Finally a Fresh 70 Wizard? Looking to progress fast and get the seasonal free set? LOOK NO FURTHER. In our Fresh Level 70 Wizard guide, you will learn exactly: What to do once you hit 70, obtaining all Haedrig’s gifts, and leading to the end-game!

Season 20’s Wizard free set is Vyr’s Amazing Arcana.

NO Free Set? Go to PAGE 2!

You can freely cube any three items (IE:3 weapons, 2 armors and a ring).
Instead of being forced to use one weapon, armor, and jewelry.

How does Season of the Forbidden Archives affect me? 

In General

In your journey to powering up, it mildly helps you since you can cube your “three best things” to help you fill out your build. This is quite a potent effect to help your growth snowball out of control. It is heavily affected by your luck, though.

As for the endgame? This is not the scope of this guide but I may put some notes on unusual cube combinations for each seasonal free set.

Fresh 70 Wizard: Free set available! | No free set!
Getting the Free Set | Free Set 70 | Gaining Power | Bridging to the End-game
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Fresh 70 Wizard: Getting the Free Set!

Always keep in mind these few anti-rng upgrades that are CRAFTED. IE Reaper’s Wraps, Crimson’s set, and Aughild’s set.

Crafted NonRNG power ups

The best item you can make to help you chunk through the seasonal journey is, undoubtedly, Captain Crimson’s set. It doesn’t matter if you’re at 2pc or 3pc bonus – the cooldown reduction will help you A LOT.

While we usually heavily recommend Reaper’s Wraps, it’s just “okay” here. Wizard (and Vyr’s) probably benefit the LEAST from it. It can still open up options for you to reduce resource woes. The plans of Reaper’s Wraps drop off any Torment I+ Malthael.

Aughild’s is another item we usually recommend here but it’s seemingly the least impactful for us as Vyr’s handles elites quite handily. It does, improve, however our anti-elite capabilities in human form, but I think that’s a little less useful than Crimson’s? Maybe this is better EARLY ON…?

Click below to reveal the instructions you need for each step:

IMPORTANT: Setting up!

First of all, MAKE SURE YOUR BASIC ITEMS ARE LEVEL 70. The gap between a lesser item and a L70 one is pretty significant! Pick em up or craft ’em, I don’t care.

Wizard Fresh 70 – Items needed (Yellows are fine)

Vyr’s and Archon isn’t friendly leading up to the 6 set – but FAR from impossible. What’s gonna carry you? FIXED YELLOWS. No, you don’t need legendary items to complete the journey. Just check out below on how to fix yellow gears you’ve looted or crafted.

2H MACE: This is the very first in our agenda once you set foot as a Fresh 70 Wizard! Make sure this weapon has INT, VIT, and a regenerative stat (Life per Hit or Socket with Amethyst). Wizards are pretty bad at self-healing and that regenerative stat will CARRY YOU FOR A LONG TIME.

ARMOR ROLLS are super important for Wizard. Being an INT class, INT gives RESISTS but NO ARMOR. Taking Armor on as many slots as we can improves our defenses a TON. Get it on Chest > Legs > Belt > Boots > Shoulders. Feel free to roll it on other places this early in the game to bolster your toughness.

Bracer and Amulet with ANY Elemental% – Archon inherits the highest elemental damage rolled into your gear. Ideally, has the same element. If you can do this, half of your worries melt away. As long as they carry the same Element, great! If I were to recommend one for you, it’s Lightning%.

Amulet and Rings with Socket. Nothing fancy here. Just the INT and socket will do, for now. CDR ain’t so bad, either.

Belt is a HUGE defensive boost. Look for INT > VIT > Armor > Life%. This single slot can boost your toughness by millions.

CDR in random yellows will help greatly. In a set that relies on a skill that’s on a 100 second cooldown, having to spend LESS TIME AS A CHUMP works WONDERS.

Gems: Here’s all you need to know about regular gems –

  • Helm: Always DIAMOND for CDR. Vyr scales amazingly well with CDR.
  • Chest, Legs: RUBY or EMERALD = Armor, our best defensive stat for now.

Bring out Templar! He’s gonna help you loads in healing and resource regen! Summon your pet for gold collection!

  • Generally speaking: Reroll bad stats like:
    • Life Regen (Pathetic in the grand scheme of things)
    • Resource Reduction (Borderline useless)
    • All Resists (INT gives us so much)
    • Attack Speed (more of a lategame thing)
  • To good stats like:
    • INT, VIT – the basic building blocks.
    • Armor – our premiere defense.
    • CDR for lesser Archon Cooldowns.
    • Crit-related stats which are great always.

Vyr’s SUCKS early on, and will especially be a challenge in GR20.
Take a little care with your gear now and keep an eye out –
a small effort will yield VAST results

when the TIME COMES.

Help! I can't use those skills! (Turn On Elective Mode)

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction.

You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mouse wheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.

Season Journey Chapters Table

Here’s an overview of what you should accomplish per chapter for this season. Shift+J in game to check.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Complete a Neph Rift Neph Rift on Expert Neph Rift on Master Neph on T1
Do 5 Bounties Craft L70 Weapon or Armor Craft Imperial Gem Reforge weapon with Mystic
Socket 5 gems in gear Fully equip a follower Spend Blood Shards at Kadala Kill Adria on T2
Blacksmith to L10 Blacksmith, Jeweler & Mystic to L12 Kill Urzael at L70 on Master Keywarden Act I at T4
Jeweler to L10 Unlock Kanai’s Cube Kill Skeleton King at L70 on Master Keywarden Act II at T4
Mystic to L10 Get to L70 Act I bounty cache Keywarden Act III at T4
Kill Siegebreaker Kill Azmodan at L60 Act II bounty cache Keywarden Act IV at T4
Kill Maghda Kill Zoltun Kulle at L60 Act III bounty cache Kill Butcher on T4
Get to L50 Craft L70 Ring or Amulet Act IV bounty cache GR 20 solo
Enchant an item with Mystic Act V bounty cache
Upgrade rare to legendary item
Transmogrify an item with Mystic Extract Legendary Power
5 Blacksmith recipes
5 Jewelcrafting recipes
NO REWARD 1st set of Haedrig’s Gift 2nd set of Haedrig’s Gift
3rd set of Haedrig’s Gift

1st set: Helm + Gloves
2nd set: Boots + Shoulder
3rd set: Chest + Pants

Here is the Conqueror Season Journey entries you need to accomplish to unlock a stash tab (if you haven’t unlocked all).

Complete a TXIII Neph Rift in under 5 mins
GR 60 Solo
Kill Izual at L70 under 15 sec on TXIII
Kill Greed on TXIII
Reforge a Legendary or Set item
Augment an Ancient item with a L50 Legendary Gems
Level 3 Legendary Gems to 55
Complete 2 Conquests
Seasonal Journey Chapter 2: Getting the 2 piece
Wizard Fresh 70 No Set Build
Skill Rune
Disintegrate Chaos Nexus (Entropy)
Hydra Lightning Hydra
Teleport Wormhole
Familiar Arcanot
Magic Weapon (Open) Force Weapon (Any)
Energy Armor Prismatic Armor
Blur Audacity
Unwavering Will Glass Cannon (G.Ward)

 ***Pressing Shift+J (Default) opens up your Seasonal Journey tracker!***

Basic as it gets. Self-explanatory build which focuses on INFINITE DISINTEGRATE and using Hydra to augment damage vs. clumps, elites, and bosses.

Difficulty: Hard – You want to go through the seasonal entries and get your free set asap, I assume? Well, keep things easier for you by completing the entries on Hard. You only have to up difficulty when you have to do a rift on Expert but that’s it!

Try to be as efficient as you can in completing the season journey chapters.

Pet: Bring out a pet! They automatically pick up all the gold you can get to level up those NPC crafters!

Be an the lookout for workable yellows. A little love goes a long way.

Seasonal Journey Chapter 3: Getting the 4 piece
S20 Vyr’s Amazing Arcana 2-piece Set Build
Skill Rune
Disintegrate Chaos Nexus
Archon Pure Power / All
Teleport Wormhole
Familiar Arcanot
Magic Weapon Force Weapon
Energy Armor Prismatic Armor
Evocation Audacity
Unwavering Will Blur / Glass

Archon ReminderJust some minor changes – Evocation and Archon come in! We need to utilize the core of Vyr’s power – Archon and some form of Cooldown Reduction.

How2Archon – Basics:
On Archon > 2 (Slow Time) > Hold L/R + Spam 1 > 3 to Teleport away.

***Pressing Shift+J (Default) opens up your Seasonal Journey tracker!***

There are only two “meaningful” entries here. Completing all bounties and one neph on Expert. If you haven’t done both… Get the bounties done first.

Complete all bounties in all 5 acts: Complete this in HARD. While the other achievements in this tier require Master, this doesn’t. You can make space for the passive Illusionist for a slightly faster clear.

Increase difficulty to Master and complete these:

  • Nephalem Rift – if you’re struggling, adjust your build accordingly
  • Kill Urzael – Act V, Westmarch Heights
  • Kill Skeleton King – Act I, The Royal Crypt

Finish up the other requirements in your seasonal journey and let’s get going!

Seasonal Journey Chapter 4: Getting the 6 piece
S20 Vyr’s Amazing Arcana 4-piece Free Set Build
Skill Rune
Disintegrate Chaos Nexus
Archon Pure Power / All
Teleport Wormhole
Familiar (Open) Arcanot (Open)
Magic Weapon Force Weapon
Energy Armor Prismatic Armor
Evocation Audacity
Unwavering Will Blur / Glass

Archon ReminderNo real changes. Familiar is still here just to help you in “non-Archon“. It’s honestly a crutch-tier skill that you can replace if you’re confident.

How2Archon – Basics:
On Archon > 2 (Slow Time) > Hold L/R + Spam 1 > 3 to Teleport away.

***Pressing Shift+J (Default) opens up your Seasonal Journey tracker!***

While we all know getting and beating GR20 is the main event here, there’s still quite a bit we have to do to get there.

Upgrade a Rare to Legendary w/ Kanai’s Cube: This sounds weird, but if I were to upgrade ONE item at this point, it would be 2Hand Axe for Messerschmidt’s Reaver. This is a huge upgrade for you right now that allows near 100% Archon uptime.

Still missing some recipes? Tired of bountying? You can buy a couple of recipes from Squirt the Peddler in Act II town. The Hellfire amulet is a welcome item since it give you free passive skill!

Complete a Torment I Rift: TI should be a piece of cake.

Set Difficulty to Torment II: Defeat Adria in Act V, Ruins of Corvus

Set Difficulty to Torment IV: Tele to bosses! DO NOT KILL TRASH!!!

There’s a HUGE difference in enemy power from here on out. Luckily, ARCHON SPECIALIZES IN TRASHING ELITES so hopefully,
you only need 1 Archon for each!

  • Kill Butcher – Act I, Halls of Agony Level 3
  • Kill Odeg the Keywarden – Act I, Fields of Misery
  • Kill Sokahr the Keywarden – Act II, Dahlgur Oasis
  • Kill Xah’Rith the Keywarden – Act III, Stonefort
  • Kill Nekarat the Keywarden – Act IV, Garden of Hope 2nd Tier
  • Keywardens maps have a key icon next to the waypoint. Purple arrows point you to their location after a short while once you’re in their respective map.

GR20: Well, this is it…. Tackling higher level nephs will up the GR you’re allowed to do. A Torment III neph should do the trick! You can also do a couple GR’s until you reach 20.

Fresh 70 Wiz Vyr 4 piece GR 20
Ordeal: or·deal (ôrˈdēl/) –
a painful or horrific experience. especially a protracted one. (Syn: unpleasant experience, painful experience, trial, tribulation, nightmare, trauma, hell (on earth), misery, trouble, difficulty, torture, torment, agony)
In true Vyr’s fashion – you must not only RELY, but MAXIMIZE – The immeasurable MIGHT of Archon. Clearing this requires a SIMPLE CHANGE OF PLAYSTYLE.
If you can manage this with average yellow gear, then you have gained precious insight on how the average high-end GR should be played (with certain anti-elite builds). Vyr and Archon make a great platform for learning this playstyle.
S20 Vyr’s Amazing Arcana GR20 4-piece Set Build
Skill Rune
Disintegrate Chaos Nexus
Archon Pure Power / All
Teleport Wormhole
Familiar Arcanot
Magic Weapon Deflection
Energy Armor Prismatic Armor
Evocation Audacity
Galvanizing Ward Blur

Go on, laugh at it. Done? Now read.

>>> VYR 4 GR20 VIDEO HERE <<<

(I purposefully wasted a few Archons on whites, to simulate wasted Archon uses – DO NOT DO THIS. Find Elites and slaughter ’em with the pile you find along the way.)

FIX PARAGONS: INT | Crit | All Res | LpH (I used only 5 each -20 total)

Those “good yellows” will go a long way here. “reference” stats in testing:

  • Offense (sheet): 255k
  • Toughness (sheet): 10M
  • Recovery (sheet): 800k
  • NO ‘special’ legendaries aside from the 4PC Vyr’s.
  • NO Pylons taken.
  • NO Legendary Gems.
  • NO Cubed powers used.
  • Remaining Time: 2 minutes 30 Seconds.

I HAD NOTHING… I TOOK NO PYLONS… RIFT GUARDIAN WITH NO ADDS… – So before you make excuses, keep that in mind, friend.

Summary of strategy: This is basically how high end GR is played, and we’re gonna port it down to GR20. You have NO DEFENSIVE SET BONUS without Archon… you have NO OFFENSIVE SET BONUS without Archon – so I guess the path becomes clear, right? It’s ARCHON OR BUST.

MAXIMIZE ARCHON BY PILING UP ENEMIES AND ELITES: Find the biggest fights you can in preparation for when you turn on Archon. DO NOT WASTE TIME FIGHTING ELITES non-Archon – YOU WILL DIE, and it will take the entire 100 seconds OR MORE to kill 1 anyway!

Spend your time RUNNING, GATHERING, and playing SAFE in human form. Only clear small packs of non-threatening whites when your Archon comes off cooldown. As the cooldown is coming to an end, MAKE SURE YOU’VE found a pile + Elite to fight!

Rift Guardians take a WHILE to kill. You will need 2, and in some cases, 3 Archons. That’s a max of roughly 4 minutes. If you get one with adds, you lucked out – Archon when they spawn to get the damage boost!

I can guarantee, if you simply change HOW you would normally clear a GR, you will 100% succeed. If you DO NOT maximize YOUR ONLY SET BONUS and WASTE IT on small clumps – YOU WILL LOSE 100%.

Sheet numbers DO NOT take into consideration most Legendary Powers and Gems. But since I did it RAW – these will serve as a great estimation.

This isn’t a walk in the park. If that’s what you’re looking for

If you really felt helpless in this clear, go ahead and farm 3 Greater Rift keys and do any low level Greater Rifts – use any of the three Legendary Gems you get to make it a little easier.

Fresh 70 Wizard: 6 piece Free Set Build

S20 Vyr’s Amazing Arcana Full Free Set Build
Skill Rune
Disintegrate (Arcane Torrent) Chaos Nexus (Static Discharge)
Archon Pure Power / All
Teleport Wormhole
Familiar (Open) Arcanot
Magic Weapon Force Weapon / Deflection
Energy Armor (Ice Armor) Prismatic Armor (Crystallize)
Evocation Blur > Audacity
Unwavering Will Galvanizing Ward

There are many build paths a Wizard can take from here. But for now, we will focus on making Vyr as friendly as possible for speedfarming…

Right now, maximizing defense and survivability AS A HUMAN is super important so you won’t have many feelsbadman moments.

A quick review before proceeding…

Keep these important things in mind as you progress!

Review, Fixing up and Reminders

Quick build notes:

CDR this is where Vyr’s gets dicey… You want CDR on as many places as you can get “practically”. There’s no way to explain that in-depth right now, but basically CDR = MORE ARCHON and for the most part, that’s a good thing.

Amulets and Rings with socket – now that you’re slowly getting your legendary gems, you should prepare these accessories and put in the Big 3 gems for Vyr’s (as discussed below).

Elemental% on Bracer, and maybe on Amulet, too. – Archon takes in the highest elemental rolls found on gear. My preference is Lightning%.

Armor! Now that you have the free full set, fix it up and roll Armor where you can. The top 3 stats you want on your Chest, Shoulders, Legs, Boots, and Belt are INT VIT ARMOR. It’s an important part of any INT character’s defensive stack, and allows us to use Ice Armor.

Archon% DOESN’T EXIST! So it’s one less roll you gotta worry about. Needless to say DO NOT GET ANY SKILL% ROLLS – they’re absolutely USELESS.

  • Generally speaking: Reroll bad stats like:
    • Life Regen (Pathetic in the grand scheme of things)
    • Resource Reduction (Borderline useless)
    • All Resists (INT gives us so much)
    • Attack Speed (more of a lategame thing)
  • To good stats like:
    • INT, VIT – the basic building blocks.
    • Armor – our premiere defense.
    • CDR for lesser Archon Cooldowns.
    • Crit-related stats which are great always.

Getting the “correct” stats has a much higher impact
vs. getting the “perfect” stats, for now

Gaining Power!

Now we have to gain as much power, as quickly as possible.

Legendary Gems

This is the easiest way to gain power simply because acquiring them has little to no RNG. Getting 3 of your best gems will increase your power dramatically in a short time span.

Click on the tabs to see Vyr’s “Big 3” gems, and “others”.

Vyr's Fresh 70 Important GemsOther gems?

Get these three to L25 ASAP:

Gogok of Swiftness does A LOT for you. And I MEAN IT. CDR, DODGE and ASPD (which scales well with Archon!) It’s a STACKING MECHANIC – activate Archon only if you’ve hit the max Gogok stacks. It also helps you survive in your chump form via dodge, and CDR for Teleports. Keep at 25 for the early game.

Seriously, you need defense / sustain / utility right now. Not more damage.

Molten Wildebeest’s Gizzard. While in Archon, you’ll be obliterating everything anyway, right? SO YOU HAVE TO COVER YOUR WEAKNESSES NOW which is terrible defenses outside Archon. Hell, you can even level this up high until your build matures – and just use it to augment later on! I’m quite serious when I recommend this – it will VASTLY IMPROVE the early farming days.

If you opt for double defensive gems, take Esoteric Alteration. If you somehow want a third, go for Moratorium.

Bane of the Powerful is also one of the better early game gems as you only need 25 points to max it out. It helps our defenses a little bit too.

Any other gems worth it?

Bane of the Trapped basic DPS gem which is brainlessly triggered from Archon’s Slow Time. Feel free to dump as many points as you can into this.

Bane of the Stricken: You’re gonna have to use it at some point.

Esoteric Alteration: Is your late game defensive gem of choice, if you need one. This will out scale Gizzard once enemies start packing a punch.

Boon of the Hoarder: You need this for speedfarming – get it up to 50 ASAP!
(See: Speedfarming GeneralWizard Speedfarming, Wiz Fastest Speedfarming)

With 3 of your best gems at L25 – try much higher Torment levels (VII+ at least). Make some defensive changes in your build as you proceed!!! Now the real farming begins!

Build Adjustments

Now that you have the base “power level” of your 6 set and gems, let’s take a short time to show you how to manipulate your build depending on what aspect of your current setup is weak. Simple skill, rune, and passive changes listed below.

Playing Vyr 6 - BasicsOffense & ResourceDefense & HealingSpeed & Mobility

I’ve said it all and more in the GR20 tab: MAXIMIZE ARCHON. Vyr’s 6 is terrible for “speedfarming” nephs and you’re better off with GR type content. Once you get more items, this can be alleviated. For now? You’re stuck.

Again I’ll paste this here… Archon Reminder:
On it – 2 (Slow Time) – Hold Left Click + Spam 1 – 3 to Teleport away.
RC is ‘ranged’.

With the gems, you’ll be able to clear nephs a little less painfully but it’s far from optimal. What do… what do… Stack CDR, if you can, to try and make a Vyr’s speedfarm build.

Advice as a non-Archon human? Well… Survive.

The first level of ownage begins when you roughly have 20 second Archon cooldown WITHOUT ZODIAC as to perfectly align with The Swamis buff extension. Otherwise, survival (and even killing) as a human is impossible

More offense or Arcane Power needed?

Offense is usually categorized in Damage or, indirectly, Resource Gain.

More Damage?

COOLDOWN REDUCTION is where it’s at. We take Evocation for this purpose. It is THE single most “consistent” DPS stat for Archon based builds. Of course, this statement is nuanced, but in this fresh stage CDR is extremely noticeable and powerful.

Increasing damage with Vyr’s is difficult early on. There are no other “practical” ways aside from passives such as Audacity > Unwavering Will > Glass Cannon. 2/3’rd of which are mentioned in the main build.

No skills are very practical either: Magic Weapon-Force Weapon being the best one.

Amping up your damage isn’t really that important right now. Defense and consistency are your critical weaknesses.

More Resource Gain?

Arcane Power is a near irrelevant stat for later on. We use Familiar-Arcanot to help us out while in human form but that’s far from optimal. Arcane Power on Critical (found in Wizard hats and off-hands) is a much better way to keep shooting.

More defense needed?

Defense is seen as self-healing and damage reduction.

Life on Hit is a great stat to have for now. Try to get 1 roll SOMEWHERE.

Ice Armor-Crystallize is the right armor once you get the proper rolls. This is mentioned more than once prior to this. Energy Armor-Prismatic Armorotherwise.

Unwavering Will helps in both ends – Galvanizing Ward > Blur > Dominance are all fine choices. Sadly, shields scale off YOUR TOUGHNESS as they’re basically VIT. So if your base body is soft, so will the shields.

More mobility needed?

Wizard mobility is locked behind ITEMS, more so in the case of Vyr’s. I cannot recommend anything else past Teleport-Wormhole as they are very impractical speed increases. The Illusionist passive is probably your best bet after that.

ARCHON (Teleport) is already quite mobile.

Since CDR reduces both Archon and Teleport cooldowns, it’s great for speed as well.

(See: Speedfarming General | Wizard Speedfarming | Wizard Best Speedfarm)

Items to look for

Okay, now that the easy part of powering up is done, it’s time for the farmy bit. Here I will be listing all the high-impact items you can pick up, and how to get them (aside from drops).

Captain Crimson’s set is super powerful for Vyrs but you’re gonna need a RoRG. It’s definitely an option since it’s crafted.

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac IS A HUGE BOOST TO SPEED AND CONSISTENCY. Sadly, whether from shards or DB’s, specific rings are hard to bait out.

Blood ShardsDeaths BreathClassics

Using Blood Shards:

There are very little Archon specific items and even fillers are few and far between given the hyper specialized set that Vyr is. In any case…

Wizard Hat: The Swami is what you’re after first. This thing is power. You retaining Archon stacks means you are MORE POWERFUL and MUCH TOUGHER even in human form, albeit only for 20 seconds – it’s better than nothing.

Belt: Fazula’s Improbable Chain gives us a ton of stacks as we enter Archon. Great for obvious reasons and further compiles the usefulness of The Swami in our human form. Goldwrap can be found in this pile too, as well as String of Ears – KEY DEFENSIVE FILLERS.

Bracers: Ashnagarr’s Blood Bracer is a KEY DEFENSIVE “filler”. Nemesis is our speedfarmy bracer. Ashnagarr’s Blood Bracer is SICKENINGLY GOOD and will single-handedly carry your defensive needs for many a torment level. Lots of value from the bracer pile. (Note on shields – Gizzard is unaffected)

Helmet: Leoric’s Crown is a decent filler item. Doubling CDR on helmet (via socketed Diamond) is a welcome boost. Won’t make the lategame cut but that’s not what you’re here about, ain’t it?

Off-hand: use shards to find Chantodo’s Force – it’s one half of the set that will push you over the edge into godlike power levels.

From here I would suck it up and spend 50 shards a pop to fish for Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac – which is a GOD TIER efficiency boost for our build.

All other shard use categories fall deep into the “filler of the filler” or “baiting ancients out”. You have stuff like CindercoatAquila… etc… nothing AMAZING.

Using Death’s Breath – Rare to legendary:

2H Axes for Messerschmidt’s Reaver. I’m serious.
This is the “Easiest to bait QoL improvement item” your Fresh 70 Vyr Wizard can get your hands on. I’m dead serious this will help you out GREATLY.

1h-Swords for In-geom vastly improves your speed-farming capabilities. I would be more than happy just cubing this.

=== When to go for Chantodo? ===

Only go for Chantodo when you feel like you can be in Archon quite consistently. Honestly, the damage they output is so absurdly overkill that you oftentimes don’t really need it for “farming”. It’s great, of course, but make sure you don’t gimp your own build using it…

Upgrading WANDS for Chantodo! Yes, getting half a set sucks, but you have to find it sometime. Aether Walker is another amazing find here. Luckily, there’s a lot of other filler wands you can get like Starfire.

DO NOT USE WANDS + SOURCE unless you have amazing ones – a strong 2H mace beats it out 9 times out of 10, base stats wise.

Upgrading Off-hands for Chantodo! USE SHARDS AND DB’s TO FIND IT IF IT’S THE LAST PIECE MISSING – once you complete the Chantodo set, you can now ascend.


Upgrading Rings for Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac and Halo of Arlyse (among other great possible rings) should come at the very last parts of progression.

Upgrading a single 2H Mace for “temporary use” is a good idea, and I mentioned it way up there in the seasonal journey tab. Furnace is just icing.

The Classics: Good for any type of newer character, and even the most battle-hardened of builds.

Ring of Royal Grandeur: “Break” your 6-piece to make space for a good filler item! Lol season of Grandeur…

Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: Massively reduce cooldowns, as channeling spells like Disintegrate trigger it extremely quickly.

Reaper’s Wraps: Not so relevant on Wizards, but since bracers aren’t our strong point, this can be used as a filler. Obtaining it has ZERO RNG (Kill Malthael).

Accessory SetsFocusRestraint or Traveler’s Pledge. Completing any of these 2-sets is a vast power jump. +100%~ is substantial for only 2 slots.

Convention of Elements: Good ‘ol CoE. Wear it, Kanai it, as a filler or till the end of time. Learning to maximize CoE in any build you choose is a turning point for higher GR’s.

Unity: Straight 50% damage reduction in the cube. Too bad you need two of ’em.

Goldwrap + Avarice + Boon of The Hoarder: I don’t care how many times I have to remind you about this combo. Be on the lookout. Avarice drops from ACT III bounties

I may as well remind you of the 2 bounty “must haves” rings:
Ring of Royal Grandeur: Act I is from ACT I bounties.
Avarice from Act III bounties, for speedfarming.

Bridging to the End-game

So you skipped a whole chunk of the powering up phase with the free set. Now what? Like I always say, “Speedfarming first before pushing GR’s”. So, convert what you have NOW to be as speedfarmy as possible, first.

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  1. Is there a suggestion for paragon points?
    Like for example:
    Basis: Movement > INT
    Off: Crit Ch > Crit DMG > Att Speed
    Def: Life Reg > AllRes > Life
    Adventure: LpH > Area DMG > Resource ?

    • we really need to put that in our guides, right? anyway here it is: MS > INT > Resource optional > VIT as needed; CHC CHD CDR AS; Armor Life% Allres Regen; LpH AD RCR GF (LpH is lower if you have good sustain)

  2. which fire skills do you recommend for a 6p firebird set and etched sigil+death wish pair? hydra as damaging skill or another big damaging fire based skill? my deathwish does +fire damage.

    thank you for this great guide!

  3. Hey guys,

    I’ve been following this guide for about a week now and compared to “competitors” builds, I find this one the most enjoyable. But I’ve seen to hit a rough spot, and I’m stuck hovering between T5-T7. Unfortunately I didn’t come accross this guide until I already progressed a little bit so my rolls aren’t perfect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Well that would first depend on your personal goals. If you’re “stuck”, you should first find out where you’re progressing. What do you envision it is your goal this season would be? The free set is meant to be a free set, and you don’t need to STICK with it to the end – the build entailed in the fresh 70 guide will help you along to reach to “point of freedom”. Let me know what exactly is keeping you down? Survivability? Speed in clearing? What’s your goals this season?


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