Greetings Monkies! Welcome to our Monk Leveling Guide! D3 Seasonal player? First timer? This build is friendly for either! Our leveling build can easily do any “type” of leveling up. Thankfully, Monk is one of the easiest classes to level up.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU OPEN our D3 Leveling Process (all classes). It answers the usual leveling questions. “Leoric’s?” “Grinding?” There’s a ton of supplemental info there.

S28’s Altar of Rites VASTLY affects leveling

S28 is the ‘Season of Massacre Leveling’ due to Node A in Alter of Rites:
“Double massacre exp bonus and duration”.
Every other method is made worse by this. Also, Node C is “no item level requirement”…

First of all, see our Altar of Rites guide / order to get a clearer picture of what I’m talking about. Basically, this hinges around “Opening your first Challenge Rift Cache”, and if you want to take it ASAP. Also, there couple notes on Node C there, specifically how to get Node C with or without the cache.

Challenge Rift Cache woes

Every season, you should be doing the Challenge Rift, and opening the cache to get a huge boost in your leveling speed. However, this season, opening the Challenge Rift cache BLOCKS you from progressing the Altar of Rites past 15 nodes “until the next monday”  since you NEED a challenge rift cache to unlock the 15th node.

To Cache or not to Cache? To open or save? 


Opening the cache makes your leveling better, no doubt as it gives you the resources to fuel the usual seasonal tricks. Not only do you get Node A (double massacre bonus and duration), you also get to craft high level items to use alongside Node C, AND the usual shenanigans with Rift Caches. It’s a wild bonus. However, you must wait “until the upcoming monday” to go further down (15+) the Altar of Rites, which is a non-issue for many. For the season start, it’s just a few days wait.

Opening is a no-brainer for relaxed players, or if you don’t really plan to nolife week 1.

You also get a considerable boost as you step into 70, as you get 1 or 2 good legendaries.


Saving the cache vastly slows your leveling speed (in comparison), but you still get the huge bonus from Node A. If you’re getting boosted? save the cache is your best bet – you simply don’t need the EXP and power boost to leveling. You DONT have to wait to completely unlock your Altar of Rites.

Saving is a no-brainer for those getting boosted, or giga-grinders for Week 1.

People forget that massacre sucks for items, and without the cache you’ll be weak at 70.

I’ll be pasting this reminder in all leveling related content. GL leveling your monk in S28!

Monk Leveling – Quick Navigation:
Full Leveling Build | Skills & Reminders | Leoric’s Crown?Notes | Fresh Level 70!

!!! Challenge Rift Material Spending !!!

As mentioned in our general all classes leveling guide, you SHOULD be doing the Challenge Rift and WISELY be spending the resulting materials from it. TLDR: Challenge Rift -> Attempt Deaths Breath upgrade and Blood Shard gambles for a good legendary.

For a leveling Monk, the chances are only so-so…

Death’s Breath

Upgrade Daibo. This is only a 3.5/8 chance to be god/suck. Don’t get your hopes up. Balance, Incense and Flow are great. Flying Dragon is “fine”, and you got 50% chance for utter trash. Better start prayin’.

Blood Shards

Gamble for Boots at L1 to 15. The only two possible legendaries are Riviera Dancers which makes leveling GG, or Crudest Boots which is only a modest upgrade. Again, better start prayin’.

Monk Leveling: FULL BUILD per Level

This build is not SUPER optimized for MASSACRE (S28, you should be doing it)|
but it doesn’t need to be, given how easy it is to level.

Put your level in the box on the upper right – or hit back / next found in the bottom right!

1LFist of Thunder
2LFist of Thunder
2RLashing Tail Kick
3LFist of Thunder
3RLashing Tail Kick
4LFist of Thunder
4RLashing Tail Kick
41Blinding Flash
5LFist of Thunder
5RLashing Tail Kick
51Blinding Flash
6LFist of ThunderThunderclap
6RLashing Tail Kick
61Blinding Flash
7LFist of ThunderThunderclap
7RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
71Blinding Flash
8LFist of ThunderThunderclap
8RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
81Blinding Flash
9LFist of ThunderThunderclap
9RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
91Blinding Flash
92Dashing Strike
10LFist of ThunderThunderclap
10RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
101Blinding Flash
102Dashing Strike
10PassiveFleet Footed
11LFist of ThunderThunderclap
11RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
111Blinding Flash
112Dashing Strike
11PassiveFleet Footed
12LFist of ThunderThunderclap
12RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
121Blinding FlashSelf-Reflection
122Dashing Strike
12PassiveFleet Footed
13LFist of ThunderThunderclap
13RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
131Exploding Palm
132Dashing Strike
13PassiveExalted Soul
14LFist of ThunderThunderclap
14RLashing Tail KickVulture Claw
141Exploding Palm
142Dashing Strike
143Cyclone Strike
14PassiveExalted Soul
15LFist of ThunderThunderclap
15RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
151Exploding Palm
152Dashing StrikeFalling Star
153Cyclone Strike
15PassiveExalted Soul
16LFist of ThunderThunderclap
16RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
161Exploding Palm
162Dashing StrikeFalling Star
163Cyclone Strike
16PassiveExalted Soul
17LCrippling WaveManlge
17RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
171Exploding Palm
172Dashing StrikeFalling Star
173Cyclone Strike
17PassiveExalted Soul
18LCrippling WaveManlge
18RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
181Exploding PalmFlesh is Weak
182Dashing StrikeFalling Star
183Cyclone Strike
18PassiveExalted Soul
19LCrippling WaveManlge
19RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
191Exploding PalmFlesh is Weak
192Dashing StrikeFalling Star
193Cyclone Strike
194Mantra of Salvation
19PassiveExalted Soul
20LCrippling WaveManlge
20RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
201Exploding PalmFlesh is Weak
202Dashing StrikeFalling Star
203Cyclone Strike
204Mantra of Salvation
20PassiveExalted Soul
20PassiveChant of Resonance
21LCrippling WaveManlge
21RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
211Exploding PalmFlesh is Weak
212Dashing StrikeFalling Star
213Cyclone StrikeEye of the Storm
214Mantra of Retribution
21PassiveExalted Soul
21PassiveChant of Resonance
22LCrippling WaveManlge
22RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
221Exploding PalmFlesh is Weak
222Dashing StrikeFalling Star
223Cyclone StrikeEye of the Storm
224Mantra of Retribution
22PassiveExalted Soul
22PassiveChant of Resonance
23LCrippling WaveManlge
23RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
231Exploding PalmFlesh is Weak
232Dashing StrikeFalling Star
233Cyclone StrikeEye of the Storm
234Mantra of Retribution
23PassiveExalted Soul
23PassiveChant of Resonance
24LCrippling WaveManlge
24RLashing Tail KickSweeping Armada
241Exploding PalmFlesh is Weak
242Dashing StrikeFalling Star
243Cyclone StrikeEye of the Storm
244Mantra of Retribution
24PassiveExalted Soul
24PassiveChant of Resonance
25LCrippling WaveManlge
25RWave of LightExplosive Light
251Exploding PalmStrong Spirit
252Dashing StrikeFalling Star
253Cyclone StrikeEye of the Storm
254Mantra of Retribution
25PassiveExalted Soul
25PassiveChant of Resonance
26LCrippling WaveManlge
26RWave of LightExplosive Light
261Exploding PalmStrong Spirit
262Dashing StrikeFalling Star
263Cyclone StrikeEye of the Storm
264Mantra of Retribution
26PassiveExalted Soul
26PassiveChant of Resonance
27LCrippling WaveManlge
27RWave of LightExplosive Light
271Mystic AllyWater Ally
272Dashing StrikeFalling Star
273Cyclone StrikeEye of the Storm
274Mantra of Retribution
27PassiveExalted Soul
27PassiveChant of Resonance
28LCrippling WaveManlge
28RWave of LightExplosive Light
281Mystic AllyWater Ally
282Dashing StrikeFalling Star
283Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
284Mantra of RetributionRetaliation
28PassiveExalted Soul
28PassiveChant of Resonance
29LCrippling WaveManlge
29RWave of LightExplosive Light
291Mystic AllyWater Ally
292Dashing StrikeFalling Star
293Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
294Mantra of RetributionRetaliation
29PassiveExalted Soul
29PassiveChant of Resonance
30LCrippling WaveManlge
30RWave of LightExplosive Light
301Mystic AllyWater Ally
302Dashing StrikeFalling Star
303Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
304Mantra of RetributionRetaliation
30PassiveExalted Soul
30PassiveChant of Resonance
30PassiveSeize the Initiative
31LCrippling WaveManlge
31RWave of LightExplosive Light
311Mystic AllyWater Ally
312Dashing StrikeFalling Star
313Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
314Mantra of RetributionRetaliation
31PassiveExalted Soul
31PassiveChant of Resonance
31PassiveSeize the Initiative
32LCrippling WaveManlge
32RWave of LightExplosive Light
321Mystic AllyWater Ally
322Dashing StrikeFalling Star
323Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
324Mantra of RetributionRetaliation
32PassiveExalted Soul
32PassiveChant of Resonance
32PassiveSeize the Initiative
33LCrippling WaveManlge
33RWave of LightExplosive Light
331Mystic AllyWater Ally
332Dashing StrikeFalling Star
333Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
334Mantra of RetributionRetaliation
33PassiveExalted Soul
33PassiveChant of Resonance
33PassiveSeize the Initiative
34LCrippling WaveManlge
34RWave of LightExplosive Light
341Mystic AllyWater Ally
342Dashing StrikeFalling Star
343Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
344Mantra of RetributionRetaliation
34PassiveExalted Soul
34PassiveChant of Resonance
34PassiveSeize the Initiative
35LCrippling WaveManlge
35RWave of LightExplosive Light
351Mystic AllyWater Ally
352Dashing StrikeFalling Star
353Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
354Mantra of ConvitionOverawe
35PassiveExalted Soul
35PassiveChant of Resonance
35PassiveSeize the Initiative
36LCrippling WaveManlge
36RWave of LightExplosive Light
361Mystic AllyWater Ally
362Dashing StrikeFalling Star
363Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
364Mantra of ConvitionOverawe
36PassiveExalted Soul
36PassiveChant of Resonance
36PassiveSeize the Initiative
37LCrippling WaveManlge
37RWave of LightExplosive Light
371Mystic AllyWater Ally
372Dashing StrikeFalling Star
373Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
374Mantra of ConvitionOverawe
37PassiveExalted Soul
37PassiveChant of Resonance
37PassiveSeize the Initiative
38LCrippling WaveManlge
38RWave of LightExplosive Light
381Mystic AllyWater Ally
382Dashing StrikeFalling Star
383Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
384Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
38PassiveExalted Soul
38PassiveChant of Resonance
38PassiveSeize the Initiative
39LCrippling WaveManlge
39RWave of LightExplosive Light
391Mystic AllyAir Ally
392Dashing StrikeFalling Star
393Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
394Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
39PassiveExalted Soul
39PassiveChant of Resonance
39PassiveSeize the Initiative
40LCrippling WaveManlge
40RWave of LightExplosive Light
401Mystic AllyAir Ally
402Dashing StrikeFalling Star
403Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
404Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
40PassiveExalted Soul
40PassiveChant of Resonance
40PassiveSeize the Initiative
41LCrippling WaveManlge
41RWave of LightExplosive Light
411Mystic AllyAir Ally
412Dashing StrikeFalling Star
413Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
414Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
41PassiveExalted Soul
41PassiveChant of Resonance
41PassiveSeize the Initiative
42LCrippling WaveManlge
42RWave of LightExplosive Light
421Mystic AllyAir Ally
422Dashing StrikeFalling Star
423Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
424Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
42PassiveExalted Soul
42PassiveChant of Resonance
42PassiveSeize the Initiative
43LCrippling WaveManlge
43RWave of LightExplosive Light
431Mystic AllyAir Ally
432Dashing StrikeFalling Star
433Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
434Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
43PassiveExalted Soul
43PassiveChant of Resonance
43PassiveSeize the Initiative
44LCrippling WaveManlge
44RWave of LightExplosive Light
441Mystic AllyAir Ally
442Dashing StrikeFalling Star
443Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
444Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
44PassiveExalted Soul
44PassiveChant of Resonance
44PassiveSeize the Initiative
45LCrippling WaveManlge
45RWave of LightExplosive Light
451Mystic AllyAir Ally
452Dashing StrikeFalling Star
453Blinding FlashReplenishing Light
454Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
45PassiveExalted Soul
45PassiveChant of Resonance
45PassiveSeize the Initiative
46LCrippling WaveManlge
46RWave of LightExplosive Light
461Mystic AllyAir Ally
462Dashing StrikeFalling Star
463Sweeping WindInner Storm
464Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
46PassiveExalted Soul
46PassiveChant of Resonance
46PassiveSeize the Initiative
47LCrippling WaveManlge
47RWave of LightExplosive Light
471Mystic AllyAir Ally
472Dashing StrikeFalling Star
473Sweeping WindInner Storm
474Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
47PassiveExalted Soul
47PassiveChant of Resonance
47PassiveSeize the Initiative
48LCrippling WaveManlge
48RWave of LightExplosive Light
481Mystic AllyAir Ally
482Dashing StrikeFalling Star
483Sweeping WindInner Storm
484Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
48PassiveExalted Soul
48PassiveChant of Resonance
48PassiveSeize the Initiative
49LCrippling WaveManlge
49RWave of LightExplosive Light
491Mystic AllyAir Ally
492Dashing StrikeFalling Star
493Sweeping WindInner Storm
494Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
49PassiveExalted Soul
49PassiveChant of Resonance
49PassiveSeize the Initiative
50LCrippling WaveManlge
50RWave of LightExplosive Light
501Mystic AllyAir Ally
502Dashing StrikeFalling Star
503Sweeping WindInner Storm
504Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
50PassiveExalted Soul
50PassiveChant of Resonance
50PassiveSeize the Initiative
51LCrippling WaveManlge
51RWave of LightExplosive Light
511Mystic AllyAir Ally
512Dashing StrikeFalling Star
513Sweeping WindInner Storm
514Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
51PassiveExalted Soul
51PassiveChant of Resonance
51PassiveSeize the Initiative
52LCrippling WaveManlge
52RWave of LightExplosive Light
521Mystic AllyAir Ally
522Dashing StrikeFalling Star
523Sweeping WindInner Storm
524Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
52PassiveExalted Soul
52PassiveChant of Resonance
52PassiveSeize the Initiative
53LCrippling WaveManlge
53RWave of LightExplosive Light
531Mystic AllyAir Ally
532Dashing StrikeFalling Star
533Sweeping WindInner Storm
534Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
53PassiveExalted Soul
53PassiveChant of Resonance
53PassiveSeize the Initiative
54LCrippling WaveManlge
54RWave of LightExplosive Light
541Mystic AllyAir Ally
542Dashing StrikeFalling Star
543Sweeping WindInner Storm
544Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
54PassiveExalted Soul
54PassiveChant of Resonance
54PassiveSeize the Initiative
55LCrippling WaveManlge
55RWave of LightExplosive Light
551Mystic AllyAir Ally
552Dashing StrikeFalling Star
553Sweeping WindInner Storm
554Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
55PassiveExalted Soul
55PassiveChant of Resonance
55PassiveSeize the Initiative
56LCrippling WaveManlge
56RWave of LightExplosive Light
561Mystic AllyAir Ally
562Dashing StrikeFalling Star
563Sweeping WindInner Storm
564Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
56PassiveExalted Soul
56PassiveChant of Resonance
56PassiveSeize the Initiative
57LCrippling WaveManlge
57RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
571Mystic AllyAir Ally
572Dashing StrikeFalling Star
573Sweeping WindInner Storm
574Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
57PassiveExalted Soul
57PassiveChant of Resonance
57PassiveSeize the Initiative
58LCrippling WaveManlge
58RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
581Mystic AllyAir Ally
582Dashing StrikeFalling Star
583Sweeping WindInner Storm
584Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
58PassiveExalted Soul
58PassiveChant of Resonance
58PassiveSeize the Initiative
59LCrippling WaveManlge
59RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
591Mystic AllyAir Ally
592Dashing StrikeFalling Star
593Sweeping WindInner Storm
594Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
59PassiveExalted Soul
59PassiveChant of Resonance
59PassiveSeize the Initiative
60LCrippling WaveManlge
60RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
601Mystic AllyAir Ally
602Dashing StrikeFalling Star
603Sweeping WindInner Storm
604Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
60PassiveExalted Soul
60PassiveChant of Resonance
60PassiveSeize the Initiative
61LCrippling WaveManlge
61RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
611Mystic AllyAir Ally
612Dashing StrikeFalling Star
613Sweeping WindInner Storm
614Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
61PassiveExalted Soul
61PassiveChant of Resonance
61PassiveSeize the Initiative
62LCrippling WaveManlge
62RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
621Mystic AllyAir Ally
622Dashing StrikeFalling Star
623Sweeping WindInner Storm
624Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
62PassiveExalted Soul
62PassiveChant of Resonance
62PassiveSeize the Initiative
63LCrippling WaveManlge
63RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
631Mystic AllyAir Ally
632Dashing StrikeFalling Star
633Sweeping WindInner Storm
634Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
63PassiveExalted Soul
63PassiveChant of Resonance
63PassiveSeize the Initiative
64LCrippling WaveManlge
64RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
641Mystic AllyAir Ally
642Dashing StrikeFalling Star
643Sweeping WindInner Storm
644Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
64PassiveExalted Soul
64PassiveChant of Resonance
64PassiveSeize the Initiative
65LCrippling WaveManlge
65RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
651Mystic AllyAir Ally
652Dashing StrikeFalling Star
653Sweeping WindInner Storm
654Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
65PassiveExalted Soul
65PassiveChant of Resonance
65PassiveSeize the Initiative
66LCrippling WaveManlge
66RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
661Mystic AllyAir Ally
662Dashing StrikeFalling Star
663Sweeping WindInner Storm
664Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
66PassiveExalted Soul
66PassiveChant of Resonance
66PassiveSeize the Initiative
67LCrippling WaveManlge
67RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
671Mystic AllyAir Ally
672Dashing StrikeFalling Star
673Sweeping WindInner Storm
674Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
67PassiveExalted Soul
67PassiveChant of Resonance
67PassiveSeize the Initiative
68LCrippling WaveManlge
68RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
681Mystic AllyAir Ally
682Dashing StrikeFalling Star
683Sweeping WindInner Storm
684Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
68PassiveExalted Soul
68PassiveChant of Resonance
68PassiveSeize the Initiative
69LCrippling WaveManlge
69RWave of LightExplosive Light / Pillar
691Mystic AllyAir Ally
692Dashing StrikeFalling Star
693Sweeping WindInner Storm
694Mantra of HealingCircular Breathing
69PassiveExalted Soul
69PassiveChant of Resonance
69PassiveSeize the Initiative
70yey!Fresh 70 Monk Build Guide
Help! I can't use those skills because they're from the same category! - Turn On Elective Mode

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction. You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mousewheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.

Saved you some time, I bet! Support us, if you’re in HIGH SPIRITS!

Monk Leveling: Skills & Reminders Summary

0!!!*SEE: D3 Leveling Process if you're confused.
*Start Adventure mode in HARD.
*Follower: Hire Templar, then steal his weapon!
1(L)Fists of Thunder
2(R)Lashing Tail Kick
4(1)Blinding Flash
6(L)Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap
7(R)Lashing Tail Kick - Vulture Claw Kick
8!!!Craft a level 8 2H Axe
9(2)Dashing Strike
10(P1)Fleet Footed
12(1)Blinding Flash - Self Reflection
13(1)Exploding Palm
13(P1)Exalted Soul
14(3)Cyclone Strike
15(R)Lashing Tail Kick - Sweeping Armada
15(2)Dashing Strike - Way of the Falling Star
17(L)Crippling Wave - Mangle
18(1)Exploding Palm - Flesh is Weak
19(4)Mantra of Salvation (auto)
20(P2)Chant of Resonance
21(3)Cyclone Strike - Eye of the Storm
21(4)Mantra of Retribution
25(R)Wave of Light - Explosive Light
25(1)Exploding Palm - Strong Spirit
27(1)Mystic Ally - Water Ally
28(3)Blinding Flash - Replenishing Light
28(4)Mantra of Retribution - Retaliation
30(P3)Seize the Initiative
30!!!The "Final Build"
(L) Crippling Wave - Mangle
(R) Wave of Light - Explosive Light
(1) Mystic Ally - Water Ally
(2) Dashign Strike - Falling Star
(3) Blinding Flash - Replenishing Light
(4) Mantra of Retribution - Retaliation
(P1) Exalted Soul
(P2) Chant of Resonance
(P3) Seize the Initiatvie
I RECOMMEND binding mousewheel to move, TRUST ME.
35(4)Mantra of Conviction - Overawe
38(4)Mantra of Healing - Circular Breathing
39(1)Mystic Ally - Air Ally
46(3)Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm
57(R)Wave of Light - Pillar of the Ancients
61!!!Craft a level 61 2H Axe
70!!!See our Fresh 70 Monk
Help! I can't use those skills because they're from the same category! - Turn On Elective Mode

If you’re not allowed to put two skills on your bar because they’re from the same category – FEAR NOT! This isn’t a bug or a permanent in-game restriction. You simply have to CHECK ON ELECTIVE MODE, via Esc > Options > Gameplay > Elective Mode!

Binding Force Move to Mousewheel up & down is a value change that every player should make IMO. It prevents misclicks and skill misfires, and forces you to move to where otherwise an enemy might be.


Monk Leveling & Leoric’s Crown – When, and is it worth it?

Review our D3 Leveling Process (all classes) for more notes on this. Summary:

It’s worth it || You must be minimum L16 (to be safe)
You must beat him in Campaign Mode | You must not have beaten him previously

Once you reach L16 you can get the process rolling. Personally, I don’t go for it ASAP, but do it when I wanna chill a bit. When you’re ready, the idea is get this process done as fast and painlessly as possible. Set the game to easy if you like.

Equip Dashing Strike-Way of the Falling Star, and Fleet Footed (Passive). Loosely kill guys while prioritizing travel speed. Exploding Palm is a good “set and forget” just to gain some residual EXP while speeding through.

Why wait? Some guys are extremely stubborn and continue to open the game on Campaign and switch to adventure on hitting Leoric. Imagine doing that without all of those mobility skills, garbage weapons, and forced to leave mobs. Yep, slow as hell.

Monk: Leveling Notes

Playing the Build

It’s hard to mess up a Monk! More so with this build to make leveling extra easy – you’ll be blazing through to max level in no time! Spirit generation is key to this build. WoL is the most expensive skill in the Monk repertoire, learn not to spam to the last man standing! Leave stragglers, use your generators, Templar and Mystic Ally to finish them off. WoL is expensive, man.

Dashing Strike – is the key to leveling up “fast”. This ultra versatile skill helps you re-position and travel. Learn to abuse this early and often as you’ll likely be using this no matter what type of Monk you’ll be playing.

Exploding Palm is the anti-elite skill here, and anti-chunk. Using it can be quite frustrating to learn but it’s worth it.

Mystic Ally-Air Ally: when using this skill, DO NOT wait for your Spirit to be dry. Use it at around half since the earlier you use it, the earlier it will come up.

You’re pretty much set in your build around level 30, but everyone’s path to max level is different, and you might pick up stuff (or NOT pick up stuff) that causes a little imbalance in your build. Use the below tabs to adjust your build if needed.

Damage and SpiritToughness and HealingMobility & Speed

Damage & Spirit – Changes?

Mantra of Retribution-Retaliation: best to use when “soloing” to increase your damage.

Dashing Strike-Barrage: you can use this to dash through your enemies for additional damage. Not a lot of people use this rune but it will definitely increase damage dealt.

Epiphany-Insight: now if you still have Spirit regeneration issue, change one of your skills for this, but works best if combined with the passive Beacon of Ytar AND Air Ally.

Toughness and Healing

Mantra of Healing-Circular Breathing: I have to mention this as it’s a rare hybrid skill which increases defense and offense (via spirit regen).

Mantra of Salvation-Agility: the BEST toughness skill combination! Use if you’re struggling or pushing a higher difficulty

Dashing Strike-Blinding Speed for even more dodge. Greatly increases toughness for a small cost.


Dashing Strike-Way of the Falling Star:  makes for a huge mobility boost, as mentioned above, at minimal cost

Mantra of ConvictionAnnihilation:  Is a great choice, too, since it’s wrapped into a DPS increasing mantra.

Past this, I don’t recommend any more mobility increasing changes this early in the game. It just sacrifices too much for minimal gains.

Followers – Hire them!

Templar is usually the BEST choice for healing and Spirit  generation. Choose all left skills.

Crafted Weapons

Once you reach level 8, craft a blue 2H axe. Then at level 16, craft the highest possible 2-handed axe you can to significantly increase your damage output. If you’re lucky enough to get a socketed weapon, stick another red gem into it. Don’t forget to “train” your Blacksmith to its highest possible level as often as you can. And occasionally check for craftable axe.

Don’t forget to craft armor to replace any low level ones, if you still have them at this point.

Monk: Gems while Leveling up

Red gems (Ruby) should always be combined as much as possible as it’s the best gem to put in BOTH your Helmet and Weapon during the leveling up phase.

Green gems (Emerald), for additional Dexterity, go into any other open socket.

Fresh 70 Monk, now what?

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