You’ll eventually reach a room. Clear this now or at the end, doesn’t matter.
  • Head UP and clear that square hallway, best to clear this now.
  • Go down-right and clear that looooooooong rectangle. This is the main chunk!
  • Finish off by clearing that waffle thing, and returning to the first room!

How to Beat & Master Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon

Impale Set Dungeon is a challenge but fun. It’s a mix of precision, strategy and speed. Honestly, the first few tries felt hard but after a few attempts I felt like I couldn’t fail at all!

Objectives, Tips, Notes

Objective: Chain 20 bonus damage Impale Streaks 5 times.

So 99% of your stress comes from this objective. First let’s take a look at some of the facts surrounding this objective.

  • Only counts Impale initial hit bonus damage. Ricochet doesn’t count. Hitting a guy twice (if the elite lives) also doesn’t count and BREAKS the streak.
  • SKELETONS WITH SHIELD USED TO BE FINNICKY WITH THE STREAK. Nowadays, seemingly, it’s okay to two-tap shielded skellies. If this isn’t the case, either make the burn kill them, or break with grenade.
  • Impaling the air breaks the streak. THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST WORRY.

That being said, misclicks will be your greatest enemy in this dungeon. BE PATIENT!

Why Chemical Burn rune? The burn from the dagger breaks then kills shield skeletons with one hit. This is a massive time saver of having to break the shield by other means. It also synergizes with Cindercoat.

REMOVE AREA DAMAGE from all your gear and paragon. Why? Guys dying off area damage have a slight delay and your dagger may find nothing if AD kills ’em.

DISMISS YOUR FOLLOWER… sudden enemy changes in direction, CC and other things… they’re more harm than they’re worth in this dungeon TRUST ME.

Envious Blade pretty much ensures a one hit kill. IF THE ELITE SURVIVES AN IMPALE – you’re likely too weak for this dungeon (If that’s even possible). This is a good way to add power if you’re lacking it.

Objective: Slowing w/ Shadow Power

This objective is easy but easily misunderstood. Weirdly, only the INITIAL SLOW UPON SHADOW POWER ACTIVATION is counted towards the objective. It’s more of a Discipline sink if anything else.

Not challenging whatsoever, and should only be a minor annoyance. Get this out of the way ASAP since it ruins your movement rhythm. It should be done way before the half point.

Simply walk up to dudes and press Shadow Power. “Uselessly” spam this early on until it’s done so you can just zoom through the rest of it.

PROTIP: Hatred Management a real issue in this dungeon! Luckily, we have some measures:

Given all these measures, Hatred may STILL seem low. You can stand around and spam our generator (Grenade) for this purpose – as an emergency. While you may be tempted to use the Vengeance-Seethe + Dawn combo – I advise against it! Vengeance causes too many unnecessary deaths.

PROTIP: Miscellaneous

The Cleaning up Phase – expect to fail this dungeon once or twice once you enter the cleanup phase! It can be a bit annoying.

WARPING DUDES are your worst enemy (You know what I’m talking about). I’m pretty sure they appear in packs of 2-3, so if you see one try to take extra care in making sure they’re all gone. They also cause you to miss your Impales so again – PATIENCE.

Once your objectives are complete – RACE to the end. Sadly, this isn’t one of those dungeons that you can backtrack easily, so if you miss some guy across the map – it’s a redo.

Shadows Mantle Set Dungeon – Summary and Closing

Again, patience and aim are your best friend. Don’t be jebaited by warps, dismiss your follower. Get the shadow power slowing objective done ASAP so you can focus on Impaling. Hatred management can be an issue, but you have many build slots to help you.

Shadows Mantle Set Dungeon Guide: Build | Location & Map | Tips

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The Shadow’s Mantle Set Dungeon is damn easy, and hopefully, we helped you even a little bit!

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  1. Using my Wife’s log-in. Actually Dadio256. Running the Shadow’s Mantle set dungeon on Xbox one. Time keep running out before I kill all monsters but it is running out between 2:20 and 3:40 instead of 5. Am careful about not breaking chains or using powers other than those recommended on various forums. Why is time varying and running out so soon? I’m running similar build as my wife used on same console, she didn’t have these problems. This is super frustrating.

  2. Target time is 5 min but it is timing out between 2:20 and 3:40 and I keep failing by 20 or so monsters. Why is time running out too soon and at a varying time?

  3. My time keeps running out between 2:20 and 3:30 causing me to fail the dungeon. I am careful not to break the chain very much but have consistently failed with 20-30 monsters left. super frustrating. Any ideas why is time being shorted?

    • did you miss monsters along the way or you can’t complete the whole path? Back in the day, we have 2 minutes left in the dungeon. It sounds like a tall order but try to maximize vault. there is a thin line between speed and precision. If its any consolation, it took me a few tries before I mastered the dungeon. Movespeed and mobility are important. Update me if you can! good luck!

  4. Thank you whoever it was that pointed out that you can’t use HPS, saved me some time. After unequiping that quiver I finally got the streak done

  5. Something else that’s important… don’t equip holy point shot… any misses from your extra knives also break the streak.. so with HPS it’s almost impossible.
    This caused me no end of grief because no-where does it explain what an “impale streak” actually is.
    The “impale streak” is hitting 5 different enemies successfully in a row. Any misses will cause it to fail, and Ricochet doesn’t count. I haven’t looked into the cold rune to see if that also auto-fails you but it might be an issue.
    Again DO NOT USE Holy Point Shot.

  6. Instead of Preparation, I leave cubed Dawn+Vengeance (w/ Seethe). Yes, that’s right. After you complete your primary objectives, use Vengeance and impale+vault combo to quickly navigate through the map and finish off the mobs. Especially useful if you have any strays left.

  7. What torment lol do you have to be on for it to show up I’m on torment 5 and I am at the location listed but I do not see the portal

  8. The Burst of Wrath can’t be used by Demon Hunters and hence it can’t be in the cube, so are there any other suggestion for this.


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