Berserker is a playable class in Bless Online. Berserkers are heavy melee warriors that thrive on being in active combat, and have a possible tanking route as well. We will be updating this as we go, but here’s a useful summary in the meantime.

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Bless Online Berserker Summary

Bless Online Berserker Class Summary
Hieron Weapon 2H Weapon
Habichts Y Armor Heavy, Medium
Sylvan Elf Core Skills
Lupus Y Berserker DPS / Bruiser
Neutral Stalwart Offtank
Mascu Y Stormtrooper
DPS / Crit based
Amistad Y
Aqua Elf
Pantera Y

What Races can choose a Berserker? Above you can see the Berserker Race restrictions.

Berserker Stance Summary

Here’s an overview of all the Berserker Stances (more info on Stances).

All Berserker stances have an additional on-switch effect, they gain either Vampire or Hemorrhage

Berserker - Vampire & Hemorrhage

Vampire: The [Vampire] effect lasts for 5s. The effect is not triggered when anger is 0 when switched. [Vampire]: Recovers 10% of the damage done to the target to health. In [Vampiric] state, all skills are reduced by 1/3 damage.

Hemorrhage: The [Hemorrhage] effect lasts for 5s. The effect is not triggered when anger is 0 when switched. [Hemorrhage]: Each time you use a skill, you lose 2.5% of your HP.. The damage done by the skill increases proportionally to the health lost. The higher the amount of health lost, the higher the damage.

Lvl - Stance Lasting (Passive) Conversion (On Switch) Additional
L1 Gale Tactic Each time you deal with it, your weapon blocking chance increases by 10% and movement speed increases by 5% for 3 seconds. If the effect is already active, the effect is already active, the effect's time is updated. It consumes all anger, Increases damage reduction by 5% when blocking weapons for 5s. Vampire
L1 Anger Tactic The chance of critical hit increases in proportion to the lost health. Increases the chance of critical hit by 0.1% per 1% of losing life. Consumes all rage. Fatal chance increases by 5% for 5s. Hemorrhage
L26 Slaughter Tactic Charges 10% movement speed and 10 rage at the beginning of combat. It consumes all anger. Restores vitality in proportion to consumed anger. Increases health by 0.1% per rage. Vampire
S20 Leech Tactic Each time you kill, your health will be recovered by 3%. Increases the damage of all skills by 10% for 5s. Vampire
S20 Hemorrhage Tactic Increases attack power by 2% for 5s every time the target is killed. (Up to 10 stacks). When anger is 100 or more, you are immune to all damage when you switch. Hemorrhage

We won’t be adding the skills just yet as the Steam version is still “unstable”. Chain-skills, upgrades, strategy and usage will be discussed in another future section.

Berserker Non-chain Skills Summary

Level Skill Effects Anger CD
1 Fighting llike Kilkenny Cats Increase Fighting Power by 40% for 3s if Vitality is less than 10%, otherwise gain a 5% instead. 30 40
7 Game Changer Increase Fighting Power for each enemy in combat by 2 (up to 30%). - -
10 Dodge Move Remove all CC and do a forward roll. 20 30
13 Enraged Warrior Consumes Anger slowly when used. Increases Parry rate by 30%. - 40
18 Fighting Spirit Gain 40 Anger. - 40
23 Fighter's Will Increase Fighting Power by 10%, decrease all defense by 10% for 5s. 20 40
28 Murderous Intent Applies [Mark] effect which decreases Physical Defense of all enemies within a 5m radius by 20%. 30 30
33 Forestall Approaches an enemy with a 6m radium, dealing damage and make the target immobile for 1s. 20 30

Upgrades and strategy will be placed in another future section.

Berserker Passive Ability Summary

We will be adding this soon.

Berserker Core Skills – What are they?

These aren’t in the Steam version “yet”. I don’t know if they are gonna come out or not. But I’ll leave it here for now. Core skills are essentially the “spec” of your class, which you build around.

All Berserker Core skills stun all nearby enemies on cast, and generate rage when hit.

Berserker (DPS / Bruiser/ Burst?)
Active: Rage is slowly consumed until depleted. Require far less power to fully charge Split Skull, Skull Crush, and Behead.
Passive: Charging generates Rage. Slightly reduce incoming damage.

Stalwart (Off-tank)
Active: Rage is slowly consumed until depleted. Improves parrying to 100% deflect.
Passive: Small increases to parry chance and skill range.

Stormtrooper (DPS / Crit Based / Cooldowns)
Active: Rage is slowly consumed until depleted. Gains attack boost for the duration.
Passive: Instant skills which crit reduce the cooldown on all action skills slightly.

**It’s very hard to categorize the two cores that seemingly want to go in and become a human meat grinder… Will update with more playstyle notes**

That’s it for now but we will SURELY be adding to this ASAP in the days to come. We will be adding a descriptive list of skills and passive, and also builds in the future. Hopefully, you enjoy your Berserker in Bless Online!

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