Patch 1.1: Incursions! The patch has been announced to be released on April 12, 2016.

On April 1, the developers of The Division held a special live-stream on their twitch channel and talked about the first upcoming free update, of course the main thing people were hyped about was the patches namesake – Incursions! What’s new? Let’s find out!

UPDATED APRIL 5, 2016 – State of the Game


What’s new in 1.1?
Content: Incursions Assignments | DZ Supply Drops
All about gear: Gear Sets | Gear Score | Gear Trading
QoL: Spectator Cam

State of the Game Update: April 5, 2016

  • They will address the “backpack glitch” that is locking some players out of the game in Patch 1.1. It may not be a 100% fix, but they believe they have identified the issue and a fix will be included in the patch.
  • The release of item level 32 equipment. This will be reflected as gear score in Patch 1.1 but for the sake of clarity, they are calling it item level 32.
  • Crafting Assignments will reward Division Tech. Unknown in what amount or quality.
  • Item level 31 blueprints and below will have Division Tech removed as a crafting material. This is because of the new level 32 blueprints. Future gear levels will follow this trend.
  • The older blueprints will be moved to the Base of Operations vendor.
  • Rearranging of DZ gear level requirements.
    • Level 30 gear will require DZ level 25
    • Level 31 gear will require DZ level 40
    • Level 32 gear will require DZ level 50
    • New gear for DZ level 75 and DZ level 90
  • DZ will now have brackets based on gear score. It splits fresh level 30 with geared level 30 players. Above and below gear score 160.
  • Gear score 160 = Full High end
  • For PC, being able to report cheaters straight from the client.
  • For PC, new resolution scaling and lighting options


Incursions FAQ

  • One Incursion coming: Falcon Lost.
  • Against the LMB (Last Man Battalion)
  • Very Difficult” “don’t expect to beat it on the first or second try. Or the tenth”


Incursion Difficulty

The Ubisoft quality control team took “3 days while only playing during work hours”. You will not be OK just making any random group composition – you will need a synergistic group with specific roles like healing and crowd control (disables).

  • Group coordination will play a big part, not just overall gear quality! You will not just be able to pick a spot and turtle.
  • No Checkpoints! – Wipes will send you back to the very start of the Incursion.
  • Has an APC boss which is invulnerable to gunfire. You need to find a new way to destroy it.

Has 2 Difficulty settings: Hard and Challenge

  • Hard mode is recommended for those with high end item level 31 gear.
    • Hard mode has no required gear score for matchmaking but has a recommended score.
  • Challenge mode is recommended for those with some of the set gear and new items.
    • Challenge mode has a required gear score for matchmaking.

Incursion Rewards

  • Rewards “might be a nice gun” “could get gear set pieces”.
  • Incursions are repeatable infinitely and you get rewards each time –  but there is a weekly reward that has better quality than each successive completions.
  • Drones: seen below, new enemy type – adds a vertical challenge which isn’t cover-bound.


  • Future Incursions will, of course, have new mechanics!
  • 500 slot backpack doesn’t exist! It was purely for a dev PoV sample vid!

There’s lot’s of things to get hyped about with Incursions, and hopefully many more will come quickly! I sincerely hope deez Incursions won’t let us down now and in the future.

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Assignments are repeatable daily and weekly, requires completion of simple objective for rewards like Phoenix Credits and Division Tech.

There are 3 types in of Assignments 1.1, Combat, Crafting and Dark Zone.

  • Daily & Weekly – 3 types, Combat, Crafting and Dark Zone.

Assignment Examples

  • Dark Zone Assignment example – Collect 3 Division tech. Reward: 8000 DZ exp.
  • Combat Assignment example – Kill 12 Rikers. Reward: 4 Phoenix Credit.
  • Crafting Assignment example – Collect 5 fabric. Reward: 15 tools.

Overall, will give good rewards and save you some time gearing up. Not a required activity, just another source of loot/currency/exp, so why not.


Dark Zone Supply drops

Supply Drops are introduced in this patch. Along with new stuff like this, the devs mentioned DZ will be updated regularly, with balance tweaks as well.

Supply Drop Mechanics

  • Drops from the sky every hour in different locations.
  • Will be protected by mobs.
  • Everyone in the DZ can see where the Supply Drops are.

Supply Drop Loot

  • Only the first group will get the loot
  • Items are not contaminated. Do not need to extract the items.
  • Items from suppply drops WILL NOT DROP ON DEATH.

Ultimately gives more incentive to go DZ – so it wont be made useless by Incursions.


Gear sets/Loot


Set item Properties

  • Gear sets were described as “High end items+”. Slightly more powerful overall.
  • Has set bonuses and a specific talent for each gear set.
  • 4 sets will be released: 3 PvE and 1 DZ set
    • Tacticians Authority – support, electronics and healing/skills.
    • Sentry’s Call – precision gear for marksmen.
    • Strikers Battle Gear – combat, assault focused.
    • DZ Set?
  • Does not have the gear talents like high end items have, but instead equipping a certain number of set items will activate the set talent(s).

Some more pics of the set items…

Obtaining Set items

  • a mix of Incursions, Challenge modes and inside the Dark Zone.
  • Purchasable Set blueprint – vendor is still unknown.
  • Most predictable way to get gear set pieces is from Incursions

Other loot related news

  • New named items confirmed!
  • This update will not make current gear obsolete
  • You can get weekly rewards with multiple characters

Gear score


  • Once you reach level 30, it replaces level with gear score.
  • Removing item level.
  • In group frames, will now show gear score instead of “level 30”
  • Tough content will have recommended and required gear scores to prevent being grouped up with low geared players through matchmaking.
  • Items in inventory affect gear score: exactly how is not yet known.

Of course there are mixed reactions about this (Elitism this and that), but overall a good piece of information to have given the increased difficulty of content.

Group trading/Gear Sharing


  • You can trade items with anyone who was in your group at the time of looting.
  • Drop the item on the ground – then any eligible person may pick it up.
  • 2 hour time limit with trading items. During this window it can be traded infinitely.
  • Enabled in the Dark Zone but can only be done within checkpoints.

What else to say but “Thank God”.

Spectator cam on death

  • Follows teammates. Not locked to teammates point of view, you can look around
  • Can switch around between other group members
  • Can see your death location

Please note that all this information is all PRE-PATCH and may be subject to change when it does release. Numbers and rewards may not be the same during release.

What’s new in 1.1?
Content: Incursions Assignments | DZ Supply Drops
All about gear: Gear Sets | Gear Score | Gear Trading
QoL: Spectator Cam

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The devs stated that there will be more information to come next week! We will keep you posted on any announcements. Stay tuned! Get hyped for Incursions in 1.1!

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  1. Finally reached level 30. Makes the game that much more fun! So many awesome and fun things you can do. Also customizations out the wazoo! Makes it that much more intense. Thank you Ubisoft once again for a amazing game. Keep up the GREAT work.

    Thank you,

    xPMx St0nEy B x
    Xbox One


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